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  1. RIP to the greatest fighter to have ever lived
  2. First of all congrats on your new speakers I would recommend that you get the surrounds since the towers already produce bass so no need for a subwoofer now. This way you'll have an almost 5.1 setup: right and left speakers center speaker right and left surrounds bass from 2 towers Enjoy
  3. Yes this bluray player can output HDR. I got one too and the details and colors are absolutely perfect
  4. Thanks Ceca Will definitely try to make it. Yeah traveling half the world would land me a prize for sure hahhaha
  5. hahahah yeah everyone here is amazing. Everyone is very welcoming and that is also one of the many reasons i bought Klipsch speakers. I'll let you know asap how they perform. i"m sure i'll be half deaf after my first listening session
  6. Awesome. Thanks buddy. I'll definitely try to make it
  7. I would love that Mallette. I was actually i Houston a month ago. I'll definitely try to make it soon again It's ironic, Mallette (Dave) moved from Houston about a month ago Really? Wished i could've met up with any of you guys
  8. Thank you Mungkiman. Will definitelt post pics tomorrow after i finish setting up
  9. I would love that Mallette. I was actually i Houston a month ago. I'll definitely try to make it soon again
  10. Thank you willand. I bet it will
  11. Thank you Ceptorman. hahaha yeah the sub is like a coffee table. Getting ready to piss of the neighbors
  12. After almost 3 months of waiting they're finally here. I'm absolutely terrified and happy with the size of these beasts. Still waiting for the receiver being cleared at customs (stupid Egyptian customs). Will be setting up very soon. Couldn't be happier for purchasing these speakers
  13. AliRashdan


    Setup still under construction. These speakers are absolutely terrifying
  14. Hi Volker. Hope you enjoyed your visit here. Thank you. I'll post it as soon i get them
  15. Thank you. I can't wait to get them Ceptorman
  16. I think the ancient Egyptians invented beer yes. My great granfather Imhotep was quite a notorious drinker @babadono Thank you Nismo.
  17. Hahahahhaha @tasdom @busht I'll sell my kidneys if i have to to get those beautiful babies Dave, you have my uttermost respect for what you just said. To put into consideration that i'm Muslim and to know that alcohol is forbidden in Islam is something i really appreciate from you. The fact is i don't mind at all joking around with u guys about beer and i'm not the least bit offended in any way from anyone. Actually, most of muslim frienda drink alcohol so i'm used to it. I'm still buying beer for u guys hahaha. Again, thank you so much for being considerate and it doesn't matter what religion we follow. I consider you guys one big family and i appreciate each and every one of you for taking the time to help me get my Klipsch speakers. Beers and coke for all!!!
  18. Hahaah i wish teleporters are a thing now. I'll wait for them even if it's 4 months. Klipsch are worth the wait
  19. Unfortunately Bill is right. It'll take a very long time cuz of the shipping, customs, etc
  20. Thak you ceca Busht you have been more than helpful and i can't thank you enough. I have a much better overview now. I'll definitely send picsbas soon as i get them. Although it'll take me about 2 months to ship them here
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