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  1. I don't know how my speakers have been used before, but as you say, chancees of worn bass speakers are there. Im not seeking community approval, but am looking for people who have experience with changes to their speakers. Therefore, it is nice if someone wants or has made changes.
  2. Thanks for input regarding kp-301😃 I am sharing a photo of the Corus 2 and kp 301 II crossover filter. Maybe someone dares to change their crossovers, and share the listening experience after change.
  3. Hi Tom Its a language problem, and im sorry for poor comunication. Best regards raeggis
  4. Most important of all for me is the higher sound pressure on the bass. Now we also have to remember that the bass driver is very old, so once in a while you are dependent on getting this swapped out for something new. So why not use a replacement speaker that meets my wishes?
  5. Chorus bass is crossing at 600 hz Faital pro will do the same on Chorus. The size of the speaker box should not be a problem. Faital pro has almost similar measurement data as K-48 Other brands that should work against K-48: Eminence Delta-15LF Eminence Kappa - 15 Eminence Kappa Pro 15 LF C
  6. Hello. I have changed the intro on this thread, and wish this thread could be useful for interested regardless of price ranges. Lets play some music😀 Partition with Beyonce😂
  7. The first post is off topic. Stop making trouble out of nothing, think positively and negatively when considering replacement bass speakers. Feel free to make suggestions
  8. It looks like they have a collaboration. There is also a speaker manufacturer from Canada using this one.
  9. New diaphgram on tweeter and mid horn😀 and new capacitors.
  10. Yeah i like the pro speakers of Klipsch. I think a doubble K-48 will be right on chorus since the low spl on theme haha.
  11. Yes I have several times with crazy sound pressure😀. I only have the old basses, but the rest is new.
  12. I totally agree as long as you use the back wall and side wall as bass reinforcement. I'm reasonably happy with my speakers, but the idea of increasing the spl on the bass driver is there😀
  13. K-48 vs Faital Pro 15 PR 400 C I think its a win win here. With higher spl, and lower mowing mass weight. Fs is lower. Se data specs. https://www.parts-express.com/faitalpro-15pr400-15-neodymium-professional-woofer-4-ohm--294-1270 Should be bolt on without major changes. Maybe other speaker elements that are a better replacement than what most people use? This is just a thought I have😎
  14. Hi Think about folded bass horn, when you need more bass.
  15. Problem solved 😀 There was voice coil that was in contact with metal. I turned diaphragm 180 degrees. Then the stereo sound image came back. Should be able to buy new diapragm since there are minor damage to voice coil and the sound a little impaired on cymbals. This is my opinion compared to the other speaker.
  16. I want to double check if diaphragm runs freely. Is there any good method to get this checked?
  17. I replaced all diaphragms. Elements is diaphragms. I Will do as you say Deang 😀 Thanks for your response. Cheers
  18. It seems that there is mid tone that plays too loudly on one speaker. There are new capacitors in crossover to middle and high tone. Transformers to the middle tone are original.
  19. There are new Titanium and mid-range elements in both speakers. Only bass elements that are original. Measured speakers on terminals of different value. One speaker plays much higher than the other. what is wrong? The speaker that plays the highest has a measurement of 5.5 ohms. The lowest player has a measured value of 5.3 ohms. Desibel difference is about 6 decibels. Speakers are swapped side to rule out amplifier problems.
  20. The driver's ohm value is its average value. Thus, you do not measure the driver's coil value.
  21. You must use 2pcs resistors to avoid frequency offset.
  22. I have installed Bobs repair kit , and will test mid and tweeter with resistors (L-pad).
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