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  1. went well. cut a 5 1/4 hole and then cut slits for the supporting ribs in the port. still waiting for sound deadener to show up. should of been here today.
  2. Ok, thanks. I'v been using a B xo with musicaps. They sound fantastic at mid volumes(90)db, but pump these up to over 105db and they start to get hot to the ear. I think i'm using the k57 with the aluminum k600 horn. I will have to check. Was thinking about toning these down a bit with either k55g drivers or a B2 xo or maybe both. What combos of drivers and xo sounded the best in the vert cornwalls IYO?
  3. yes. Just researched a bit and it looks like verts or cornwall 1 came with k77, k55v and k33 woofer. not sure on the xo thou.
  4. ok, not sure when the vert's were built, but I built some home brew vert's back in 2003 and used k57 mid, k77 tweet and k33 with a B xo. curious to if the mid and xo is correct for this combo? Its been awhile.
  5. Anybody know what drivers and xo was in the early cornwalls and would they be the same as the 1's?
  6. port measures 6.25" on flared end and looks like hole could be cut .5" smaller to give a 5 3/4" hole for the port. should be good. may get started on these tonight. thanks
  7. The ports arrived today. They have strenghtening ribs around the circumferance of the larger end of the port. If i bore the hole 4.25" and slide the port in,it will hit the ribs before fully seating. How do you solve this issue?
  8. I found the E Delta Pro 12a on ebay for $229 or best offer. I offered $210 and he (proaudiostar) accepted. I would try offering $100 and see how you do. good luck
  9. I have a pair of the home built cornwalls with the vertical horn design and B cross overs with sonic caps. I have never had an issue with then being to boomy. I did have them in a basement once up on the fireplace hearth. They sounded ok there, but to me, they sounded there best in my small 11x22 carpeted living room IMO. Run off a EL34 amp with KT77's. Would that be a common occurance with vertical horns? Glad to here your CW3's are sounding nice. Just curious, are those real wood veneer now days?
  10. ok, i'm all good then. Had 6.2 on the K77's and 10.2 and 11.2 on the k55m's. Thanks guys
  11. Foam install will be next and then the ports. Xo's in Feb.
  12. Got started today. Just installing woofers and drivers and some soldering.
  13. I think he might be using top qaulity caps or components as his prices are up there like the ALK's. Crites are about @220/pr. Crites may be all i need here. Thanks
  14. Great Idea. I was thinking something simple like the copper Klipsch labels. Thanks
  15. Would like to have some custom" Super Heresy" grill labels make just for the final touch. Anyone know where to have these made?
  16. New Delta 12A's will be here today. Just removed the old k22's and just my luck, one is ripped around the center and the other is on its way. Was gonna resale these to recoup some money for the build. Not too surprised thou as I have had them since 85 and they are an 82 model. Hoping to be able to order the Crites B's by feb. Does deang still sale xo's?
  17. Need to check my components for the Super Heresy build. Would anyone know the good values(ohm) for the K77 and K55m drivers? Thanks
  18. Yes. Of 75 north of flint. Ex 13 off 475.
  19. Cool. Maybe if I can find some time we can meet up. would like to hear those Supers. Craig(nosvalves) and I used to meet up at his place and listen to different material thru his La Scale's with tubes. Those were the early days of his VRD's.
  20. yep, just down the road from HR. So, you are in Birmingham? I used to visited a high end stereo shop there.
  21. Sorry need to edit that. Michigan, just north of Flint.
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