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  1. Asking price $500 per bundle - 2 High Ends, 4 Bass bins.
  2. New price on the last three pairs, of La Scala industrial speakers in good working condition. High End are Trapezoid, painted with aluminum trim, bins are a mixture of ABS or satin black paint with Aluminum trim and surface mounted handles. I am including a pair of extra bass bins clones, build by a cabinet maker with 13 ply Baltic Birch void free plywood. The "free" bins may not have a fully functional driver or one at at - depending on if you are buying the first or last pair. I am located just north of Ogdensburg NY.
  3. Yes, they are all trapezoid tops, the split LSI only came in that configuration I believe. I had one pair of La Scalas that were all in one and they are awkward to move and load. and the X-over was exposed. I found that the mounting bracket to secure the midrange at the back of the cabinet had a tendency to crack and break so I had a machine shop fabricate a much more substantial version out of aluminum extrusion. Hi Ends are painted with aluminum trim, he bins are a combination of fiberglass / painted or ABS on the top only. I mounted spring loaded surface mounted handles to facilitate moving and building the stacks safely and quickly. They are attached with T nuts and machine screws. I have 6 pairs at least. Note that I installed fast trip circuit breaker as it was a pain replacing the fuses for the tweeters. Miss-use of the microphone by walking in front of the speakers was usually the cause. And the operators if they ran out of 1.5 amp (?) fuses would substitute the 5 amp ( that's 2.5 amp per BB - remember I used double stack) - which is almost as bad as wrapping a blown fuse with the foil from a cigarette pack ( burn off the paper first). The show must go on! Anyway the circuit breakers work great.
  4. in good working condition, some bass bins are clones, with drivers identical to original or upgraded with a cast basket and substantially heavier magnet. come with one pair extra bass bins free ( that may not have a driver or that needs repair) I used to run them a wedding receptions and dances with two bass bins and 1 high end per side - so the regular drivers did a good job as they shared the load, if I needed to save space in the truck I would use the bass bins with upgraded drivers. As I acquired other Klipsch models the LaScalas fell out of rotation/utilization. I used to have over a dozen pair. Asking $550 a pair. My location is near Ogdensburg NY B,
  5. two guys can easily move the, the back is exposed just above the bass bin, place one hand there and the other inside of the bass horn, below the squawker horn.
  6. @Bytown Boogie That is nice size room, I would suggest a double pair of LaScala Industrials with a MWM sub woofer. You will need an active cross over and a sub woofer amp. It will be so full sounding no matter what you play on it. I do have Cornwall industrials as well but are better suited for smaller room. I also have the 18 inch subs. I freaked out when the stereo shop had a pair of MWMs and was blowing out his lighter to demonstrate the air movement. I have used 8 pair of LaScalas with two pair of MWMs outdoors on a stage about 2 feet high and the bottom end kicks like a horse. The bass becomes distinguishable not just a rumble. I am near Ogdensburg NY, I sold 2 pairs of MWM to a member that lives in Chicago to use in his basement!
  7. Due to an upcoming move i have downsize my inventory of Klipsch Industrial speakers. I can provide pictures. LaScala split with extra bass bins ( i used 1 high with 2 bass bins) 6.5 pairs; 1 pair Cornwall IIs, 1 pair Heresy, 1 Pair MWM subs with Gauss drivers, Location Ottawa, Canada - Close to Ogdensburg NY I am the original owner. Cornwalls and Heresy are black with plastic trim, LaScalas and MWM subs have aluminum trim and handles.
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