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  1. 2 E Delta Pro 12A's on the way along with the 4" ports. Just need the xo's now. Gonna get them from Crites. Not sure if i want to put the new Crites in my Cornwalls or the Super Heresy's as i have some up dated B's in the Cornwalls that work real nice as well.
  2. ok, i'm good. needed an input HDMI from the cable box. Duh. working good now.
  3. No fill going in these, just the egg crate foam.
  4. Can anyone give me some direction hooking this thing up to my LG smart tv? The directions are a bunch of pictures. Not enough info here. Hooked tv ARC to ARC on sound bar with HDMI cable. tv HDMI 3 to cable box. No sound on sound bar, just no workie. appreciate any help.
  5. ok, just ordered some egg crate foam from amozon for $16. 12 12x12 pieces. that should do it.
  6. I think the eggcrate foam is a little more than $10. I found a big enough chunk to do both Heresy's for $34. Think i'll order it. Thanks guys
  7. Has anyone experimented with fiber fill instead of the foam or no foam or fiber fill. Curious to the findings. Gonna start the build soon and just wondered if anything is needed for dampening in this build.
  8. Ok. Where im at now the line voltage has been 118v. It was more like 122v where i was at while adjusting bias last time. Iv moved since then. Good point made. Thanks
  9. Cant remember what i used for mid drivers in my home brew cornwalls, but i built B ox for them. Maybe they should have B2's. What does the steep slope do to them or make them sound?
  10. Thanks Craig. The K77's sound badass and better that the EH fatbottles I used to think were the best in this amp. It's been awhile since i'v listened with the Home Brew Cornwalls, since i'v moved back to MM and don't have room for them now. Stored at my dads til we find a bigger home. I still have 1 pair of Heresy's that I robbed parts from when building the CW's, but now gonna do a modification on them with new E Delta Pro 12A woofers and add a port in the rear with new Crites B xo's. Should be a fun project.
  11. can anyone explain the differences and why there needed? Thanks
  12. Just scored 2 Delta Pro 12A woofers for $210 from proaudio ebay. Just need ports
  13. yur right. I was looking at the 450 for $109. gonna wait til January. maybe find a lower price then. thanks
  14. Here is a current pic of the up dated B in my Cornwalls.
  15. Ebay with free shipping. Curious to why you suggest Crites over Alks? Have you heard both?
  16. I was just looking at the Alk web site pricing xo for my home brew Cornwalls. They had the Alk universal xo priced at $320/pr. No price for the regular universal. How much were they new?
  17. Tube amps are gonna sound the best with Klipsch horn loaded speakers for sure, but the Yamaha ss natural sound amps sound very nice on Klipsch IMO. I have an older one from early 2000 era and it sounds real nice with my home brew Cornwalls and it is a 100w/ch AV amp. They are very smooth compare to some other ss amps i'v listened to.
  18. just pulled the back off. they do have k55's in them. so, just need to install the ports with Delta Pro woofers and the B xo from my home brew Cornwalls. Should be straight forward. Found the Woofers for $109ea. What would you suggest for new xo in the cornwalls? Crites or Alks?
  19. ok, that sounds interesting. have to check the price on the woofers first. My Heresy is the 1982 versions I believe. (138x212) Not sure what mid is in these but I'm pretty sure there not k55. Will my updated B xo need any mods with these mids? will be using k77 tweets. Sounds like a nice winter project. Will be driving these with tubes.
  20. I have a pair of old Heresy's that I had robbed for parts back when I built my built my Cornwalls. I think it was DeanG that gave me directions on building the xo for these Cornwalls using Sonicaps. What id like to know is are the B xo compatible with the Heresy? I would like to use these B's in the Heresy and buy new xo for the cornwall, maybe Crites or even Alks. Thanks
  21. i'm glad to see someone has tried it and had good results. I think a lot of those Chinese amps are a good value. The price of that has gone up again. I think i'll wait til fall/winter now as I don't spend much time listening in summer weather.
  22. maybe the pic is of the proto type and not the amp youll be getting. iv seen that before.
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