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  1. Not sure of the why, always has been. Run my subs at +10db hot too. Room is about 5300cuft. I do not find the towers and center to be offensive to my ears. Here is my data I built to track as I added the second sub: New db numbers for MLP (0.0 reference setting on AVR): Scene---1st VTF15---2nd in March---After pro cal and 90hz xover for flat response in room Transformers, city battle at end---111.0---113.0---116.3 (hwy batte right before yielded 117 ) Act of Valor, gun boat scene---109.8---111.8---114.6 Iron Man 2, final battle---111.0---114.2---116.1 Episode 1, pod race---110.8---114.5---115.8
  2. That is part of it too, I agree. We watch blu-rays between -2.0db and +2.0db on the Denon, so it is pushing good.
  3. The 7125 was actually my first amp, got a cheap one (used) and loved it on my current speakers (It actually puts out about 140w/channel all channels driven too!). I then decided to try out the XPA-3, which has been great. My end game was always a big boy outlaw and RF7ii's, so I finally got em on the way. My 7500 will be here Friday, and I'll just be waiting on my speaker.
  4. I was AVR only up until 2 years ago and always felt there should be more clarity running reference volumes during movies. I tried out an Outlaw 7125 pushing my RF82ii's and RC62ii's, and really felt at high volumes the amp just left the AVR behind. Sure, the speakers are efficient but I have seen knowledgeable folks discuss transients during musical stuff and heavy action scenes, and the power helps. Speaker X may only normally need 50w, but it could peak a lot higher depending on the music or scene. I also know some claim there is an ohm drop on some of the Klipsch models, but I can't speak to that. I'm sold as far as having an amp goes, but I dont think everyone needs one. One thing I dislike about AVS is most there just jump all over you about getting an amp in amp threads, and you hear how a Klipsch speaker only needs 20w to hit "X" spl when they find out that is the speaker you have. I personally haven't experienced that result, and I tend to be very honest about audio and video improvements. I have no issue bashing a product either. Long story short, I will always have an amp if I can, which is why I "upgraded" to an Outlaw 7500 (about 240w/channel all channels driven at rated distortion) to run the RF7ii's I am getting. Other issue with AVR's, the more channels you drive, the less wattage they output. I like a good AVR with XT32 and dual sub eq for the preamp, and then an actual amp for the speakers. YMMV. Another key to the amp, with big towers, is I intend on running the RF7ii's at 60hz, not 80. More power/headroom the better. One of the defenses for crossing speakers at 80hz is it protects the AVR and leaves more headroom. Get the right amp and it doesnt matter what you do. Finally, and most importantly, amps arent in everyone's budget.
  5. Scrappy, they are for sale in the Klipsch Gear Store. $70 shipped for me.
  6. Awesome! Gotta post one more pic, I can't stop looking at this thing. It's surreal I finally bought them after 5 years of wanting them...
  7. Someone at AVS just posted this and I had to have for the wall behind one of the RF7ii's. Figure it fits what I am trying to do with the upgrades.
  8. Thats right! Had to make room for the new Outaw 7500.
  9. Update on my situation. UPS freight called today, will pick up black RF7ii tomorrow, cherry RF7ii is shipping from dealer today. Pretty cool, regardless of the mixup.
  10. Well known ISF/THX calibrator on AVS and other forums, also does audio cal's. Been doing stuff for me for 2.5 years now. I spent $425 up front and then around $220 for touchups. http://hdtvbychadb.com/ He travels a lot of places. I used Jeff Meier at Accucal a few years ago. Also well respected and smart.
  11. Purchased 12/14/14 (new), upgrading to amp with more channels. Accept paypal, $500 + actual UPS ground cost figured off box dimensions, zip code and weight. Comes with amp, power cord, original box and Emotiva bag. Works perfectly. Will contact Emotiva to transfer warranty (original owner). Earliest ship dates are 4/18 or 4/20.
  12. Nice chart, so event at 30 feet and 20 ohms, 12 AWG passes. I think I'll will go with their 12. More bendable too.
  13. Thanks, not much $$$ difference from BJC, just wanted to make sure I wasn't having a brain fart since it'll be around $100.
  14. Since I am re-doing a lot of stuff, I'd like to get some of the 10 white or 12 white from BJC with the welded bananas on both ends. I really like these things and they are durable. All of the runs I am buying for are 9 feet or less from speaker to 200w amp. From my reading it seems 12 AWG is plenty. Just wanted to see if I was missing something before I ordered.
  15. I have the Dark Side of the Moon SACD, playing it thru my Oppo to older Def Tech speakers is why I had to upgrade. I wanted to go louder and they couldnt, and that is how I got the RF82ii and RC62ii I have now. I will have to check out the Brothers in Arms. My dad would like that.
  16. Not sure who is at fault, I mean the box was labeled "Black". This is my second order of Klipsch thru them, first time I changed my mind and he shipped me new speakers while I was still shipping the other models back. So I can't complain about the service. Plus they respond to emails fast.
  17. Yepp, gonna have 1 RF7ii and 1 amp looking for a friend. LOL
  18. Here is the keeper: It is flawless, can't find anything wrong.
  19. Wellllllllllllllllllll. One is cherry and one is black, both boxes were black. I know the auth seller took them out to inspect since they were scratch and dings, so wrong speaker went back in wrong box... Should be fun!
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