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  1. I want to test out xindak a600e on my Chorus II speakers
  2. Interesting speakers 👍🏼
  3. LaScala would be better with another bass drivers with lower fs. and some help from a equalizer. Remember to cut bass frequenzy that goes lower than the drivers can make . Examle cut 20 hz 25hz 31hz 35hz to zero 👍
  4. raeggis

    Bob Crites RIP

    Im sad to here this. RIP Bob
  5. Line Magnetic 805iA Power tubes is the bigger LinLay 805A-DG with over hung filament😀 300b tubes in between on back side.
  6. KSB 1.1 RF-5 plus center and back speakers KLF-30 KV-4 KSP-C6 KSP-400 RF-7II 1994 CHORUS II with Bob Crites titanium tweeters and new old stock Klipsch mids. There will be new Bass drivers soon , from Faital. Thanks to Partsexpress👍 High end caps from Germany, Denmark and Kina🛍️
  7. Voice coil is 8 ohm on this recone kit. Please ask for 4 ohm version.
  8. Yea thats true, I did a measurement on one speaker with K48. K48 did not deliver any good mid bass at all. Here is a view of a pickture with flat sound at one meter. Peaks and dips is room correction on my Behringer deq 2496
  9. Hi . They are on the way now. Im exited😁💥
  10. Do the speakers get direct current or alternating current from amplifier?
  11. The biggest change will be sound pressure, as Faital works with double sound pressure at the same wattage
  12. Faital pro400-4ohm TECHNICAL PARAMETERS Nominal Impedance4 Ohm Minimum Impedance3.7 Ohm AES Power Handling (1)400 W Maximum Power Handling (2)800 W Sensitivity (1W/1m)99 dB Frequency Range35÷4000 Hz Voice Coil Diameter77 mm (3 in) Winding MaterialAl Former MaterialGlass Fiber Winding Depth15 mm (0.59 in) Magnetic Gap Depth10.5 mm (0.41 in) Flux Density1.15 T MagnetNeodymium Slug Basket MaterialAluminum DemodulationNo Cone Surround (3)Accordion (4 waves) NET Air Volume filled by Loudspeaker3.7 dm^3 (0.131 ft^3) Spider Profile1x constant height waves THIELE AND SMALL PARAMETERS Fs35 Hz Re3.3 Ohm Qes0.33 Qms6.0 Qts0.31 Vas248.9 dm^3 (8.79 ft^3) Sd857 cm^2 (132.84 in^2) Xmax (4)5.75 mm Xdamage (5)15.5 mm Mms85.2 g Bl13.6 N/A Le0.6 mH Mmd56.8 g Cms0.24 mm/N Rms3.1 Kg/s Eta Zero3..10 % EBP106 Hz
  13. I have LM-805IA on Klipsch Chorus II https://malaaudio.no/Produkt/4/1000003/LM-Audio-805IA#&gid=null&pid=2
  14. I will try out LM Audio 805IA on my Chorus II Next week😁
  15. I don't know how my speakers have been used before, but as you say, chancees of worn bass speakers are there. Im not seeking community approval, but am looking for people who have experience with changes to their speakers. Therefore, it is nice if someone wants or has made changes.
  16. Thanks for input regarding kp-301😃 I am sharing a photo of the Corus 2 and kp 301 II crossover filter. Maybe someone dares to change their crossovers, and share the listening experience after change.
  17. Hi Tom Its a language problem, and im sorry for poor comunication. Best regards raeggis
  18. Most important of all for me is the higher sound pressure on the bass. Now we also have to remember that the bass driver is very old, so once in a while you are dependent on getting this swapped out for something new. So why not use a replacement speaker that meets my wishes?
  19. Chorus bass is crossing at 600 hz Faital pro will do the same on Chorus. The size of the speaker box should not be a problem. Faital pro has almost similar measurement data as K-48 Other brands that should work against K-48: Eminence Delta-15LF Eminence Kappa - 15 Eminence Kappa Pro 15 LF C
  20. Hello. I have changed the intro on this thread, and wish this thread could be useful for interested regardless of price ranges. Lets play some music😀 Partition with Beyonce😂
  21. The first post is off topic. Stop making trouble out of nothing, think positively and negatively when considering replacement bass speakers. Feel free to make suggestions
  22. It looks like they have a collaboration. There is also a speaker manufacturer from Canada using this one.
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