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  1. I would like to try the Rotel RMB-1095. They make some really good stuff. ATI as well, reason for purchase. If I were rich enuff, I'd have em' all, but I'm not. I did use an ADCOM-7300 with my 30's once. Was always clipping it. Nice amp tho. Suppose they are all good, just a matter of what one likes. Have a great day, Ed
  2. No need for some to act like a putz, ya know? I listened to them (RF-7/KLF-30)side by side, and the 30's appeal to me more. But, maybe if they had been hooked up to a, I dunno, a $20,000 ref amp, they may have shined like the sun, and outperformed anything ever made. Guess ATI will just have to make a better amp, (laffin). Who knows. But, I'm sure a certain individual here does, right? Ed
  3. No I didn't to be honest. Guess I just like the brighter sound of the 30's. Like I said, everyone has their own opinion. I still think Polk speakers sound awesome, and have owned 5 pairs of Polks, but, then I discovered the 30's, and, well, here I am. Glad to hear you that you think they are a much nicer speaker, I'm assuming. Ed
  4. Finally decided to listen to the new RF-7's today. Listening test lasted maybe all of 15 seconds. Found them disappointing, but, that's just my opinion. Maybe if I didn't own the KLF-30/20's I may have liked, but... Did like the finish though. Nice. I'll keep my 30's thanks. Ed
  5. Thanks for replying Colin and Keith. Have always considered a tube pre. Was considering the Anthem Pre2L. Love the look. Aesthetics always influence buying decision. Will have to look into that. Hmm. I am having a tweeter replaced in one 30. The magnet assembly is quite loose. Talked with Trey today. Maybe that will help. Yes Keith, I do have an EQ. Hardly ever use. Was inline between amp and pre, but, unhooked to see if i could hear difference. Nothing really noticed. Again, thanks. Ed My System: ATI 1505 Power Amp Acurus RL-11 Pre-Amp Rotel RCD-971 CD Audio Control EQ C101 Series 111 Adcom GSA-700 Pro-Logic Adcom GDD-1 Digital Add-On Processor Toshiba SD-9000 DVD Sony 32" TV Nakamichi LX-5 Cassette Deck AR 1/Shure V Turntable/Cartridge KLF-30/20/C-7 Speakers AR Powered Partners All cables/speaker wire are Monster Cable M950i/M Series speaker wire. Money wasted I suppose. But, they look nice.
  6. Only do separate components. Purchased set from New England Hi-Fi. Great bunch of people. Got amp there too. Gave a nice discount, unlike Tweeter, but, that's not why I went there. Have Monster Cable Power Center HTS2000, but, was thinking maybe alightning strike did something. It's supposed to protect from that, I know it did my computer on a lightning strike. Always leave system on when home from road. Don't do Denon, Yamaha, and the like. Don't really know why, just don't. I'd like to get a Carver Lightstar amp myself, but, they don't make anymore. Don't do used. Oh Well. Purchased quite abit from Tweeter too, Rick is an awesome guy to work with. Thanks for reply, Ed
  7. Everything remains the same from when I first purchased and set up. Never changed placement. I dunno. Using a 5ch ATI amp, used with all the outputs, sound stayed the same. Almost, as though the mid-bass went to sleep No matter, I've yet to listen to the new line. Think I will. Maybe I can trade up for a new pair. Thanks for replying, Ed
  8. Have KLF-30/20/C-7. 2yrs old. Just don't sound good anymore. What kinda price could I get for complete package? Unsure which way I want to go with new speakers. LOVED them when I first had them, now, they just seem to scream. Ed
  9. Called Klipsch, said to remove horn(s). Nothing rattling on mid, except that it is screwed in cockeyed. Tweeter magnet jiggles. Suppose it needs to be replaced. Will call them back. Thanks
  10. Anyone have the new Rotel dvd player? It's just awesome looking. Was contemplating on getting the Toshiba SD-9200, but then I saw this one. Reckon the video performance will be the same? Currently have the Toshiba SD-9000 non-progressive. Ed
  11. Is it possible to have a damaged horn but don't sound distorted? One of my 30's just don't sound the same no more. It's like there is no midbass, just screaming vocals and lower bass. Unless its my hearing. Used to love em cranked, but now I can't stand the sound. I've used each channel in my 5 channel amp, no difference, even switched pre-outs. Don't know if my local shop has the new line yet, but maybe I'll go look at them. Guess I'll need to try and sell my 30/20/C7. Can imagine I'll probably get next to nothing trying to sell. Ed
  12. Now Klipsch has to come out with a supposedly better sounding speaker. Guess I'll let the Jones' get ahead of me. I'll keep my 30/20's Unless maybe I could get an awesome trade-up deal. Good Day.
  13. I'm wanting 3 pieces. Toshiba SD-9200 progressive scan DVD replacing Toshiba SD-9000, Panasonic CT-34WX50 HDTV replacing Sony 32", and a new processor replacing Adcom GDD-1/GSA-700. Audio shop let me use the new Anthem AVM-2, but I didn't like it. ATI has a new piece coming out, but it's pretty darn ugly. I really want the Proceed AVP, but can't afford (POOH). Think I may go with the Adcom GTP-760. Rotel has a piece to I think. Wish I had it in me to think smaller. Now if I could only come up with $6500. I asked my company for a raise, but they just laughed. Improvements? I understand HDTV with the progressive scan will be MUCH better. Though I'm satisfied now. The Adcoms, well, sound wise maybe not, but that Proceed would sure look beautiful with my other components. ED
  14. My KLF-30's are 24" and I've had no probelms. Even switching with my KLF-20's no problems. Using a Sony 32". Guess you'll check next time.
  15. I do know the ATI gave a better sound than my old Carver TFM-24, 250/375wpc. Also used an Adcom 7300 as loaner for ATI, only difference I noticed was not being able to clip the ATI. Always lit up clip leds on Adcom. I seem to prefer the sound of the 20's, but, I just like the size of the 30's. It seems the bass is better w/20's, and the sound smoother (whatever that means). Really haven't done critical listening. My mind can't seem to retain what I listened to earlier for comparison.
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