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  1. my 70s Corns absolutely killed on an updated HF-81.
  2. Thanks for taking time to reply.
  3. Good thing you don't drink if you're driving that Ford in your avatar. That could get scary fast.
  4. try it with the Optima. basically a no cost deal for you. I've done stuff like this before with good results. I predict you'll charge the battery once a month. LS will drive you out of the house with a few watts. I've got an NOS Nakamichi car receiver and big amp, I'm thinking of doing this. The Nak is from the good old days before they fell apart.
  5. maybe you could hire one in. whatever you have to pay her is cheaper than the next round of amps and stuff.
  6. where's the stuff for the adjustable bass output and screech filter? Is that the knob on the right front?
  7. try running the car amp. get an Optima deep cycle battery. any decent charger will do. charge it up, run it till it's near dead. Charge it again. don't run the charger and the amp at the same time, hash from the charger is not nice. It'll have a pretty decent FM section, hook up an antennae made for FM and go. With LS or other Klipsch Heritage power output from the amp is not a big factor. 10-20 watts is plenty. Clean watts is what counts.
  8. Davesans, what DIY 12AU7 pre are you using? Did you DIY it? Got a schematic or site?
  9. Why are you using ALL CAPS to spell EXACT? What does EXACT mean to you? you realize this wood, right? Not normally measured with giant micrometers or laser sizing instruments?
  10. Go to his house with a pickup and $3000 cash, I'll bet you get them. CL, around here the first person who shows up with the cash wins, regardless of what's been said over the phone or email.
  11. CT125 is superior to the K-77 in every way, IMO. I answered your PM BTW. I believe those are in fact Primavera, a very rare option. They look very nice. I wouldn't worry about that scratch, put a doily over it or something. Already have a couple of the most common updates installed, good. I wouldn't dilly-dally around, you'll probably never see a nicer pair for sale.
  12. those things has JBL baby cheeks tweeters, JBL 2470 mids on Martinelli wood horns and dual bass bins with $800 apiece 15" drivers. When I got them ready to fire up I thought I would spend days fiddling to the crossovers and Al transformer based tweeter attenuators. I took them outside and ran a quick sweep test with a CD based tone generator and a Rat Shack meter. I was completely freaked out when they showed really good. I took them back in the house and cranked them up on my HF-81, source was a Sony SACD. I couldn't believe how good they sounded. I played all kinds of different stuff on different days. Eventually backed off the baby cheeks on notch on Al's attenuators and shipped them. Those JBL drivers on the Martinelli horns are to die for. I've never heard anything that good before or since. They made my '60 Khorns with all original components sound like a transistor radio. Fortunately for me, auditory memory is short.
  13. >>> Didn't you did the build on Smilin Steve's DBB Cornwall cabs!? Yes, built the whole things except for your work of art crossovers. Wonder whatever happened to them?
  14. Man, that Santos is killer. Did you do that? Striking Belle if there ever was one. DO you have matching Khorns?
  15. I could be tempted to build another set of Corn cabs. I'm in Az so on the same side of the country. Do you already have all components? crossovers? Do you want nicely finished veneer or Birch plywood decorator style? NorCal is not all that far.