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  1. I think your right. I have a Yamaha DVD player natural sound that I think sound nice compared to mt Sony C333es SACD player. I would really like to get a Marantz player thou for my 2/ch.
  2. still kickin around the idea of a used marantz sacd player. What are the models numbers of the good ones to look at. This is for 2/ch listening only. Thanks
  3. I believe a pair of Heresy 1's go for about $300-$400/PR on ebay. I sold a pair of 85's with slant risers back in 2003 to a guy in Australia for 400+800 shipping.
  4. Ok, I think i'm finished with the foam install. Went pretty straight forward. Did everything but the motor board. 12sqft does a pair of heresy's.
  5. Gonna get started on the foam install today.
  6. Pretty sure K57, but its been 14 or 15yrs since I looked inside. I think metal horns as well. I'll pull the backs off next time I get up there. I'm now thinking I can pull the home built B's from the CW's and up grade them with new caps and use them in my Super Heresy project. Then I could just order new B3"s from Crites for the CW's. Thanks for all that info, it helps getting all my ducks in a row.
  7. sounds to me I should of built the B3 xo for these instead of the B. Lately was thinking up grade with new caps to a B2, but now it seems B3 may be what it needs.
  8. Just thinking some updates on the home brew cornwalls maybe as well. K55G mid, Elliptrac DE110 tweet with B2 xo. What do ya think. What are the differences between the k57 and the k55g?
  9. Either would work fine with dark stain cabinets, but cane might really pop.
  10. Still curious to what the steeper slope does to the sound of the speaker? I need to check, but i think i have the k57 mid drivers that are currently stored at my fathers home.
  11. Where would someone find Tweed grills one Heresy 1's? I might replace my black grills if the price isn't too extreme.
  12. Looks like Bossman has tried one and likes it. Thats makes things a little more easy purchasing. I think i like the black one better thou.
  13. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Douk-Audio-KT88-Vacuum-Tube-Amplifier-High-End-Single-Ended-HiFi-Power-Amp-18W-2/251473410112?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 Here's another little amp i'v been watching. Simular to the other Douk. Can't really pull the trigger just look, so in the tire kicking stages yet.
  14. i could, but then the tag would be on the inside. just gonna leave be. Foam showed up today. Maybe tomorrow i can get that done.
  15. Heres the backs. I know, both tubes on same side. Dooooh! I got distracted, but oh well, its done now.
  16. Heres mine. Audcom 30w/ch thumper el34 with kt77's. I have home built cornwalls with vert horns and soon to be Super Heresy's. Yamaha av RX-v2092 thumper with a sony modded c333es sacd player.
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