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  1. True, we all go to work to provide ourselves food and shelter. However, the better the job, the better the food and shelter. Which is why as a society we have a safety net built in for the lesser among us so they have food and shelter to stay alive. I think healthcare should fall into that right, as a human. Not as an American.
  2. It can be discussed still. Where's the morality on profiteering on other peoples sickness. Healthcare should be a human right- not a privilege to the wealthy. I'm an atheist.... But for those of you who are some sort of abrahamic religion- Matthew 15:30
  3. I vote the 7ii's. Actually, I voted twice. See my sig I think they will look and fit perfect in your room. Do it.... You know you wanna...
  4. I'm thinking the same color & then use crown molding to break up the ceiling / wall intersection. Also, keep in mind the walls and some of ceiling will have acoustic panels all over them. Which will break up the huge expanse of brown everywhere. (Which is also why I'm thinking about the same color, don't want too much going on in the room.)
  5. Paint is such an easy task but makes a huge difference! Soon will be working on rear riser. Gotta build up some funds and arrange a vehicle to haul lumber again... It's really coming together... Slowly- like the title says.. But it's coming together like I envisioned. So that's cool.
  6. Paint!!!!! Sweet. It matches my random pick for stain! Awesome. And I know it'll match the acoustic panel color, they sent me swatches to pair up. The walls are brown with a red tint, The acoustic panels (someday) will be brown with even more red tint to it.
  7. Second column.... I'm using the columns as a stopping point for paint- cuz I dont have it all at once. That way there's no indication where one can started and one can stopped. Next up... Paint! I just can't wait any longer. I need some color in this damn room!
  8. Thanks! They turned out super nice. I think once I get the paint up here in a few days it'll all really come together!
  9. Took two days off of work next week. I'll be finishing mud/tape/sanding as much as possible this week & hope to get paint on walls on my Thursday-Friday off! Paint will make all the difference. Unfortunately after this it all gets expensive again, Projector, carpet, screen, acoustic panels, processor / amps, Theater chairs, rear riser... So it'll be very slow going from here on out I think..
  10. Two more sheets up on the ceiling... Picked up paint to start doing the front wall. Holes are cut out around the ceiling Atmos enclosures. Two more sheets on ceiling and I'm officially at the halfway mark!!!
  11. Working on columns, Ceiling boxes are in. Assistance is coming over tomorrow to help finish up ceiling drywall. Column is in a temporary,, look at me position. You maybe able to see my pen marks to its right where the real location will be after I get drywall on ceiling up, and paint.
  12. Ok, here's another way to look at this, I'll use my entire career history as my source material. America has a MCDonalds and Walmart mindset.... Germany has a Mercedes-Benz mindset. Mcdonalds pays crap wages for a crap product and reap huge profits.. Same with Walmart. Mercedes-Benz pays insanely good wages and is the wealthiest car manufacturer ever.. Bar none. McDonald's pays minimum wage to flip greasy "meat" and sell it in mass. -- no real ingenuity here. No craftsmanship, etc Mercedes-Benz pays its factory workers on aberage (workers... Laborers.. Not mgmt or ceo's) $65 per hour! They have multiple holidays off, they have an impeccable employee car purchase program. The factories are spotless - you could eat off the floors, the environment is crazy safe. Plus- Mercedes-Benz spends more $ than anyone else on research and development -- and to top that. They GIVE AWAY all safety patents so everyone can be safe. (They could charge billions of dollars for their innovation)The factories are 100% recyclable. No garbage trucks go there... They use all waste. Employees have a 100% match pension plan, Should I go on?? How is it then, that two companies in the production industry... Different end user, I'll grant you they're very different. Can both compete?? And be profitable. And before you say these are different clientele- MB competes against Audi, Cadillac, Lexus, bmw; etc. who all PAY LESS. A LOT less. VWAG = $38 BMW = $39 MB = $65 It can be done... America is just too messed up to think with workers in mind.
