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  1. Yes the sharing feature is something I left out completely. If you are sharing with a group, whatever they add you get, and whatever you buy they get. It is a really nice deal. Plus you can upload blu rays at 4 dollars each, or dvds for a few bucks each.. I think a dollar more if you want to up it to blu ray quality. If you do 10+ dvds/blu rays at once then your price gets cut in half
  2. I use vudu quite often. It's my favorite way to rent movies. It is about a dollar more than redbox, but you don't have to return the movie, so I feel its worth the extra buck. I don't know if Canada has the rights, but know it is through Wal Mart. They are always having sales on movies and box sets. Just go look around on their website. If you have a HD tv you can pay one amount, but if you dont mind streaming in lower quality or your tv is not HD you can pay less for the lower quality version of the movie. If I plan on buying a movie, it is on there. You can access your library from any device, whether it is a phone, tablet, computer, tv with apps or xbox/ps4, so I feel its a better option than iTunes.
  3. They are pointed towards the listening position better as rears than sides for this setup. There is no perfect answer to the situation beside take them out altogether and go with a speaker that is not a bi pole so they can point right at it. That would mean buying too pairs of speakers though to do and they sound fine as rears now. And I have a sub so that hasn't been an issue
  4. My challenge is the shape of my room is something that conservative setups can't be done in. It is a diamond shape with the tv in the corner. Also, the mounts have to be up high because of where doors are, so the surround speakers can not be the sides. I tried them, they are worse in many aspects to the quintets because of positioning issues, but I have made the best of them by moving them to be my rears, which moves quintets back to be the sides. So I was wondering what people knew about RB 51s, and if people had comparisons personally between them and R 15s since I already have some of those and know how they sound.
  5. Ya they sound fine (15s) but I would be losing them as my mains in my bedroom for quintets to be matched with a R 25 C, so it isnt a convenient switch. I also will have to order some mounts either way for me to make it happen, so If I am gonna do this I may as well buy the speakers at a good price that match, but I do agree, the 15s would be an obvious upgrade over the quintets I agree that that would be the Ideal set up, but not in what I am working with. Rear sound doesnt matter as far as direction as ears can't pinpoint where they are coming from, so the surrounds can hang out there until we move to a house with a square den. Them being where they were was actually a downgrade from the quintets that were positioned there before, I was only getting half of the sound as the angle of the speakers just couldnt be matched up with that wall angle no matter what I would do. I would have to build something to mold into my wall to make them angle downward and be jutting out from the wall. In this room it is just easier to use bookshelves for now, but at least I have the surrounds for later in the next house. The only upgrade I noticed going from quintet to the RS's was more bass, but it seemed that I lost a lot of sound overall due to positioning. I can get better bass with the 51s and upgrade the sound from the quintets in a relatively cheap move. I really appreciate yall responding. I feel like I will pull the trigger tomorrow when I can redeem my rewards points from work.
  6. Right now I have R 15 M's in my bed room as my main fronts. Do you know how different these are compared to the ones I am looking at? (RB 51 iis v R 15 M) The reason I am asking is I could just move those to that spot and replace them with Quintets for the front. I just think leaving them there and going with the RB 51s for timbre purposes is probably the wise thing. Pluse that would mean all of them would match for grill/style as well instead of having the best buy line for the sides. Next house, like you said, i can switch those to be my rears and the RS's to be my sides.
  7. Ok guys, so around Decemeber/January/Feb, I made a few purchases. I bought RB 61 ii, RC 62 ii and RS 42 ii for my sides, leaving quintets for the rear. Due to a poorly shaped room and having to mount the speakers up high above opitmal position for the side/surrounds, I have moved the RS 42 ii's to be me rear speakers. I was wondering if anyone here knew how the RB51 iis are. I think the main thing i noticed when i got the RS's, was how much more bass I was getting from the RS 42 iis over the quintet satellites, and was thinking that should go up even more if I did 51 ii's for sides. Anyways, let me know what yall think about that. They are not a bad price on amazon right now, as I have a 50$ coupon on there through work as well, so i could get a pair for like 150
  8. RS 42 ii's arriving today. Can not wait to give y'all an update on how they sound. Probably take me a day or two of playing around with and calibrating.
