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  1. UPDATE: I just tried it again and it worked perfectly. I have tried refreshing the page several times last night with no luck. Tonight I tried to write a review and the form came right up!
  2. The sound from the x20i's is amazing - blows me away! Construction quality could be better. I take great care of these but have still had to replace both left and right earbuds/wires (luckily still under warranty and easy to change). The outer sheath of the wires on both eventually started to pull away from connectors and thus exposing the inner wire. Also, the mic/volume button is too big in my opinion and placed such that it annoyingly catches on my shirt collar all the time. Other than these glitches, I love these things - they sound great and are very comfortable (with the right earbud tips for your ears).
  3. Ok, I will try that and let you know. Thanks.
  4. I am trying to write a review on my x20i in-ear headphones. However, when I click "Write a Review" all I get is a page that lists tips for writing a review, but no actual place to write the review. What am I doing wrong? (I'm on a Mac with High Sierra and the latest Safari Browser).
  5. UPDATE: I got these in hand last Friday. I'm not really an audiophile (maybe I'm becoming one LOL), but I do appreciate good gear for listening to music and can generally tell the difference between a decent set of headphones or earbuds and a cheap Walmart set. Well, as I mentioned in previous post, my Klipsch x11i ear buds finally gave out after a couple of years of heavy use and were not really repairable. I had thought I might just get another set of x11i, or maybe pop for the newer x12i. However, Klipsch has a new flagship in-ear monitor (high-end ear buds), the x20i. These were selling for $550 when I first saw them online, which I could not bring myself to spend. But recently the price dropped by $110 and, while they were still very expensive compared to the x12i, I decided to try these x20i in-ear monitors. Wow! That's all I can say. The x11i ear buds sounded great, but these x20i in-ear monitors are on a whole different level, seriously. I have almost 10,000 songs in my High Def library and I usually listen with a FiiO X5 through a FiiO E12 Amp and these things are unreal! There are little nuances in songs that I never knew were there - until now. The music seems to be in your head, not in your ears. The response is flat and you feel like you are hearing what the artist actually sounded like in studio (or on stage). If you are looking for something with big boomy thumpy thumpy base, don't waste your money on these - go buy a pair of Beats. On these, the base is tight and crisp, but not overwhelming. The mids and highs are just right - not sculpted or over-exaggerated. I.e., the sound is not "molded" towards more bass or more highs, - everything just blends perfectly. You get the feeling you are listening to exactly what the artist sounded like in the studio or on the stage. I am loving these so far. So, if you are one who appreciates really accurate, clear, crisp sound I'd rate these Klipsch x20is at 10+ Only minor grip: For the price of these babys, Klipsch should offer more than the standard 1 year warranty, I mean really Klipsch!
  6. My x11i earbuds wend south (one of the earbuds on the right channel stopped working) and it had been a couple years and they were out of warranty. They were really excellent sounding to be sure. But when I saw a recent price drop on the x20i I decided to bit the bullet and go for them. I expect delivery in a few days and can't wait to hear how they compare to the x11i.
  7. You are my hero for the day! I just tried this on my (crap) Apple ear pods and it worked like a charm! As soon as my new x20i earbuds get here, that's how Im going to wrap them! Bravo!
  8. I first had the x10i and loved them. When the 3.5mm connector went south while under warranty, Klipsch replaced them with the x11i, since the x10i was discontinued. Anyway, the x11i's were great for a while, but then the 3.5mm connector on them went bad - this time out of warranty! I found a guy on Ebay who put a replacement 3.5mm connector on for about $30. This connect was much better and lasted. However, about a week ago, the right side earbud started cutting in and out, and eventually went completely dead. I ended up scrapping them and decided to by another pair, but couldn't decide whether to go with the new x12i or the much ballyhooed x20i. The x20is were north of $540 from all the authorized dealers, and the x12is were around $349. I was leaning towards the x12is, but then I saw a price reduction on the x20i. They were still expensive at $439, but at least they were south of the original price by $109. Since the x20i has detachable (and thus I presume replaceable) cables, I bit the bullet and bought the x20i from an authorized dealer. From all the reviews I've seen and read, I'm really excited to get my hands (or rather my ears) on these! My x11is were terrific, so I can't wait to see how much better these are.
  9. Chad I have to agree with Ozzie, For as much money as these M40 headphones cost, they proved to be absolute junk. I can live with the fact that the noise can does not work, but the ear cups falling apart so soon is ridiculous. At the very least, Klipsch should source some better quality replacement ear cups and provide them to M40 customers. With the ear cups as they are I could not even sell these used on Ebay - I'm just out a couple hundred dollars. Not cool!
  10. Glad to see Glad to hear this and am hopeful that replacement ear pads can be sourced. I and many others invested a good amount of hard earned money in these headphones only to have the ear pads disintegrate in a relatively short time (Picture attached)
  11. I will never buy another set of ANY Klipsch headphones if this is their level of service. I am not happy that I spent so much of my hard earned money for the M-40s only to have the ear pads come apart so fast (and never mind the noise cancelling stopped functioning soon after warranty was out). By the way, now BOTH ear pads are coming apart. I have since purchased a set of Audio-Technica ATH-M50X headphones and also a set of Sennheiser Momentum headphones. Both sound much better than the M-40s and both are more comfortable (especially the ATH-M50X).
  12. Well it would be wonderful if someone from Klipsch (this is their forum after all) would jump in here and tell us why there is no support for such expensive headphones. If it was something like what you suggested, I'd imagine that would be something that would be known. I really think Klipsch would engender a lot of good will if they would source a replacement for the ear pads for these otherwise nice headphones (and did I mention they were expensive!)
  13. Update - I just received my Klipsch x11i headphones back from the EBay vendor in previous link. Excellent job and the new jack is much better that the original. Everything works as it should and this jack looks like it will last much longer than the original.
  14. I know this is an old thread, but I am in the same boat and VERY disappointed that Klipsch can't source replacement ear pads! These were not cheap headphones and now they are useless because one earpad has split and opened up to the point that it is unusable! Klipsch SHOULD find a way to source replacements for what they had touted as a flagship headphone! This lack of support for a headphone that costs over $300 does not inspire me to want to by any other Klipsch products!
  15. I'm in the same boat! It sucks that they discontinued this so-called flagship headphone and so quickly stopped any support for them They are not cheap headphones and Klipsch would be well advised to consider sourcing at least replacement earpieces for these expensive behemoths!
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