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  1. Never got a message from IbizaFlame - something must have gone wrong with the sending process. Sorry for disappearing again. Have been very busy with work things (even over the holidays...) and must leave in a couple days for a conference half-way across the country. Unfortunately, I was unable to get pictures last weekend. This is not a great time for me to manage the sale of gear with a nontrivial price tag, so it may be best if I temporarily withdraw the items from the sale. When I first talked to my parents, they made it sound like everything had to go right now, but I have since learned that I have a little more time to get things organized. I will revisit the sale in March or May, depending on relative clarity of schedule. Those of you who expressed interest will have priority once I get everything settled. Again, I am sorry for creating all this commotion for nothing.
  2. The KLF-C7 can be shipped. If I remember correctly, I bought it from a forum member and it was shipped to me.
  3. Also, I forgot to mention that I currently reside in central OK. So, some of the smaller items like the amplifier, KLF-C7, and RB-3 can be delivered along the road from OKC to western KY.
  4. I enjoyed them as well, but always felt they needed a little more space than I had available. Now that I have listed them for sale, I feel this may very well be a sale I regret once I am permanently settled somewhere...
  5. Sorry for disappearing - this is a very busy time for me. I have never heard any cabinet rattle with the KLF-30s, although I am not exactly a loud listener. I have been out of the buying and selling game for some time now, so am not exactly current on prices. Based on what I remember from having thought about selling a few years ago, I'll start with the following: 1. KLF-30 - $800 2. KLF-C7 - $250 3. RB-3 - $100 4. Emotiva IPS-1 $650 Prices negotiable based on current market trends. Again, I should be able to post pictures some time next week once I am back in Kentucky.
  6. The following are up for sale: 1. pair of KLF-30 in black oak with factory boxes 2. single KLF-C7 in black oak, no box 3. pair RB-3 in maple, no boxes 4. Emotiva IPS-1 amplifier, with factory double box I also have a JL Audio F112 subwoofer with its factory box and accessories, which I would like to keep, but could be persuaded to let go for the right price. The speakers are in storage at my parents' house in western Kentucky. Initially, I planned to retrieve them once I finished graduate school, but it now looks like I will end up moving between post-doctoral positions for the next few years. My parents are beginning to think seriously about retirement and downsizing, so they would appreciate having my "large boxes" out of the house. I have kept the Emotiva amp and JL sub in like-new condition. The KLF-C7 was purchased used and I think is in decent condition, possibly with some scratches. The KLF-30 were purchased from a local dealer and are also in decent shape, with some scratches here and there. Grills on all KLF's are nice, if I recall correctly. Drivers are perfect. The RB-3 were purchased used from eBay quite a while ago, and arrived more damaged than their pictures suggested. The grills have some damage, but stay on just fine after a repair I made. One copper woofer is slightly creased, but not in a very noticeable way. I am afraid I don't have any pictures at the moment, but I have always taken great measures to care for my equipment. I plan to be back home about two weeks from now for the holidays, so can forward pictures to interested parties at that time. While the Emotiva, RB-3, and KLF-C7 can be shipped, this will be expensive (if not impossible) for the huge KLF-30's. My parents have a truck, so I would be happy to meet the buyer within, say, a 4-hour driving distance of Paducah, KY. Please email me with reasonable offers.
  7. Check again. F5 is a two-stage push-pull design which outputs 25W.
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