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  1. Beautiful ! Looks great 👍
  2. http://www.ussoundlabs.com/subwoofer-positioning
  3. Here is something I found maybe he has the parts still ?
  4. Good for you 👍 you never know maybe you can find the parts you need on http://www.canuckaudiomart.com/ or https://www.audiogon.com/ for your RSW 15 ?
  5. lol 😂 I am 58 but I still like M&M and Beyonce!😉 I also own a Saturn 12 sub . https://www.avhub.com.au/product-reviews/hi-fi/mosscade-saturn-12-subwoofer--392602
  6. The RSW 15 was ahead of its time I believe. the way the youth and Music is today it needs good bass ! 😉
  7. I had a RSW 15 , But it got water log a bit when my basement got flooded . The insurance paid for the New p-312w and that was fine with me 😎 I also had a RSW 12 but gave that to my Son . they are great subs but I believe the Bass with the P-312w is so much different Then the RSW 15 ..... one could be watching a Movie and your not hearing the bass at times but your body is getting bass Vibes that you feel . It’s hard to describe unless you have one . I have said klipsch should come out will a Anniversary Klipsch RSW 15 I know they would sell ! I also believe there is a web site that fixes these If I can find the web site I will send it to you . I believe you send in the part , they fix it , and send it back to you !
  8. http://www.klipsch.ca/products/palladium-subwoofers
  9. Your hum could be coming from your sub or if you have two , one of them .
  10. I used this on my second Sub the the hum gone !
  11. http://www.jensen-transformers.com/ call them they just might send you a pair for free !
  12. No they don’t , I am sure Drewski will Explain
  13. I end up buying the ISO-MAX it worked right away ! Also I end up changing the receiver to a Marantz sr 7012 ! It sounds great but I still use the ISO-Max on my second Sub !
  14. It never hurt mine and beside I got a new Marantz 7012 hum is gone !
  15. http://www.jensen-transformers.com/ check these guys out ! They fix mine
  16. You know the Guy that design then ? WOW lol well I can’t wait till I get them in . also they say that these are 80 Watts I wounding about my Marantz sr 7012 could they damage these ?
  17. Do you know about the IC-650 t speakers? They would work Great wouldn’t they for Atmos ?
  18. I don’t want to screw up my New Marantz Receiver, I need some help to set this right so I don’t damage the receiver. when I change the switch to selective 8 oms that would be the best for what I will be using it for I believe Of course I wouldn’t use these for two way . I picked these up on a trade so it was all most free and never been used . So any info would be helpful to make sure I don’t mess this up . These are few years old but I am sure they will sound pretty good but maybe some of you can give me some input. thanks
  19. I wouldn’t say that , Be Kind to yourself!
  20. Well all the speakers that I have like I said its like Magic with the Marantz SR7012 sounds great to my ears!
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