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  1. Well so far so good. Here are the pictures of the Heresy II after sanding. Just need to oil and they will be complete. Click on file to see pictures. archive(5).zip
  2. Thanks for the input, a long time ago I made 2 4 way 15 bass speaker cabinets made out of birch veneer and sanded down at end with 400 grade sand paper, then used steel wool at end. I used Tung oil, about 4 coats, if my memory serves me, using fine steel wool after each coat. I could spill a beer on them for a whole day and just wipe up with no damage at all They were the most beautiful speakers I have ever seen. Wish I had a picture of those speakers. What are your thoughts on using that method? .
  3. Here is a photo of the problem, rest of the cabinet sides look like the good part of this photo. If you need more I can send more pictures, let me know. Thanks
  4. I just got a pair of the Heresy II with serial # 8667339 and 8667340. Could you please tell me when these speakers were manufactured. Looks like they were in the middle of refinishing these birch cabinets and gave up due to a water mold stain on the top of one cabinet. I have used bleach in the past to rid the mold patches like this before. Is this the best way or is there a different way do fix the wood problem.
  5. I would like to put my 2 cents worth on this topic, as i just picked up a pair of Klipsch Hersey II and a pair of Vandersteen Model 2 Ci within the past week.Both these models are currently being sold by both companies, just a newer version for less than 3 grand. The interesting thing about these is that I have verified thru both companies from the serial numbers that both speakers were built in 1988. I am using the Klipsch for my home theater system and the Vandersteens for my 2 channel stereo system for my pool room.The best thing about both of these speakers is that after 28 years they sound and look the same as they came out of the boxes in 1988. Both AMERICAN Companies and both still fully support their products 100%. When I was a young lad in the 70's I had a Suun Magna 3800 power amplifier that was 160 watts per channel into 8 ohms, and 400 watts into 2 ohms with distortion of .045 THD, with an Advent 300 for my pre-amp and I built a pair of 4 way speakers that were about the size of the Vandersteens. They had Electro Voice horns and tweeters and a and had volume controls for each speaker except the 15" woofer, similar two both the Klipsch and Vandersteens speakers. It sounded like a concert and had absolutely 0 distortion. The amazing thing is how both these speakers models have similar sound to my old system. After all these years, it is amazing how little a high quality system sound great 30 years ago and they still sound great now. I am not going to compare either system as I have not listened to them enough to have any kind of opinion yet. The nice thing about acquiring these speakers was the cost of getting high quality speakers for next to nothing. Paid $300 for the pair of Klipsch and $200 for the Vandersteens. Lucky me, I will post later after I have listened to both systems and let the forum know which I like better. All opinions are welcome for other members experience,
  6. Budman, Thanks for the info, It was the speaker plate that had 1985 on it. In the 70's I worked at Sunn Musical in Tualatin Or. They made speakers and amps for Rock bands like The Who, Beach Boys, Bad Company and many more. I designed a pair of speakers made of Birch plywood that had a 15" Cerwin Vega speaker, a horn tweeter and a horn midrange and a small mid range cone speaker. I had the engineers build me crossovers that had pots on each component except the woofer. Had my own graphic equalizer built into each speaker.Then I built a Sunn Magna 3800 power amplifier, as they were discontinuing and built from scratch. 160 watts per channel into 8ohms and 880 watts down to 2 ohms. Hooked that to a Advent 300 receiver and a Bang and Olufsen turntable. These Heresy II sound quite a bit like my old system, not quite as loud. All my old equipment got stolen in the 80's. Real bummer. These Heresy II were originally birch unfinished, now are brown with gloss over the top.My homemade speakers were done with many coats of Tung Oil and were gorgeous. Well designed speakers always sound good no matter how old they are. Long Live Rock, as The Who would play.
  7. I recently picked up a pair of Heresy II speakers and was wondering when they were built. Serial number on one speaker is 8677680. The crossover has a date on it of 1985. In addition what are the dimensions of the stands so I can make some stands for my new old speakers. Thanks in advance Tom
  8. I had rotator cuff surgery years ago. I would play a round of golf and my shoulder would kill me. After surgery it took about a year for me to be pain free. Dislocated same shoulder and that was the one that took time to heal. Lost quite a bit of strength from the dislocation. All good now. Hope this helps.
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