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  1. Otherwise what the amps that you use with the RP-160M? I tried sony and denon vintage integrated amps, but now I use NAD C320BEE and this is the best so far. I use Topping D30 DAC and a cheap media player AND DELL laptop, but I think the sound is quiet good (for this money) .
  2. I've already ordered Jantzen Crosscap capacitators and Jantzen resistors for the tweeter circuit, I'm very curious what will change. Unfortunately the superior Z to expensive. Change the electrolyit which is in parallel does not take too much.
  3. I think the 150M will be better in your room. I have RP-160M in 17'x11' room and more than enough. I tried them in more larger room (16'x17') and sound much better than in my room.
  4. Hi guys, I would like to develop my cables. I use cheap speaker cables and interconects. Could you suggest some cable types and manufactures for me that recommended and fit for Klipsch speakers? My system: Klipsch RP-160M, NAD C320BEE amp, Topping D30 DAC What do you think, if I would like to upgrade, could I have change the speaker jumpers on the RP-160M and the RCA jumpers on the NAD? Thanks, Istvan
  5. Hi, I have RP-160Ms, I had a Denon PMA-860 for few weeks. Not bad, but tiring after one hour. Now I purchase NAD C320BEE. With this the sound is more musical, warmer and not tiring than with the Denon.
  6. Hi, I have RP-160Ms, I tried with Denon PMA-860, I thought it was not bad, but after one hour, the sound was tiring. Now I pair them with Nad C320BEE....OMG, what a sound, more musical, better stereo image, more warmer sound! Denon play "sound" and NAD play "music". I can't draw up better
  7. Hi! First of all, sorry for my english I have a pair RP160 too with Denon PMA-860. Sound not bad from an A.C ryan HDmini media player analog out but (I think LOL) this is a cheap media player so I have developed. I buy a DAC, Topping D30 few weeks ago. The sound become more detailed but very tiring and harsh. I know my room acoustisc is very bad too. I think going to try with marantz ot yamaha amp or other DAC. Before I buy the RPs, I try with yamaha n602 and marantz and sound very good but these amp are more expensive than the old denon. I don't know what way to go.
  8. I just pressing the inside of the port with my fingers ---> the resonance is decrease --->no noise (sorry for my english again )
  9. I setup the RP-160Ms at 2016 oktober, which is recent too. I'm sure the noise from the Tractix port in my case, I hear it. If I press a bit the port I don't hear the noise. Try with this song:
  10. Hi, First of all, sorry for my english I have RP-160Ms too, and I hear too some resonance from one of the speakers since few days, but only at certain frequencies. The reason of the noise is the resonance of plastic Tractix port. I think this one of the solution: " I added a little dampening to the rear Tractix port for good measure as well, it is plastic and it dose ring a bit when you tap on it. "
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