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  1. Paul used to have a yellow "Bullschitt" button for under the lapel of his coat. Direly needed here.
  2. Not to worry, probably an AA system issue.
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  4. John, thx for that diagram. It's what I remember from the olden days back around the turn of the century.
  5. Thx Bruce for whatever you can do. I just found an old HDD, might be on there. Should be able to get it going, I've still got a weenders laptop here somewhere. IIRC, it's an '03 Dell. I know it's here somewhere.
  6. was it John Albright? too much water under the bridge for me. Mine are 77s, bought new, been semi-retired for several years now. Kinda like me. Anyway, got them out the other day, immediately noticed the brightness. Want to use them as primary in a small room. I thought I has saved the diagram in my Crossovers folder but no sign of it. I'll run them off a BT connection through a small digi-amp. I think it's a Yammie about 20W/channel. Should be OK in a small room. It really sounded good with my '60 Khorns. Anybody remember?
  7. buy some inexpensive tube pre-amp and try it out. If it's really the tube vs. SS deal it will likely be apparent soon enough. Try ebay.
  8. I have 2 '60 Khorns and a homebuilt center Belle. There's an ancient Dyna pre-amp and an AL-700p three channel digi-amp joined by a PWK splitter. No TV, music only. the whole thing sounds as good as anything I've heard outside of a high end demo room. I really can't hear any difference between LS and Belles myself. I know some claim they can but I can't. might be due to my damaged hearing (guns + racecars + plywood mills) but there it is. It's interesting varying the volume of the belle with the splitter. It affects both the width and depth of the sound stage. I'm going to go try the Di Meola tune linked above. Claude, good to see you. I remember you from back in the olden days around the turn of the century. Don't get on here much anymore.
  9. TTT for Ellisr63, also, you have PM.
  10. Ellisr63, you have PM here on the forum.
  11. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-brass-logo-badges-pair/142778820063 these look pretty nice to me. CNC machined from brass, black enamel and varnish. varnish keeps the brass from tarnishing.
  12. oldest I've seen too, and I've seen a few. I have seen a pair with the horizontal wedge, theater models also. IIRC and I might not, they were 12" woofers.No idea whatever on the serial numbers, too much water under the bridge. Cool deal, but the museum is the place for them if can be arranged. I'm in for $25. Who's collecting?
  13. use wood or plastic sticks to poke around in the amp and always, always observe the one hand in pocket rule. 450V going from one hand to the other right through your heart, no good.
  14. I have one of those pre-amps. It was given to me by a friend who built it as a EE project back in the 60s. It's loaded with Tf tubes and sounds great.
  15. Tom Mobley

    For Sale

    no price, no location, nothing about shipping. how do you expect to sell stuff?
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