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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-brass-logo-badges-pair/142778820063 these look pretty nice to me. CNC machined from brass, black enamel and varnish. varnish keeps the brass from tarnishing.
  2. oldest I've seen too, and I've seen a few. I have seen a pair with the horizontal wedge, theater models also. IIRC and I might not, they were 12" woofers.No idea whatever on the serial numbers, too much water under the bridge. Cool deal, but the museum is the place for them if can be arranged. I'm in for $25. Who's collecting?
  3. Tom Mobley

    Magnavox 175 and Howdy

    use wood or plastic sticks to poke around in the amp and always, always observe the one hand in pocket rule. 450V going from one hand to the other right through your heart, no good.
  4. Tom Mobley

    inherited some stuff.. please enlighten me

    I have one of those pre-amps. It was given to me by a friend who built it as a EE project back in the 60s. It's loaded with Tf tubes and sounds great.
  5. Tom Mobley

    For Sale

    no price, no location, nothing about shipping. how do you expect to sell stuff?
  6. Tom Mobley

    EICO HF-81 Phono Section...

    yeah, tough sometimes to sell a good car. I've owned my Chevelle for 30 years, I've had thoughts about selling it lately. It's been a DD all along. Brought my son home from the hospital in it. Dang.
  7. Tom Mobley

    EICO HF-81 Phono Section...

    So, did you sell the Lotus?
  8. Tom Mobley

    EICO HF-81 Phono Section...

    IMO he deserves every bit of better there is. Good guy.
  9. Tom Mobley

    EICO HF-81 Phono Section...

    DizRotus, is daddydee still around? He was always one of my favorites. Back in the olden days, around the turn of the century. Still have a Lotus?
  10. Tom Mobley

    EICO HF-81 Phono Section...

    yes, mh for short. he did live in NC, I remember he got hammered by that big hurricane that blew through. Quite the character. IMO he sort of revolutionized this forum. This place used to be considerable different than it is now, Klipsch sort of castrated it to keep the noise down a little. It wasn't really serving their corporate interests the way it was. Kelly was heavily experienced, innovative, irreverent and a really good writer.
  11. Tom Mobley

    EICO HF-81 Phono Section...

    it's a mid-70s 400 small block chevy. I've built and run a lot of those things. Have a really nice 406 in my 70 Malibu now. yep, trendy caps. People were poor mouthing the orange drops, so I bought some Auricaps and installed. Sadly, I couldn't tell any difference at all. Too many years of plywood mills and open exhaust stock cars. I'm now 64 and can't hear a lot of stuff at all. My son (19) piped up the other day, griping about a cricket screeching, driving him crazy. I never heard it at all.
  12. Tom Mobley

    EICO HF-81 Phono Section...

    I had forgotten I put Auricaps in it. I think I have more somewhere, get rid of the last of the Orange Drops. Ignore that rusty thing under the amp, I swear I don't know what it is.
  13. Tom Mobley

    EICO HF-81 Phono Section...

    here's a couple pics. sharp-eyed readers will notice this is a factory built amp, all the tube sockets are riveted is. I ended up giving it a new PS transformer. it was run with bad rectifier tubes, melted all the wax out of the tranny. I ended up getting a new PS tranny for it from Heyboer. (sp?) they offered to overbuild a little. cripes, these pics are dated 2007 on my harddrive.
  14. Tom Mobley

    EICO HF-81 Phono Section...

    yeah, but some of the loons have ducats. Wonder whatever happened to Kelly? I still have my HF-81 I bought during the big tubes explosion. Got a bunch of orange drops in it, it still pretty much kicks butt all over the place.
  15. Tom Mobley

    Cornwall return

    my 70s Corns absolutely killed on an updated HF-81.