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  1. Nice set. I just bought a set of KLF-30s (mahogany), but I'm looking for the center KLF-C7. Any interest in selling it separately?
  2. Is the KLF-C7 for sale?
  3. Norman, Oklahoma. I've been hunting for awhile now--I was thinking Forte II or KLF-30. Then, these became available and I don't think they'll ever leave my house again.
  4. Just picked up some mahogany KLF-30s (I'm slightly obsessed with these things) and am now hunting for a matching KLF-C7. "Is that just one speaker?" (What my daughter said when I wheeled the first one in.) Yes, yes it is. And it is awesome.
  5. aargh. Right product, good price. Wrong place. Come on, Oklahoma! I need a set of Forte II's in walnut, please.
  6. Here is a link to the Craigslist listing. I haven't seem them in person yet as Dallas is a couple hours away.
  7. There's a set of mahogany KLF-30 semi-local to me. The guy is asking $800 but I lack the experience to know if that's a great price.
  8. Thanks, Jim. I'm in Norman, OK but for some reason am not able to update my profile to indicate that. Maybe 'cause I'm a newbie?
  9. New to the forum and Klipsch. Got my hands on some KG-4s and am now hopelessly obsessed. I've been building my list of "when I win the lottery" (forte ii, klf 30, chorus ii) and I'm thinking these might be a great start