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  1. Larry, it was a pleasure to meet you. I enjoyed the time you spent with us, enjoyed your awesome collection, just really cool to meet someone that appreciates the Klipsch products so much. We got to my house right about the time that big storm rolled in, cut it pretty close, but got everything unloaded safely without getting wet. Again, thanks for 20's & 30's, they were even better than I hoped. These will be well cared for and exercised regularly! Take Care, Gary
  2. Scally, are these the same speakers you offered the guy looking for KLF30's or do you have another pair?
  3. zdude

    I want klf 30

    scallywagger77, are you speakers for sale KLF 30's or KLF 20's?
  4. Holtrp, I see you have 4 of the big Dayton 18" subs. What amp did you use, I think they have a couple of options in their catalog? Did you build them yourself or buy them put together. If you built them, did you build your own boxes or use pre-fabbed boxes? Sorry for so many questions but this project is growing my interest more than other options.
  5. Damn Willand, that's as impressive "Sub - terranean" room as I've seen. I'd like to watch submarine the movie "UC 571" on that system. I felt the HGS18 Velly would put out sound below hearing threshhold when the sub dived to avoid the debt-charges, always felt like pressure in the ears when you go underwater. Cool effect that really impressed friends, specially when stuff started falling off walls upstairs - LOL!
  6. Thanks for all the info, it will take some time to process all this. I am sure that 2 subs are better than 1 and 4 better than 2 at this point. Looks like I'm going to have to come up with another sub to play with, I love this stuff anyway so it's like a kid in a toy store being turned loose! I have even thought of a DIY project using an 18" Dayton sub speaker and amp. Yep, I love this stuff! Thanks everybody!
  7. I have a Velodyne HGS18 sub and a Sunfire Jr true subwoofer that I just had the surrounds replaced in (surround was like a truck inner-tube). Not necessarily talking these 2, but if I were to come across a nice quality 12" or 15" sub at a reasonable cost I have considered adding to the HGS / Klipsch home theater I'm putting together in a 30' X 20' room with a 12' peaked ceiling. The Sunfire is part of my wife's surround home theater in the den and would cost me an *** whipping if I snaked her's for my system. Anyway, with knowing how bass waves have a tendency to cancel out each other, would I face a problem? And if so, is there ways to overcome this, possibly by matching with another HGS18 or something very close? Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated -Thanks.
  8. GPBusa, we talked of this a few months back. I have pretty much decided to purchase a nice set of 30's and do the Crite's mods for the front. I believe he has some upgrade available for the C-7 too. I'm not in a great hurry, still renovating the house we are moving to so I have time to do some of the speaker box bracing I have seen by M.J. I'd like to find a set of 20's and upgrade them too with Crite's stuff and speaker box work. My only real question is the RS-7's, they are not in the KLF line but they have always performed great. This will probably be my last big speaker project and I'd like to get it as right as I can. My 10's are nearly like new, but I'm sure there are upgrades available for them. Any future upgrade to this system will be in the video, DVD and receiver/amp department. Right now an Onkyo TX-NR828, a Harman Kardon 200 watt amp, OPPO 103dvd player, Velodyne HGS18 Subwoofer and Samsung 72" DLP -this is my Home Theater, My wife's system: Pioneer Elite VSX82TSX receiver, Pioneer Elite DVD/SACD player, Sunfire Jr. True Subwooer, 4 Optimus Pro LX7 speakers (Modified) , a center channel Optimus Pro CS5 (all the Optimus feature ribbon tweeters and are really pretty nice "small" speakers that are better than any Bose system my friends have) and a Panasonic 42" Plasma. I also have a Harman Kardon 8000 receiver and a Carver parametric eq that I'd like to put with some decent speakers (RS-7's maybe?)for a garage system - a work in progress. I'll probably move the Panasonic Plasma TV to the garage for football games while I work on motorcycles(man, I love this stuff!) Probably a 55" or 65" 4K tv for the wife's system then.
  9. I'm not sure which way I'll go yet, but I decide to sell it will be through this forum. Just looking for some recommendations and opinions right now though. Thanks BlueJester!
  10. My surround system was front R&L Vintage Cornwalls, C-7 center, RS-7's side surround and KLF 10's rear surround plus HGS18 sub. Sold the Cornwalls, thought we were moving into a condo, we're not. I will replace the front R&L with KLF 30's, but I've been considering selling the RS-7's and KLF 10's to be replaced by KLF 20's. This will be dropping from 7.1 to 5.1 system. What are some thoughts on this and what are the value of the 7's and 10's, both are in excellent condition, bought the 10's years ago when they were still made and they really don't have a lot of use on them.
  11. Thank You for the update TPG. I'll be looking forward to seeing you resume this sale. I have a C-7, 2 KLF-10's for rear surround, 2 RS-7's I use as surround sides and an HGS18" Velodyne sub. Sold off a good pair of Cornwalls and want to replace with KLF-30's or even a hotroded KLF-20's. Really perfer KLF-30.
  12. Are the KLF 30's still for sale? I'm located in Nashville,TN. so not too far for a road trip.
  13. GPBusa, know what you mean about that torque. My 2013 ZX14R had the ECM modified by Ivan of Ivan's performance in New York to remove all restrictions, raise the red-line, bring on the cooling fans earlier, he programmed a PC5 and I installed a 4/1 Akropovic. That was the best tuned bike I've ever owned, absolutely perfect throttle response, torque monster everywhere, no popping, backfiring off throttle - perfection, no dead spots, like an electric motor. The man is brilliant and reasonable. Wish I could still ride those rockets, I'd love a new H2 supercharged bike but time moves on and your body just refuses to go there at some point. I've had the turbo, 300 rwhp, but I knew a guy that had a Busa set up for the strip that was putting down 400 rwhp - ungodly fast. I sure had fun with guys in those souped up supercharged Cobra's running 700-800 rwhp, it's all in the power to weight ratio, freeking blew their minds -LOL! Sorry about the bike talk, but it was an obsession like the audio is.
  14. Correction, just got back in town and checked the center, it is a KLF-C7. So I'll probably add a set of KLF 30's up front and move the KLF10's to the rear. Will probably keep the RS-7's to play with as surround side's in a 7.1 system, if the perform poorly in that configuration I'll go from there. Thanks to all who commented!
  15. GPBusa , man I understand the back issues. I've had 5 verts fused and sportbikes are too rough on me now and I'm considering maybe a Triumph speed triple or even a KTM 1290 Superduke. Anyway, I appreciate the recommendations and I'm thinking KLF 20'S or 30's might work out good. I'll be playing around with these and looking at options including the KLF C-7 center. Thanks for all the help from different members and I'll let you know what the final result is. I love this stuff just like I love the hotrod bikes. All's good !
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