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  1. Yes, I bought this second hand. Didn’t even thing about a warranty.
  2. No, it really sounds quit nice. I was just curious if I might be missing something.
  3. Hi Dean. I bought a pair of you Universal crossover from Kevin . You built them for his khorns, but he went a different direction, so now I have them in my CornScala using a B&C DE85 TN mid driver(500-18000) and your crossover has a 47uf filter. The woofer is a Crites stamped basket. Not sure this crosses over properly. Do you think I should have a different filter with my combo?
  4. i dont care about warrantys. i know two different repair shops that can not only fix any issues, but have the ability to improve the design. i rarely worry about a warranty on anything. if it breaks, i throw it away and buy something else. pretty simple
  5. yes, they have great reviews. currently out of stock.
  6. Looks like thetubestore has a very nice 274b that pulls 2.5A. Gets great reviews.
  7. Just found some options on the chinhifi site. Looks like my takes 3 pre amp tubes and an option would be 1/ Tung Sol 6sl7gt and 2/ psvane cv181 Tii. Rec tubes 274B.
  8. It sounds better than my China EL 34(Audcom) and i really like how the Audcom sounds with JJ KT77's in it. The Willsenton out of the box had a blown rectifier tube(RCA 5U4GB), so I swapped those out for a pair of Sylvania 5U4GB and fired up the amp for the first listen with the original Willsenton 300b's and I was pleasnatly surprised with the bigger more detailed sound stage. I next switched out the Sylvania's for the Jan 5U4GB which is a Phillips ECG and not much if any difference. Next switched out the Willsenton 300b for the Gold Lion 300b and it was a step up in clearity and a bit more open, but not a huge different from the Wellsenton 300b. For the Willsenton pre amp tube, I switched it out for a pair of china 6n8p and i thought it brightened thing up a bit. Will do some more rolling back and forth today and maybe get a better idea of what sounds best to me. Would like the try some of the coke bottle retifiers tubes, but not sure what i can use in this amp. Any opinions on what rectifiers sound best?
  9. Thanks, the amp is being delivered with the original tubes as well as the GL 300b's . Cant wait to try it out.
  10. Not many. I was surprised to hear that WE were made here, but $750/tube is just way out there.
  11. Why are the WE300b tubes so expensive? How can a Gold Lion cost half as much? They are not vintage nos. They are brand new.
  12. I believe they are building a new plant to build those here in US. I heard the GL 300b is a decent tube. Will soon find out.
  13. I think those are something like $750/tube. Yeeouch!
  14. Hey thanks. It looks like a quality unit. Plenty of review vids out there praising it. @1300 with replacement tubes its worth a try. Looks as new.
  15. I may, if i don't like it. Put the money into something i do like. I would really like to have a Cary 300b.
  16. I just purchased this amp. It is barely used and comes with a full set of upgraded tubes including the GL 300b. I watched and read all reviews and it looks like it might be a decent 300b for the money(1500). I have been told they are made in the same factory as PrimeLuna and Cayin, but im not sure. Either way good reviews and not too expensive introduction into 300b.
  17. I see i posted this a while back. Gettin old. I did buy and try the 12sc7gt. Did not like them. I have since ordered some more replacement Jan and Marconi to try. I again switched tubes from one side to the other and so far no noise, go figure.
  18. Got my mind set on a 300b. I watch alot of this ladies videos. she is sharp around a tube amp.
  19. Thanks for the input guys. I will check this out. I am currently also looking at a Willsenton R300 which has received great reviews .
  20. I have a MapleTree phone pre amp and have had an issue with the tubes that came with it. It uses 2/ JAN CRC-12SC7 can type and 1/RCA 12sn7 glass. I get noise out of one or the other of the cans and have bought several sets with same results. Would like to find a better replacement. Would like some opinions on what tubes to buy to replace these with. I have switched the cans from one side to the other and the noise always follows the tube. I finally found a good pair and now one of those is noisy. Looking for quite good sounding tubes.
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