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  1. My 1960's are similar, K-B M7 S/N like 1557, no letter, precedes letter year codes. Mine are so dark they look black in poor light.
  2. Both good, don't see how you can lose here. I'd probably go with the 2226 "just because."
  3. yes, I have some caps for that. If I can remember where they are.
  4. So John, this schematic from earlier today with added .35mH inductor, is this the latest greatest? Also, is this resistor OK? https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Vishay-Dale/RH02511R00FC02?qs=sGAEpiMZZMvNd0dY0Kymzl%2Bbo6xW4jof%2BQFxC8nWMjk%3D does it want non-inductive?
  5. Long time no type. Hoping you are all well. A long time ago one of the guys (John Albright?) posted up a crossover mod schematic for the Heresy. I have my original untouched Heresys I bought new in 78. I want to run this mod on them as I've always thought they were pretty shouty. it calls for addition of .35mH inductors and and an 11ohm 20 watt resistor. I"ve sourced the inductors but I'm having a little trouble finding reasonably priced resistors. Anybody know how sensitive this mod is to the exact value of the resistor? like what happens if I use an 8ohm instead of the 11? Does the resistor need to be the non-inductive type? Expiring minds want to know....
  6. what's that wise old chinesese saying? "You can't rape the willing...."
  7. you can ama about engines. I'm an advanced expert on engines.I haven't a Triumph apart in 30+ years though. just curious. in this day and age you can rebuild anything. custom piston and ring manufacturers make anything. babbit type bearings cam still be tough, but I'm not sure your engine even has any of those. it's a 350, not a 500?
  8. whatta cool bike. want it rebuilt?
  9. Dean, do you remember when I built that set of over-the-top DBB Cornscales? Yopu did the crossovers for them. They were really pretty. That guy sent me wire to use. Wire was claimed to treated with with some kind of deep sea shark oil. Looked like decent copper wire to me, I used it. I didn't get any of shark oil on me though.
  10. beggars belief, some of this stuff. I thought about selling my HF-81 but I don't want to get into a feeding frenzy.
  11. Paul used to have a yellow "Bullschitt" button for under the lapel of his coat. Direly needed here.
  12. John, thx for that diagram. It's what I remember from the olden days back around the turn of the century.
  13. Thx Bruce for whatever you can do. I just found an old HDD, might be on there. Should be able to get it going, I've still got a weenders laptop here somewhere. IIRC, it's an '03 Dell. I know it's here somewhere.
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