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  1. No they chaned it to EQ in The receiver and a SVS ULtra. ------------------ go forth & hump the world
  2. But Fish Dude You Really Should have Got KLF30,SVS And A MAC amp OR Receiver. ------------------ go forth & hump the world
  3. TTKeith Same way EWE Do Or You Do A EWE. LOL I HAve to Agree With Professor Horny Here. MonoPole Work All the Way Around But WDST are Rotten for Music and Directional Sound. ------------------ go forth & hump the world
  4. Oh and Boa BASS MANAGEMENT. Nice Trying to help Boa but you could go to the Dumper and get rid of some of That Retenttiveness on The Crossovers pal. LOL ------------------ go forth & hump the world
  5. O HornedOne just some quick questions Have you ever admitted being wrong in your life or are you like Fonzie??? Have you ever asked a question without forming it as a statement or without knowing the answer beforehand??? Just joking with you ole buddy. Nudge Nudge. ------------------ go forth & hump the world
  6. CC is for Cliff Clavin, 10 is for halloween month when he can fit into the crowd and 91 is his favorite position in self gratification while laying on his back. HAHAHA ------------------ go forth & hump the world
  7. LynnM glad you enjoyed the Golden Shower. I use a lot of Caps evn where not needed for Ideal Punkuation so You must Really Like me. Im so Glad. LOL Anyway we need to Tolerate Nasty Lynn to becuse 1ST he's from High River and Next I read his Confessional and it seem he had a meeting with EL Diablo and he told Lynn that he must go back and that his Work must go on. So here he is. LOL ------------------ go forth & hump the world
  8. Lynn mind your own beeswax Big Brother. Who the F&*% are you to tell anybody how to type. Go have Sex with the moose in the backyard Mounty. ------------------ go forth & hump the world
  9. Lowwatkins, What the H does This have to do with politucs? Look like the Sound Minded Gop Kin in AR Sent you up to Gerphart Country. Take your Politics on the Road pal. ------------------ go forth & hump the world
  10. I need a good laugh lately. LOL ------------------ go forth & hump the world
  11. HornED has it right. Use Monopole speakers but all is needed is two Main Speakers. All other but his two front KLF30 are a waste & so are Dipole or WDst speakers. All you need is Two. I was on one of my many trips around the world to Bangkok Mostly to find hookers but also heard the new Magicmix EXXX there. It was developed by Buddast Monks who also went to MIT. It will make 2 front speakers sound like you have 10 speakers. Just by this mix even if it descrete, it still works. Mixing has come a long way old chaps. With Magicmix EXXX all you need is two Monopole speakers. Those Monks are amazing. ------------------ go forth & hump the world
  12. My name is Forrest and I live to Hump. ------------------ go forth & hump the world
  13. I saw that quite often in my town Growing up. Lots of migrant workers. Also a lot of fuzzy dice, chain link steering wheels, and the little dog in the back window with the bouncing head. ------------------ go forth & hump the world
  14. quote: Originally posted by cc1091: Forrest - How could you possibly take that stand when in another thread you are so adamantly FOR individualism? CC Again CC109 drawing politics into a audio discussion. BTW i'm all for consumerism I'm just not antibusiness/establishment like you. And It seems to be interfering with any audio sense. Just because Klipsch discontinued your power-towers your just trying to give them trouble. Most People are fine using a Seperate sub so your cry for powered subs in all speakers are mostly ignored by those in the know. LOL Maybe someday you will learn. LOL Now talk about something that makes sense. LOL ------------------ go forth & hump the world
  15. "BTW - Free Speech, and the rights of the individual are liberal concepts." CC109 (May, 2002) "If the personal freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution inhibit the government's ability to govern the people, we should look to limit those guarantees." William Jefferson Clinton (Aug 12, 1993). Yes OK CC109 and I have some land to sell you in FL. LOL Any of you clowns that voted for this scumbag Slick must feel pretty stupid. He a true liberal forced into moderation by a GOP congress. And then you voted for AL SORE. No Wonder CC109 is so defensive. LOL ------------------ go forth & hump the world This message has been edited by forresthump on 05-06-2002 at 10:41 PM
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