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  1. I would probably slightly modify the stand as there is a lot of wasted space then the world is your Oyster as far as centers go!
  2. Give David Gilmour - Remember the night - Live at the Royal Albert Hall, in Blu Ray a shot. Fantastic! TONS of great Floyd tunes, and of course before the keyboardist passed away recently so its kind of special. One of my go to Blu rays.
  3. Like I said, for me, the 64 is a piece of furniture. 12 x 14 room, and unfortunately, have to "corner" the stand/TV, putting the RF 7s on different walls, but with the size of the room, acoustic panels high on the walls and carpeting, the RF-7s fill the room with sound! The good thing is that I can get behind the stand/60" TV without moving anything and it allows me to clean up wiring, and adjust things as needed. I actually like messing around back there.
  4. "No one will pay over $1,000 for a center speaker"! said me, when I was buying my RC52II 3 years ago. I personally love the width of the RC64II. It is considerably wider than my 60" TV's base, so it fits perfectly like a piece of furniture between my stereo cabinet and the TV. Right where I want it - under the TV. When I had my RC-52II, I had to get another - wider, piece of wood (1" thk x 16" w x 25" L) to support the width of the tv base. And that didn't look very good, but worked.
  5. Im praying Klipsch doesn't come out with a redesigned, slightly more modern looking or different selections of wood RF-7II. The only thing that would get me to get rid of my RF-7IIs are improved RF-7IIIs! And I just cant make the jump to the Palladium series. As bad as Id like!
  6. trade for a palladium center? It wouldn't be matched timber! Lol!
  7. Although I LOVE my 7iis, you couldn't pull my 64ii from my cold dead hands!
  8. If you have the space, approval from the wife and the cash, go for it. I'm sure a good receiver could dial them in. Hey! Get a rf-7 II, lay it on its side and call it a center while your at it ! (jj)
  9. If you only knew the speaker history of how I got to where I am now....... And I keep saying "that's it"! As you are finding out, it gets so bad, you eventually have to buy a new room (or house!), to fit the speakers!!! They are beauts!
  10. when will it end? Well I have palladiums and cinema in the same house. I very well could be done shopping for some years. See? That's what I said!
  11. Look........Just got my RF-7 II s. Could NOT be happier. I need to see stuff like this, like a hole in the head! Got the Cherrywood. Fine pieces of furniture. They look like a nice 69 vette compared to a new Ferrari when compared to the Palladiums. Both well respected, but........... Nice speakers man! Wow. The elite of the elite! When is this going to end!?!
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