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  1. Morning gang A little Mason work to perform this morning. Coffee / Brownie / Coffee And Ya-All know what day it is
  2. Correct, those are the two options available with these plugs, will look at both. Do not know why the 1" overhang sounded good, Flat bottom sounds interesting also. "Test" day. Today is the big day for sticking a few rocks and "cap" on the rear driveway wall, just to see how this will look.
  3. In the morning i will knock off the end board(s), flip it over and Wa-La, Rough Wall Cap "Plug".
  4. For those following the process: Had some old Bondo to burn up some space in the void before filling resin.
  5. Flat bottom is what the finished "Plug" will have, however the over hang on both sides gives me something to run the river rock into. Finished edge so to speak. stay tuned, it happens today w / pics....
  6. The word "Tooling" up the mold is old school fiberglass trade talk. This plug when finished will be the exact item/perfect fit. Plugs are made out of everything you already have laying around. So far this is scrap wood, Bondo/Resin to fill in the void is going in right now. The finished "Plug" will be set in a box and urathane is poured all around it. After the Urathane sets up you yank the "Plug" and there is your mold. Currently waiting for this old bondo filler to go off and then i will fill the rest of the void w / resin.
  7. Our case it point of being bulled are different. My guy started chiming in on every post/thread/comment, belittling/demeaning/discrediting.will be taken care all in due time(my Way), dad taught me well...... till then Peace......
  8. Morning yet again gang Molds prepped and awaiting the wife Oops, forgot to stock her raw veneer bucket. Now i can start on my tooling up the "CapMold" Plug. Must remember to get pics of ongoing steps
  9. Yep, ya better pick stew up a few....
  10. Built my first Linear Amp out of a couple of those, CB Days
  11. BS statment. When you get Bullied (for Years) for NO reason, THEN you will know WHAT it feels like. "sanitized fantasy land kumbaya view of the world" I am now following my late dads advice, im doing something for the betterment of the world. Stop the bullys.
  12. Everything is insane here. We researched for a couple years on how/what to address the 30 year old retaining wall. We have the best looking house in the hood because it was a flipper house. The last owner put a ton of upgrades from the outside / in. But this wall is butt ugly, A guy down the street tore his wall out, replaced it with "Real RiverRock" and when you see it you think "Good Idea", Bad Install, looks like CHIT. If he would have ask questions in the stone yard or at least a couple videos, it would have looked great. Im afraid our wall, when completed will not make him too warm&fuzzy. Doing what iv done so far, i admire Masons, one bad azz trade. im taking it slow, tips/tricks trickle in.
  13. Nope, just the wife and i. Considering most of the youtube videos iv seen, im doing right, or better. Did NOT count on inventing my own cap stone, or tooling up a mold for them, but hell when you cannot purchase anything that looks half decent, might as well make exactly what you want.
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