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  1. @billybob This just cracked me UP ^^ 🤣 🍻
  2. Sooooo, it's a Thursday night. Perhaps to early for a 3-minutes-to-miller-time tribute? Nah....
  3. @RandyH000 The new avatar reminds me of my Pops. Live and let live I say. 🍻
  4. Smelly cat, smelly cat what are they feeding you? Smelly cat, smelly cat it's not your fault... Flipping funny 🍻
  5. Hope all is good in your worlds 🍻 Smelly Cat LOL....I could only find this on twitter, sorry
  6. This is what I was drawn to. ^^ 3-minutes-to-miller-time, I think just says it all...Music, friends, acquaintances just shooting the Chit.
  7. Weight is a *****...Life style is a *****... Live on and enjoy your existence is what I say.
  8. Roon experience anyone??? I think awesome stuff. I moved to Roon Core on a Wyred4Sound music server, the app is on a Mac Mini." I was running Channel D Pure Music before this on the same Mac Mini. I gotta say.....It sounds soooooo much better .with the Wyred4Sound Music Sever...
  9. Indeed it does. I sit in front of my rig playing music and throwing down a few... Okay after work on Friday and sometimes on Sat / Sun I haven't been dancing in an eon. I still got it when it comes to live Blues 🍻 Screw the younger bucks...They have nothing on me "not yet anyway" 😀
  10. @CECAA850 Kinda feel guilty my friend
  11. Arthritis in the right hip...more likely perfect timing....My guess...Turning 59.... and it was already in me from genetics, My guess? LOL, I have to laugh that I moved to a senior apartment that wasn't listed as such...**** Me!!!! Okay I'm going on 59 right???? The folks here are 65 or better.....🍻
  12. Hope all is good with all here @TheKlipschForum Gotta ask this question....Any new aches / pains since COVID $hit?
  13. Got me some Warsteiner Pils flowing and some AC/DC Black Ice running through my ears 😀🍻
  14. @billybob Yes it is that time right now, right this minute. What a flipping week at work.
  15. Indeed, the pension is dying fast...I'm glad it is there for me. I was hired as a City employee years ago, I was vested after 5 years with the City. The City and the County merged their IT departments and an new entity was formed. I was able to keep paying into the City pension. This allows me to pull the pension and continue to work for the new entity at full pay. The new entity requires me to sign up for their 401a plan.
  16. Awesome when you can say I'm done. .. I signed the paper work to pull my pension starting June 30th. I will continue working full time for the next 7 years gathering my normal paycheck along with with pension check. Time to adjust living only off the pension payout 🍻
  17. MyOwn

    Beer Drinkers

    I have not tried Celebrator...But I will in the future 🙂
  18. ^^The Munsters is good stuff, admit it @oldtimer
  19. Me too, I couldn't wait till the next episode. I haven't seen the remake.
  20. Loved it too.Fear is the only darkness Fe
  21. MyOwn

    Beer Drinkers

    Having a couple of these tonight. Reddit has a showerbeer place. LOL...Don't click if you don't want to see folks in showers with beers... https://www.reddit.com/r/showerbeer/
  22. MyOwn


    ^^ @oldtimer You are Correct.. Never meant this to be about me...Just trying to respond to a pretty cool thing that is happening right now on Mars.... Again,,,Just my thoughts...
  23. MyOwn


    Money is a ***** right? believe what you want. If I say I believe in something outside of the norm. I'm ridiculed. No worries... no more far fetched from what we grew up with. Any way.... humans have been preparing for leaving this world we know for a long time... Just my thoughts....
  24. MyOwn


    Mars we go 👆.... Perhaps Contact with Aliens Will Happen by the end of Century
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