  9. Back when I had a friend that worked at best buy, I was wanting to upgrade to 7.1 and got my buddy to buy me a yamaha receiver. this was like 6-7 years ago. I still use it today in my main HT. I think it was probably $500+, but he got it for me for $240 with his employee discount. And those are the products they arent even marking up over what other retailers are.
  10. You really can't reason with that kinda mentality. $350 to make it work this instant probably happens more times than we want to admit. Reading this actually made me mad.
  11. The fact that Best Buy doesn't even carry essentials like decibel meters should tell you they are not really about what they put on. They try to sell a product, not adhere to the customers needs.
  12. Best Buy and Walmart are not all that different from each other in the way they price things. Netgear, Samsung, Xbox, PS4, all that stuff will be relatively similar no matter where you buy. Its the stuff to make that stuff work that they gauge you. They know they cant raise the price of an xbox even 25 dollars without losing sales. But they can make their own brands, such as Monster, and gold plate it (makes no difference) and raise the price, and people who just want the new tv or xbox they are buying at that store at that time will feel like they have no choice but to go ahead and buy it right then and there. That my friend, is where they are making their profits.
  13. The items i listed are not $10 markups. It may be for some things here and there. But 4ft for $40--> $10 per foot on a cable whereas on amazon 15ft for 12--> $0.80 Per foot. That is an astronomical difference in price. You are talking about 9.20 cents more per foot on a product that coming from one avenue is not even a dollar per foot. It is also around $100 for a tv mount (let's just say on average) whereas online the same quality product (METAL AND BOLTS) averages around $35. These arent 10% mark ups we are talking about here. I get that it is a business, but it is a business banking on individuals not knowing the difference. Chances are, if you are on a forum like this, you have been online long enough to know there is a better deal out there than things like this that I named. If it was a 10 dollar difference, then yes, that certainly makes up the difference in having to wait a couple of days to come in. As far as cables go, I learned a long time ago to stock up and have them ready for whenever it was time to do a project and not need to run to best buy for an HDMI or Optical cable
  14. My comments were not meant as a knock on the Klipsch they carry, but was more inform the author of this thread that that line is literally the lowest value line of Klipsch. One thing I will give Bose was the showcase rooms they had at their outlets. I don't know if the are even around still, the only one I knew of was in Foley, AL and went to one in Park City UT. But their showcase room was set up wonderfully. It would be nice for best buy to dedicate an area to actually have SQ instead of on an open shelf in an aisle
  15. 1st off, I just went from the Best Buy line to Ref ii's, night and day in my opinion. They carry the lowest line of Klipsch speakers, and don't have them calibrated, I'm sure. So if you had a bad experience, remember, bottom barrel line + inept workers setting it up= bad experience. Also, besides items such as tv's, video games, things that are priced by the manufacturer, you should never purchase a thing there. Their cable prices, tv mount prices, anything they mark up are all waaaay overpriced. 4 ft in wall rated hdmi is 40 dollars there. First off, who the heck can do anything with 4 feet in a wall? 15 ft in wall on amazon is around 12 dollars. that right there should tell you the type of business model they run. They jack everything up price wise because most people don't realize that its so much more expensive there over online, and are not willing to wait to buy the cables/mount since they are probably buy a tv impulsively anyway.
  16. Do you not have the same prices we have here on this stuff? The RC 62 ii here is less than 350, as well as a pair of RB 61 ii. I recently bought both totallying just over 700. I also bought RS 42 ii for another 360 for the pair on amazon. That puts me right at $1020. That would be enough for a 5.0, but that leaves only 400-500 for receiver and subwoofer. You might want to rethink not having a sub, they are essential for SQ. If not, you could do a decent receiver for the rest of your budget and call it a day.
