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  1. I feel the sub should have its own separate receptacle for it has its own amp but that's just my feeling . To many things plugged in can cause things to go wrong . and yes the hospital grade is a up grade , you don't want it to fail .
  2. charles m


    So the pioneers a lot better than Marantz then ? Class D is better !
  3. charles m


    Or the Marantz SR-7011
  4. charles m


    Thanks for the info , are they in line with the Marantz SR-7010 , not sure would would be better?
  5. charles m


    Just want to know about quality and what kind of Rateing it might be ? I setting up 9.1.2 Atmos .
  6. charles m


    For now I am using a receiver and would like to upgrade . Would like to know if anyone used or has a Pioneer SC-99 Elite ? If some knows about this Receiver what's your play on it ?
  7. Beside I have my sub plugged into a separate receptacle not a Power conditioner for I heard they can kill a sub ! I use up grade hospital receptacles
  8. I always shut down my sub and it's a P-312 . I just don't like to leave it power up even if it does have a auto shut down of not . If it's shut down less things to go wrong !
  9. I would love to get one of the RSW 15 but I do live in Canada . I did buy one from a guy a few years ago from Massachusetts and had it shipped by Fedx but I believe he was so closed to the border he shipped it to me from the Canadian side . I paid by PayPal and all went well . No problems ! Years later I lost it in a flood! Ya if we could make a deal that would be great ! Are you willing to ? I would give you a offer in private as in a email . Get back to me .
  10. Well the guy sold it out from under me ? oh well going to be looking !
  11. I went and picked it up , what the hell now I got 55 feet of cable and $495.00 lol thanks guys
  12. charles m

    Sub cables?

    Is there and differents to use a good hi Quality sub cable that the run is 50 feet that cost $500 or just use RG6 cable in which is coaxial? I getting that RG6 for long runs are best ? If that's so .... I can pick up 55 feet with the ends on it for $5.00 right now , used good site !
  13. My P-312w is close to 100lb and yes you do need help to move it around because if you don't you will probably screw it up with some Damage. It's to Awkward to move by one person. That baby retail price is over $5000.00cd but even then I paid $3000.00 so one doesn't want to damage it !
  14. I will get one , do they work ? I sent for some hospital grade receptacles !
  15. Yes I experiences this with my P-312w nothing is playing and it's turned up you can hear a hum ...... it drives me crazy! Don't get me wrong great sounding sub !
  16. Thanks but I don't know much or everything and I will need help from all of you ! Even if it's to go over things !
  17. I am really looking at the Sr 7010 do to the fact it is now about a $1000 cheaper and there is only one new add on to the SR-7011. it has to do with the sound setup ? not sure what it is about but a tec can take his PC and set it up .......in which that will cost money! The SR-7010 was 2016 best receiver to some reports .
  18. Does anyone know about the Marantz SR-7010 ? does anyone have a take on both the 7010 and the 7011? I might up grade from my onkyo nr 747 that i dont like !
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