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  1. Has anyone had any problems with the Klipsch P-312w sub ? Mind has been in the shop two times in the last year .
  2. The Klipsch p-312w is a great sub and I loved the bass and movement of the feeling of it ! it is out of this world, I just believe I got one that was made on a Monday or Friday! Oh you never liked the Klipsch RSW 15 ? That was one great sub also .
  3. The light panel was having problems at first , Wouldn't shut off and I keep asking the place where I got it and they said it was all ok . I knew something was wrong but I gave them a chance and a month later it went so they replaced the amp . I dont think they replace the light panel just the amp so that believe that is why it has had again .I am hoping it does get fix right this time for I brought it to a different shop ! You got two , even as this is happening I am jealous you got two ! Lol they are great in the sound if they are working, lol I believe mind was make on a Monday or Friday .
  4. Thanks for your input . they are going to fix it , but I feel I might sell it also ? The sounds is great but do I trust it after they replace the parts that went ? Lots of money for this sub !
  5. forget what i said about the P-312W ,get your RSW-15 FIXED ! if you can
  6. Has anyone heard of the P-312w giving anyone problems ? Mind has quit two times in the last year , paid over $3000.00 for this sub and sorry klipsch but i am pissed . it's still under warranty thanks god but what happens when it runs out ? right now i am shaking my head ! I was to believe this sub is the best that Klipsch has for the home , I had a RSW 12 used it for a few years gave it to my son .He has had it for about 6 years now nothing wrong . I also had a RSW 15 no problems till i had a flood and it was tossed , almost cried about that ! Maybe this is why they don't make the P-312w any more for the line was shut down . if anyone that has one please let me know and thanks
  7. The Klipsch P-312 will replace it ! And it's even 100 times better!
  8. Not sure about what it's about the center being so close the the ceiling? Anyway I end of getting the Heresy today
  9. Yes I agree with that . So what do you think about the heresys used as atmos?
  10. Oh the other speakers are TWO RF7 II RC 64 II CENTER TWO RP250S REARS KLIPSCH P-312 SUB
  11. Willland thanks for your info about the Heresys. Ya I was told it wouldn't work at a shop that sell Klipsch . They said that i should just buy the new RP-140SA. it would be a better choice. it sounds that the heresys would be an overkill ? Being a great set of speakers i would like to bring them into my system something old and great that would even make it sound outstanding but ,do you think it wouldn't make a difference over all ?
  12. Charles M


    Would a pair of Heresy's work good for atmos ? of course I would make stands to have them kind of laying down like monitors pointing to the ceiling . I can get a pair at a very good price? or would it be a waste of money
  13. I got this new last year and I believe i didn't make the right choice . I feel it just doesn't give the power at low volume ? Has anyone used this receiver? Not happy !
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