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  1. Not the same amp, but i get it. I have the Willsenton 300b. It would be nice to have a high end $7000 amp to compare. This thing sounds very nice across the CornScala. Using GL 300b, Sophia Electric 274b with NOS 6sl7 and 6sn7gt pre's.
  2. I had planned on buying one to try, other expenses prevented that from happening. The Spirit V is the amp i wanted. I bought a Willsenton 300b amp to hotrod and still having fun with that. The Primeluna 400 and the spirit v looked to be nice options. Im now looking at Ayons 300b. It does take alot of power to drive Klipch speakers. My CornScala only uses 1/2 watt to drive to 85db levels. Just learned that.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I could not get myself to spend that kind of money on an amp, so i decided to purchase a 300b Willsenton. Been doing some modding/hotrodding to it with a change in the power supply, changed out some caps for better Mundorf's and now thinking about new OPT, maybe Hashimotos. For a 1500 dollar 300b, it sounds very nice. I really enjoy the tinkering with these tube amps.
  4. I have been reading up on the Sophia Electrics. Sounds promising and not too expensive.
  5. I have not listened to the WE300b, but from the reviews i have read, the WE is really nice in the mid. That seems to be its sweet spot. You may or may not like the top or bottom. There are some out there that do not like them.
  6. Everything i have read on rectifiers is the 274 is THE tube for rectification.
  7. I currently have the 274 Linlai in it. These are the inexpensive ones as well and they sound better than the originals and i have low hours on them at this point. Not sure of the burn in, but i hear 100hrs.
  8. If your speakers have horns, you will hear a difference good or not as good. I think the original 300 tubes suck. GL's are definitely better. The original rectifier tubes suck as well. Every rectifier tube i have tried is better than the original. The original 6SL7 is quite good. I have a tung-sol 6AU7 with gold pins in it now and cant tell much if any difference.
  9. A nice custom Cary will set you back $4000. Dennis Hadd is the man.
  10. No, this is the only 300b amp i have had in my system. My other amp is a EL34 amp with KT77's in it. It has been a great amp as well, does everything well. Low bass, mid bass and highs are very clean and life like. The 300b separates the instruments better and brings the vocals forward. Very nice. The tube changes have added just a touch more of realism. They just seem to clean things up a bit more with every tube charge and it was very good when i started.
  11. Willsenton R300B SE Integrated Amp #2 | Audiokarma Home Audio Stereo Discussion Forums
  12. I have been following a guy over on AudioKarma as he has done a few mods on this amp and tube rolling as well. (Willsenton 300b). The first tube i switched out was the original Willsenton 300b for some Gold Lion 300b. Nice improvement. Not day and night thou, but an improvement for sure. Then the 2 pre amp tubes were switched for some china tubes 6n8p with metal base. Another improvement. Then the 6SL7 for a Tung-sol 6su7 with gold pins, not as good as the original tube yet, but letting it burn it to see. Now i start on the Retifiers. Currently have a 5u4gb jan phillips and it is better than the original tubes. Today i will be trying some Linlai rectifiers. Will see. Gonna do some of these mods on the amp that the gentleman over on AudioKarma has done. His project is still in progress.
  13. You should check out the mods Stephany made to a Reisong 50mk over on AudioKarma or the vid she has on youtube. She brought that amp to live with a true 8w.
  14. Sorry, I over looked that. Will PM
  15. I can do that. I dont listen at 95+db levels anymore. 70-90 is about where i live and i now have a 300b amp, so compfortable listening is what i do. Correct me if im wrong, but from what i read it looks like its currently crossed at about 400 with the 47uf and the mid driver only goes down to 500, so wouldn't that leave a hole? Where will the 33uf cross at best guess? Where do i find those caps/filters? Thanks Dean.
  16. 11" x 17" ABS 2" Bolt-On Long Throw Horn 90° x 40° For 2" Exit Drivers (zxpc.us)
  17. This is all i can find on driver and horn.
  18. 3" VOICE COIL - HIGH EFFICIENCY, GOOD POWER HANDLING & CLEAN HIGHS! DE85TN Item Price: $241.81 SPEAKER MODEL DE85TN SPECIFICATIONS Throat Diameter 2" / 50mm Impedance 8 ohms RMS Power Rating 110 Watts Program Power 220 Watts Frequency Response 500Hz - 18kHz Recommended Crossover 1.0KHz Sensitivity (1W/1m) 107dB Voice Coil Diameter 3" / 75mm Winding Material Aluminum Inductance 0.14mH Diaphragm Material Titanium Flux Density 1.8T MOUNTING INFORMATION Overall Diameter 6.7" / 170mm Mounting Holes (4)M6 holes on 90°- 4" Dia. Depth 2.5" / 64mm Net Weight 9.9 lbs./ 4.5 kg.
  19. The B&C Speakers DE85TN-8 2" titanium compression driver is an example of the transducer engineering excellence that has made this Italian company an industry benchmark. The DE85TN-8's evolution is traceable to its ubiquitous predecessors, the DE75 and DE85, found in many famous concert-level touring speaker systems. FEA-optimized ceramic ferrite magnet materials produce the driver's high flux density, and a copper cap on the DE85TN's pole piece reduces inductive losses and extends high frequency response. Specifications: • Power handling: 110 watts RMS/220 watts program above recommended crossover of 1 kHz/12 dB slope • VCdia: 3" • Impedance: 8 ohms • Frequency response: 500-18,000 Hz • SPL: 107 dB 1W/1m • Dimensions: 6.7" diameter x 2.5" depth • Net weight: 9.9 lb. • Replacement diaphragm available.
  20. Zxpc horn. I have the taps as they should be, so yes.
  21. So do you think the crossover would cross at 400 with a 47uf?
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