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  1. helo what are the price on these.best regards craig and are you located in seattle ,from portland ,and you send phone number too. thanks
  2. phone number please ,,best regards craig from portland
  3. still the cross-overs are up for sale ,call me at 503 4081103 member here ,,best regards craig
  4. here i will chad in on this new here on site,don't use the stock tube's,my 120 is hook-up with fat base military out-put tube;s ,a cary slp-05 pre-amp,i listen more with 2a3,and wavelength 300b mono blocks,for the 120 is excellent cornwalls...best regards craig
  5. noah,call me or send your phone number ,best regards craig 503 4081103
  6. thanks for the input on the tweeter,just pick-up some 67 verticals,with original boxes,love the sound with mcintosh mc-402,and cary slp-05 ,have some jbl 4343 altec 604 with custom cross-over,i'm in portland ran over brought these klipsch parts ,,got a super deal on them ,,,,i have use al alk cross-over in the pass,still have some older pair have not use with music caps in them,,,best regards craig
  7. wow does anyone can tell what tweeter these are ,the cross-over say a will that work on cornwalls 1967 vertical ,,best regards craig
  8. looking for some after market cross-overs for my 1967 vertical cornwalls ..best regards craig 503 4081103
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