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  1. Morning gang Spect i should go fire up the Coffee.
  2. Evening gang 80 Degrees @ 10Pm. In from the farm run and started preparing the Dodge, good 4 Hrs prep for 1st trip of the year. Last thing i had to do was check/Balance all tire pressures, passenger side / inside tire flat as road kill. No Biggie. Hummmm, thought i heard something strange on the way home, but with Calif Chit roads its hard to tell sometimes. I carry a new spare, so throw that on in the morning and get a new one in Reno.......
  3. 11Am and 98 Degrees Back from spending $18K on two Honda 225s.... Quick break and off to the farm, will NOT be installing them, im going to Reno. Note: same as speaker(s) i give them the original invoice, i make nothing......but then again iv a boat anytime i want it without the cost......
  4. 9 am and 77, i like that. Truck clean, day up the hill, outboard motor time. Farmer authorized $22K tops, iv been working a deal for $18K farmer should like that. Ya-All know what day it is.........
  5. RIP Buddy He made one great Bond also. Today in honor, i will dig out my shaker.
  6. Why pay $5Bones for one when ya can have two for......... https://sacramento.craigslist.org/ele/6134356349.html I dont chase Scalas anymore, not for a couple years now. iv gone farther than portland. These things are listed every week out this way, i do need a pair for the Rv come Aug/Sept I dont think ill have a hard time finding them. It's looking like out this way a Grand or less is starting to be the norm.
  7. I like area 51,i have had an OC wife that was one, im sure of it.........
  8. I showed the wife the Museum thread, she popped off with "well id like to give them something" Dont worry dear you already did, great wife, she did NOT ask the amount., she just said ..cool.
  9. Morning gang Waiting for Coffee and predicted high today Tuesday eh? Outboard motor shopping up the hill I dont know how you Boaters can afford $10k for a motor, but i guess it's like any other hobby. Couple Honda 225 is where the farmer is leaning. Scary thinking a farmer with 400+HP on our river(s).
  10. Nice SS carver, bay area listing https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/ele/6134708918.html
  11. Audiophile Decware Zen Torii MK2 Class A Integrated Tube Amp - $2000 Dont see these come up very often. https://palmsprings.craigslist.org/ele/6074858169.html
  12. Just so know we are all on the same page here and do like to play once in a wile........... https://youtu.be/oBZxYHjjK-A
  13. Nothing wrong with that choice. we all have our preference.
  14. Im a little extreme. Iv many projects and this covers them all. I always have 100'+ on hand. Ask Knu Concepts for a sample.
  15. Not one in my whole working life. Pics are easy to find, trying to flush the old ones is a PITA.