  17. I would if that was my current setup. That's exactly what I would do if you are trying to jump to 7.1
  18. Absolutely the issue. Bose isn't bad, but they are bad for their prices. Their marketing and advertising is the only thing that makes them what they are. Think about it, besides Bose, who else has the marketing and advertising they do? I don't ever see commercials for any other speaker system or brand on the market today? Why is that? Bose, in my opinion, is like Apple. They cater to a similar crowd, and are overpriced for what they are. I can get a tablet for 300 dollars and it will work just fine, but slap an apple logo on it and it pops up to 700 dollars with a slightly different user experience. I look at Bose the same way. Because of their name, people buy into the hype. They think just because its the biggest "name" that it must be the best, so they are willing to pay top dollar. For instance: My dad decides he wants a sound bar for their new kitchen set up a few years back. He decides he wants to see if Bose has something in that category. He finds one for $1500, and says "Well, it's expensive, and it's Bose so it must be good." No research, no reading reviews, just recognizes the name as a trusted name in the industry and pulls the trigger on the purchase. They love it and think the world of it. But I can guarantee you there is a better soundbar out there for 1/2 that price. Before you go and call me a hater on Bose, my previous setup was all Bose. 301 for fronts, Bose center (discontinued for good reason), and 201s for side and rears. I can promise you that upgrading to Klipsch was money well spent, and the difference isn't close at all in sound quality or depth.
  19. Ya, I had an installer use some of those on my speakers one time and getting it off of the wall was rough. The screw got messed up in it and wouldnt come out any more, pretty much had to rip it out of the wall. I fixed the hole and all, but you can still tell a patch was used. I think with these mounts, https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=11410 that I have what I need to have the strength to hold the new surrounds. They say 22 lbs each, and the speaker is less than 12. I just need to go back behind them and make sure I am using good anchors, and if not switch them out. I am really excited about this purchase. I can't wait to hear the difference going from quintet satellites to these. I know they are the smallest ones they made in this line, but my den really is not big, so it won't be a problem. I mean the quintets have been fine, so I'm sure these will be even better than fine.
  20. What kind of mount are you using. Or are you just using the keyhole? I think I am using some plastic ones right now. I know I have some in my workshop. I don't think I used them originally, but should not be an issue switching out. Such a simple suggestion.. I don't know how I didn't think about that. Hah. Thanks
  21. My room shape is not a candidate for mounting speakers flush I am afraid. I would need them angled the same way I have my Quintets. The only thing I worry about is if the mounts are not bolted into studs, how much weight does that reduce its capacity to hold..
  22. Thanks for the heads up. I would probably go that route if it weren't for the fact that this is money that Isnt really coming out of my pocket, and has to be used on amazon. Plus I was hoping to use the same wall mounts which hold up to 20 LBS each. The 42s weigh 11, and I still feel like that may be too much for the mounts...
  23. Thanks, Youth. I feel like it will be a good decision to take advantage of the situation. I can always move them down the road to another room. I just feel that this will be a big upgrade over what I have, and If I decide to do Atmos-5.2.1. then having these bad boys as my surrounds can make up some of that difference of just having the quintets
  24. Ok guys, so as some of you know, around Christmas I upgraded my front to the RC 62 ii and fronts to RB 61 IIs. That means I still have Klipsch Quintet V's for my surrounds and rears. I was just able to get amazon gift cards from my incentive program of 300$. I was thinking about buying two RS 42 iis as they would be in the same reference series as I am building around for the future, and they don't have RS 52/62 iis on amazon. They are currently priced around 180 each, so i would only be paying 60$ out of pocket. Anyone have any strong opinions on why these wouldn't be worth my time? I can always move them to my bedroom as rears if I were to upgrade them down the road, but feel that they will be a vast improvement over the Quintets I have is my side/surrounds I am currently sporting. Any and all feedback is welcome. Thanks!
  25. Thanks for your input. I work pretty close to a shop that is for AV installs. They are the ones who ran my original wires when i first moved in, so they will know my setup also. I think I am gonna go talk to them. My mind has been doing the upgrade race for a few hours now and have been doing a lot of research on Atmos. The thing I feel like is going to change is going to be the receiver. It will have to be at least a 9 channel or higher if i want to keep my setup now + the atmos, whether I do two or four will dictate whether I get a 9 or 11 channel receiver. The reason I want a 4K tv is because new video game systems are coming out and that is the upgrade from ps4 to ps4 pro and xb1 and xb1 S. That's where the content is headed, before content really heads to Atmos. I just felt that with the fact that I have some satellites that match I could use them and make a quick jump to atmos. Sounds like that part will be trickier just because of the extra upgrade for the receiver, not just to an Atmos ready one, but an Atmos ready one that has enough channels to drop it to 5.1.2. I would rather do 7.1.2 if I can.
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