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  1. Morning gang 50s and should be drying out this week. I see happiness in the ball bouncing arena. Skeeter breedin time has arrived. "Repel" @ WallyWorld is the wonder spray, all natural too. I just bought three bottles last night, will last through the summer.
  2. Morning gents Coffee should be Perked by now. Sorry Dirt, i dont see most pic's, dont know why, or care anymore. Software, Win7, Server, website, Web, ??? My pics post most of the time, sometimes they dont. This "New" Forum is not all it's cracked up to be. I have Zero problems on every other website.
  3. Good Sat morning gents Nap was good Spect i should clean out the Dodge, small road trip pending. BBQ & SourdoughSlim @ Berryessa Brewing Co, been following this guy for 20+ years. Most of his shows are free, of course i'll likely need to drink a Beer or two in support of the venue. https://youtu.be/hEu5PUCWltQ
  4. Morning gents Waiting for Coffee
  5. Seen these around every few years.
  6. Evening gang Just back in from the farm. Tractor now has a fuel float/gauge, operational. Rain Drizzle all day and for Sat. An afternoon w/Sourdough Slim @ a brew Pub is all that is planned. http://www.sourdoughslim.com/
  7. Yesterday told her she could enjoy her Fav hobby, ask her how many Casino's she could hit in one day? Four was her total and wanted one more, when she called from her fourth $20 is her standard slot parlay, by the second Casino she was UP a grand I stayed home and Installed an electric can 0pener in the Rv. Donut / Fuel Gage Purchase / Deli Burrito(s) / Farm........
  8. Evening gents Current Farm implement completed, total re-wire of a Case 4230 Tractor Farmer ask what he owed, told him as soon as i learn to write, i'll send him an invoice Cat Loader next week, same deal. Wife was out shopping today, hit totalwine, Scotch, HotDamm(farmers), Smithwicks. Wife delivered my scotch/Hotdamm to the farm, soon as the farmers found it was her birthday, "C' notes were being passed to her Wife just came in from the Casino, and will be heading out again Thursday. Dam Farmer(s), nice guys they are Next four days, home w/little planned. Farmers.....Nothing but Toy's
  9. Morning gents The Farm........Continues
  10. Morning gang Farm run yet again, a hot date W/Tractor. Scaling back the morning drive, rush hours i do NOT do. Chili Verde Burrito this morning. 69, rain/storms all day. and the Feather River is topping off it's bank's w/max flows AGAIN. Ya-All Know what day it is.
  11. Evening gents Just in from a day at the Farm, and a Case Tractor, Normal abused run it till it dies w'ell buy another one......... 11 lights on this critter, one worked As of today, all converted to LED and all work, Tuesday morn i will attack the Dash and related wiring Great hobby bringing these things back from the dead. Rain on/off for the next two days, im working in a 100+ year old barn. Bullet holes in the Tin roof from 100 years of shooting, Owls run the place after dark
  12. Morning Gents Donut/HD/O'rilles run on the way to the outback. Coffee just now Perked. Pending weather, sometime this afternoon, early day
  13. wuv80 X 2
  14. You ask for input, that is my 0pinion, and that is what "i" would do.
  15. Evening gents Back in from the farm. Tractor re-wire got as far as pulling off covers and cleaning Monday i will attack the wiring, now that i can see it Bay shopping this evening