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  1. try running the car amp. get an Optima deep cycle battery. any decent charger will do. charge it up, run it till it's near dead. Charge it again. don't run the charger and the amp at the same time, hash from the charger is not nice. It'll have a pretty decent FM section, hook up an antennae made for FM and go. With LS or other Klipsch Heritage power output from the amp is not a big factor. 10-20 watts is plenty. Clean watts is what counts.
  2. Davesans, what DIY 12AU7 pre are you using? Did you DIY it? Got a schematic or site?
  3. Why are you using ALL CAPS to spell EXACT? What does EXACT mean to you? you realize this wood, right? Not normally measured with giant micrometers or laser sizing instruments?
  4. Go to his house with a pickup and $3000 cash, I'll bet you get them. CL, around here the first person who shows up with the cash wins, regardless of what's been said over the phone or email.
  5. CT125 is superior to the K-77 in every way, IMO. I answered your PM BTW. I believe those are in fact Primavera, a very rare option. They look very nice. I wouldn't worry about that scratch, put a doily over it or something. Already have a couple of the most common updates installed, good. I wouldn't dilly-dally around, you'll probably never see a nicer pair for sale.
  6. those things has JBL baby cheeks tweeters, JBL 2470 mids on Martinelli wood horns and dual bass bins with $800 apiece 15" drivers. When I got them ready to fire up I thought I would spend days fiddling to the crossovers and Al transformer based tweeter attenuators. I took them outside and ran a quick sweep test with a CD based tone generator and a Rat Shack meter. I was completely freaked out when they showed really good. I took them back in the house and cranked them up on my HF-81, source was a Sony SACD. I couldn't believe how good they sounded. I played all kinds of different stuff on different days. Eventually backed off the baby cheeks on notch on Al's attenuators and shipped them. Those JBL drivers on the Martinelli horns are to die for. I've never heard anything that good before or since. They made my '60 Khorns with all original components sound like a transistor radio. Fortunately for me, auditory memory is short.
  7. >>> Didn't you did the build on Smilin Steve's DBB Cornwall cabs!? Yes, built the whole things except for your work of art crossovers. Wonder whatever happened to them?
  8. Man, that Santos is killer. Did you do that? Striking Belle if there ever was one. DO you have matching Khorns?
  9. I could be tempted to build another set of Corn cabs. I'm in Az so on the same side of the country. Do you already have all components? crossovers? Do you want nicely finished veneer or Birch plywood decorator style? NorCal is not all that far.
  10. >>> Still looking out for a McIntosh MEN220 to use in two channel. another pile of silicone crap between you and your music. Less is more. I'm pretty happy with my home built A nets. I liked my home built original design ALKs too. Somebody offered me too much money for them, they're gone. When I went to build new to replace them I decided to go with the KISS approach. Since I don't abuse my equipment or ears I don't need the tweeter protection and since I don't run low power SET I don't need the constant impedance, so A I have. AFAIC, simple is good. Good to see you Dean. Hope you are well. Thanks for being nice to me when I first showed up here, I've gotten a hell of a lot of enjoyment our of my stuff over the years. Still have my HF-81 and '60 K-horns along with the Homebuilt LS and Belle.
  11. I still have a few of the older style pie slice emblems on hand. These were created in a forum project many years ago. You'll like the price, they're free. You just have to send me enough to buy a small USPS Priority mail box. I think I even still have a few that already have the gold leaf applied. Let me know via PM if you're interested.,
  12. I bought my Hereseys from a licensed dealer in 1977. They had about 20 stacked two high in a row in the back room. They pulled the first stack of two off the row with a two-wheeler and loaded them into my pickup. they're not consecutive, about 6 numbers apart. Nobody cared then, I still don't care now. It's meaningless and will always be be such. However, it does give people selling stuff something to blather about.
  13. I had a pair of Fortes here for a couple weeks. Not really comparable to LS or Belles (I have/had both) at all. I prefer the horn-loaded bass completely. everything sounds flabby after LS/Belle/Khorn. I have no idea why Corns do so well, they don't have the flabby bass deal at all. For me anyway.
  14. JMON, what a perceptive question.
  15. Had my 76 Corns hooked up to an hot-rodded EICO HF-81, a museum piece Scott with all Telefunken tubes and my older Nakamichi 100W/channel AV amp. Not hard at all to say they sounded better with either of the tube amps than the Nak. That Nak is from before Nak went to pieces with their "lifestyle" junk. If I had the corns back I'd run the EICO. It would make about 14 watts/channel but I never needed to go over half-way on the volume dial. The Corns were sitting just inside a pair of 1960 Khorns on a 14 ft wall. Hardly optimal. I also have LS but in another room. for your stated music preferences I'd get the Corns and a decent tube amp, something that will make 20-25 watts/channel. I wouldn't worry much about the volume, this setup will permanently damage your hearing before you need more power. With Klipsch it really is all about the first watt. I had a decent Fluke meter wired in that EICO/Corns deal. most of the time it was running a fraction of a watt. Pretty freaking loud at 1 Watt. I still can't find my Klipsch BullSchirt. one of the first posts in this thread had a pic of the BullSchitt button, it works too.