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  1. https://stlouis.craigslist.org/ele/d/union-nice-stereo-collection/6966198566.html Doesn’t look like he’s wanting to separate though n/a
  2. I realize the AVR he is looking at has more wattage than my Yamaha had but it is still split up correct? Thats not all channels driven? I’m not exactly sure of all the technicalities but I know it’s something to that effect .
  3. Hello Wookie, Your room size is almost identical to mine. I also run three RF-7’s up front but version two. I originally ran my set up with just an AVR but switched to a 200x7 B and K amplifier I bought from Youthman. I can tell you that the sound greatly improved when I switched. I know that many people on this forum may disagree, but I found the sound to be much more rich and full with the addition of the power amp.
  4. She told me we need one for the other side for aesthetics. I told her even if I got another one it might not wind up there we have to put it where it will sound best. However, I think a 2400ulf would be sufficient to balance out FR. Surprisingly it’s not very localized like I thought it would be. But again have not had that much time with it.
  5. No, these were three Lascalas my buddy was going to trade some Altec Lansing VOTT for.
  6. Must be too big of a file, Made a little video from an app that had the subwoofer saying, “you’re right he is short”
  7. 101A76AB-0BAF-469E-AEB6-1B95834A6437.mp4
  8. I don’t know why we ask each other where we went to high school, theres only one.
  9. I should have known that other people besides me did that. Sometimes Ill show her something 3 times the size just to make what I really want look like a compromise
  10. Thank you sir, Those PB four thousands are awesome also. Not to mention I would love to be able to set things on the fly with my phone.
  11. Yes, just trying to get it dialed in at this point probably going to take a while.
  12. I’d say I made it all the way to go about 730 8 o’clock last night before I said it for the first time out loud. Actually my wife said she would want one for aesthetics but it won’t be for quite a while and I doubt it will be another of the same sub but at least it will have a matching driver
  13. Thank you, that’s life in the big city. Seems like something goes wrong At every road trip to pick up an addition to the room. You’re right, it’s good bass therapy!!
  14. On a furniture dolly here when I was picking it up. Its mich bigger in person than I thought. Reminds me of how I first felt when I seen my Rf-7ii’s the first time. My wife and I drove up to pick it up, I never have to worry about WAF with her bit she did think it was huge. I was so excited my mouth was moving a mile a minute I couldn’t stop yapping. Jeff and I were loading it into my truck and I had it at a weird angle and I heard a pop and wound up ripping a bicep tendon from my shoulder. Not exactly how I wanted the day to go, but about parr for the course for someone Murphy’s Law seems to follow. I was honestly afraid to look at it because it felt so weird. I didn’t look at it till I went to bed and seeing that my bicep was hanging down toward my elbow. Surprisingly not a lot of pain. Despite all that I definitely hooked it up that night after my one of my sons and three of his friends wrestled it inside and down to the basement. Felt guilty not being able to help and just give direction. it’s in a resting place right now not sure if it wind up there . Not ready to give any type of review at this point I have not been able to spend a lot of time with it. I did however, throw on a few movie scenes just to see what she could do with some basic calibration. I have three words that come immediately to mind... Holy S@#t balls!! Can’t wait to see what today brings, it will be the first time I’ll be able to spend more than an hour with it .
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