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  1. If you already have rca's and the outlaw doesn't buzz I see no need to switch to xlr. I'm sure you didnt buy it for the balanced outputs anyways. I'm sure you bought it cause it was in your price range and its the latest Marantz pre pro. Xlr is just a bonus if you actually want to utilize it. I sure wouldn't buy extra cables if they weren't needed. That was kinda my take too. When I re-routed everything Thursday, my speaker cables and RCA's do not come close to any power cables.
  2. It's just contrary to what Ive read. I haven't found anything that said "with proper voltage output", and a "1 or 2 meter RCA run", that balanced would matter (from preamp to amp). Now I know some preamps have a lower SN ratio on balanced. I can look for that spec and see, and then maybe it would be justified.
  3. LOL. XLR's have nothing to do with the Marantz SQ enhancements over an AVR for my case, my RCA's are only a meter long. Id be putting the aftermarket spoiler on the car because I think it makes it handle better, when it only makes it look better.
  4. Everything I read said use XLR's for long runs, dont sweat it if you dont. My cables are each 1 meter in length lol.
  5. Purchase details below. Item is in perfect shape, comes with original box and packet with antenna, cd and booklet. Remote, cal mic, and power cord as well. $650 shipped via UPS, payment via paypal. THANKS FOR SHOPPING AT ACCESSORIES4LESS. ORDER DATE: Oct 12 2014 01:58PM ITEMS ORDERED SKU Description Qty Unit Price Subtotal DENAVR4520CIA DENON AVR-4520CI Denon's Flagship Home Theater Receiver 150wpc (DENAVR4520CIA) 1 New $1,099.99 $1,099.99 Order Subtotal: $1,099.99 Shipping & Handling: $0.00 Tax: $0.00
  6. Subs were set -9db, and that is where they always are round abouts. I did not mess with their settings. I tend to run Audyssey every 3 months, and you are looking at that over the course of 3 years. Either the amp or the 7ii's threw this out of whack somehow, I mean nothing else has changed. Well, and the marantz preamp.
  7. I just checked with the SPL meter as they instructed. FL 75.2 to 75.6 FR Damn near the same Center 75.3 to 75.8 I think they are fine for now. Off behavior though. With the 82ii's they were always around -4db or so and the 62II was -9 to -10 depending on the run.
  8. I aimed mine up to try and get the horn angles up at the MLP.
  9. I do use a cloth over the table, for sure. I contacted audyssey and they said the error could be the system trying to level match the 62ii horn and the 7ii horn in the room. They recommend checking with volume at 0 for the pink noise 75db on all 3 and see what the readings are. I had the mic at 39", and the horns are about 45". The 62ii is angled upward, and has always been like that. Ill check the levels next and see what there are. They also gave this advice: "The trims will not affect the MultEQ XT32 room correction. The only Audyssey technologies that will be slightly affected is Dynamic EQ and Audyssey LFC."
  10. I was able to get them 9 feet apart, and they are 10.3 feet from the MLP. They are toed in and aimed at a center mark (tape) on the wall 2 feet behind the MLP. So they are toed in, but not super aggressive, bout like I had my 82ii's. basically aiming over the inside arm rest of mine and my wife's chairs, with a center table between us being the MLP. I think I need to get the 64ii quickly. Audyssey set the 62ii at -12db and the fronts at -9db. I also crossed them at 60hz.
  11. Yeah, I have been wanting to drop the AVR as a preamp for awhile. Not that it may matter, just wanted too LOL
  12. Thanks! Just got done with audyssey, but I will be gone until Sunday. Probably won't get to really test it out with a long movie until then. Glad everything is finally here and installed. Will probably get Cherry 64ii in (2-3 weeks).
  13. FInally, everything is here and setup. Just have to run XT32 now.
  14. Marantz pics, I will post the rest in the HT picture thread
  15. I eq my subs with XT32 dual sub eq. Seems to work well.
  16. Fwiw, I am a big Multichannel Music listener, Movie watcher and don't change a thing after running Audyssey (except appropriate settings) and watch/isten to every thing using the Audyssey curve and Dolby PLIIz....YMMV. Thats been me. I run Audyssey, go in and tweak the level and speaker settings I know to do, and I leave it alone after that.
  17. I also think, and I am not a big music listener other than blu-ray audio, you could have two different setting modes for music and HT.
  18. I agree 100%. An 80hz cross for mains and a center isnt "bad", but Id rather at least be 60hz. 80hz to me is still a little directional, and deep voices will be over in the subs too. Only complaint about the 64ii, it's not a 60hz center. So small and 60 or 40 sends all front channel material under it to the subs. Large/full range means the fronts are responsible for everything on that front channel, by themselves. I am not sure I would be fond of that either. If you have material in the front channels that is low, chances are the fronts arent going to handle it as well as a sub, and in the case of anything below 40hz and the RF7 that is most likely for sure.
  19. I have plenty of juice now, but I'll still go 60hz and small for the fronts. I could go 40, but their cutoff is close to that, and I have 2 15" subs to handle the rest. IMO, just being able to use something lower than 80 on the fronts will add to the soundstage, and ease some burden on the subs. I also started crossing the LFE channel at 80 instead of 120.
  20. Got a few changes today, still waiting on the Marantz preamp so I can finish everything, setup the new towers and run Audyssey. Before: After: Swapped XPA-3 for Outlaw 7500 Marantz preamp will go in the center hole, instead of sitting up by RC62ii Tivo is being moved out Hopper, Oppo and powercenter are now all on the left
  21. Well, Marantz did not make in today %$&%^$^%$!!!!! Anyways, hopefully will be here tomorrow, so I went ahead and pulled the stand out and moved all my gear around. Instead of the preamp sitting up on top next to the center, which can't happen if I get a 64ii, it will be right in the middle (empty hole). Tivo is moving out of system, so I put the power center, Oppo and Hopper all on the left. Will look pretty good once I get the AV7702 in there.
  22. Yeah, Im pretty stoked to get everything up and running.
  23. LOL. I have a UPS down there that is coming out, a Tivo that is leaving, lot of junk that needs to go. Just shortening the speaker cables will be nice too, they were way too long. I am currently running a 1.2 system (center and two subs). Wonder how that will rock? Tivo opens the slot that the marantz will go next month, once I get a RC64ii.
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