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  1. There is value in being able to be fast, precise attention to detail, and driven. however, some things you just don't want to rush through. one of them is hot coffee. the reminder lingers...
  2. some folks are REALLY good at their jobs... https://www.facebook.com/670302086319248/videos/1290081041008013/
  3. i like the shoes and socks... but relate better to the bare feet... lol
  4. i'm right there with ya! 51 to 61... and i am the baby...
  5. 5 girls and 1 boy. mom and 4 girls left. we will be having easter dinner prepared by my daughter at mom's house -- all of us with our families - sitting around the same table we sat as kids been at least 25 years and yeah ... easter sunday was definitely a pain. just be glad you didn't have to sleep in curlers and then wake up looking like a hung over shirley temple!!!
  6. good morning!!! HAPPY EASTER!!! found this pic and HAD to share.... most of you probably remember these days....
  7. people either care or they do not. unfortunately the latter seems to rear its ugly head more often than the former. you know -- sh*t rolls downhill... you are also right about those pictures of the packaging material, etc. gotta build your case...
  8. Oh my! We must have a picture of the BOSS!
  9. no.....I tried to grab it from HIM...lol
  10. Our closest friends are jimmy and Diana. They are from Indonesia, and have 2 kids. Jimmy's only day off is Tuesday. When we go to Chinatown it is always a Tuesday which means we are playing hookie. There are many times it doesn't work out (shop) but when it does, we go in any weather (barring safety). Yesterday was one of the great days! They share their culture with us and their food. It is always a feast. MKP loves the hot chili going in butt... Let's just say he is having an uncomfortable morning! A haircut in Chinatown is an event. There is a customary face, head, neck and shoulder massage with the shampooing. Not cursory like sport clips, but pressure points, etc. Very nice. And Victor is like Edward scissorhands. He cuts with razors only and wears a leather scissor belt. Victor has a flair for the dramatic and is always trying to show it in mkp's haircut. Victor will have me look at his finished product "is OK?" And MKP looks at me with eyes that say "PLEASE make him fix it!". Lol This is MkP with shimlu (Annabelle), and with the infamous (and not gay) victor
  11. RV is awesome. can only load 1 pic -- file too big. and meal choice after --- gross
  12. mkp's favorite show as a very young kid in england...
  13. U need to practice pulling a rabbit out of ur AZZ because we are pulling out all the stops JUST TO GET TO HOPE!!!!!
  14. I do not understand the science, nor do I want to. I know what sounds good and what does not. Money IS a necessary evil. However, desire is an excellent motivator of creativity. A while back MKP told me he was online with a guy and they were working out a 'trade.'. He said we were going to load both vans, with all rear seats removed, with various speakers. Amps, drivers horns we weren't using and drive to PA for the swap. He seemed excited so, cool. Road trip. We got there, unloaded, reloaded 4 kp362 speakers that are AWESOME! Now we have a set at the shop and the other set waiting for us to build our basement system....oh, and big ev's for the deck... OK...wait a minute....we just got the chorus 1's back, so we moved the chorus 2's over a little to make room, the heresy's on each side of the sw15 2 sub, the Polk SDA 2.3, and the lascalsas flanking the "wall" o'klipsch. He says now that we got the finished set back, we are gonna get rid of the other ones... I told him I don't want to get rid of them... I love the crown amp and wouldn't mind having another.. And I forwarded to him the emotiva that someone was selling... O M G .... I think i might have a problem??? I need an intervention...
  15. Gives a whole new meaning to "thumbing a ride".
  16. i'm gonna change the sign in front of the shop to read "BOB EVANS"
  17. MOM IS AWESOME... our daughter with mom and our grandkids FIELD TRIP!!! and your BOSS sounds FABULOUS... would love to see her!
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