  13. I'm confused.... So gas, electric, food, rent, cars, healthcare have all gone up. CEO pay, stock market, corporate profits, etc all at record highs... Yet the average American job is being outsourced and those who are left with jobs, make a minimum wage? Something like 48% of America makes a minimum, I forget the real numbers... But it's crazy. So, why is it that of everything in life is more expensive, and the corporations are making record profits- do the workers not get a raise? Worker = minimum pay legally allowed Top management = maximum able to get away with
  14. Maybe instead of calling it a "minimum wage", which basicallyis your employer saying "I'd pay you less if I could, so I could make more- but it's illegal, so here's the least amount I can give you." To calling it a "living wage" Where your efforts with a company that are necessary, even if it's "just flipping burgers", are rewarded with a wage that allows you to pay rent and afford to put food on your table and pay to go to school to better yourself. The way I see it, minimum wage is a dead end life, very few make it out. And think of it this way too... If everyone on this thread has a let's say... 50,000 income. We could all live comfortably. We could have a modest house, a decent car, and put food on the table. And all of us could still enjoy this speaker hobby... And stimulate all of the businesses with this hobby. Now, If all of us only made 15,000 a year.... None of us could pay the rent, and food, and maybe go to a community college to get the night shift manager job at burger world. (Moving up!! Yeah right) - and none of us could afford these awesome speaker setups. BUT the one ceo could afford to. But can he realistically purchase as much as all of us would? Would he really need 10,000 speakers? And Amps, and cables? The masses support the economy. And when all of it goes to a select few... Nothing will ever change. In my business, I wish more people had better wages , because then they could purchase my services. Instead- I rely on the elites to come and see me.
  15. From a few years ago--- about your incorrect 1969 reference: In 1969, the minimum wage for most private sector workers was $1.60 an hour.(7) That is equivalent to $10.24 in today's money, adjusted for inflation using the CPI. The actual federal minimum wage today is only $7.25 an hour - and has been since 2009. The president's preferred minimum wage of $10.10 an hour would come close to restoring the minimum wage that prevailed in 1969, adjusted for inflation. But 1969 was a long time ago. More than 60 percent of Americans alive today were born after 1969. (8) If the minimum wage had grown in lock-step with growth in national income per person since 1969, it would have reached $16.88 an hour in 2013. (9) Assuming that GDP per capita continues to grow at a modest 2.5 percent per year in 2014 and 2015, the equivalent figure for 2015 would be a minimum wage of $17.73 an hour. That's quite a bit higher than President Obama's proposed increase to $10.10 in 2015. The $17.73 an hour figure is not some kind of socialist dream number pulled from thin air. It is the minimum wage we would have today if we had indexed the minimum wage to overall economic growth all those years ago. A $17.73 an hour minimum wage would be a living wage for the 2010s. In fact, it is almost exactly equal to the $15 living wage demanded by the 2012-2013 fast food industry protests, once you add in 10 paid sick days, 10 paid vacation days, and 10 paid holidays.
  16. My ceiling speaker enclosures have arrived!!! Finally... I can finish my ceiling!! So stoked.
  17. A closet or bathroom may be too small... Otherwise, rock out man. You'll love them!
  18. I have my 7ii's 14 inches from rear wall and about 12" to front side of tower from side walls. (Not at home right now to measure and give precise measurements -- but you get the idea) I had my distances larger before I had subs (and then changed again with dual subs) Each subwoofer I added I moved speakers closer to rear and side walls and like how it sounds. As far as toe-in, I have my tweeters aimed at both of my shoulders as I am sitting in the main listening position. This seems to give me better sound stage as I slouch left and right, or scoot around to a different area on the couch. When I toe them in so they converge in front of my position as some here do, I didn't care for the sound... It's all trial and error & personal preference. My rear 7ii's are 18" from rear wall & are aimed more towards the center of the room - convergence is about 3 feet in front of me & I like how that sounds for my rear surrounds.
  19. How would you describe 2 front DAES if they were embedded in the ceiling? No.... its an acronym like NRA. (just pronounce the letters, not pronounced as a "word") Acronym is a series of initials that make up another word. NATO, RAM, SCUBA, LASER, JAMA, Etc etc Initialism is a series of initials that don't make a word. FBI, CIA, DVD, CD, etc etc. And if it's just a shortened version of a word.. Like etcetera becoming etc. that's just an abbreviation
  20. Grocery getter.... When I only have a small item to pick up quick.
  21. Called Klipsch tech support. Nice guy knew exactly what was wrong when I told him what both new/old subs are doing. He said the first batch of the Reference subs Gain was causing issues with SOME receivers and making a hum noise. So my new sub has a revised gain control. He said the gain on the newer subs is about 1-2 tick marks different. So if my old sub is set to 4:10 The new sub should be 5-6:10 For equal gain settings. That makes me feel better- I had upped the gain on new sub last night so they appeared to have equal excursion - and I ended up about 5.5:10. Not super concerned with precision as these babies are in their temporary home- Close is good enough.
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