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    Shenzhen, China.
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    Audio, electronics and lots of sports. That's DOING sports, not watching them.
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    Beach House: Klipsch, RP 260F, RP 250F, RP 440C, Onkyo TX RZ810, LG65SJ9500 65 inch 4K TV and Mac Mini media server connected to a NetGear R8000 WiFi router with media server. City House: Samsung 55 inch 4K TV, Onkyo RZ 820 AV Amp, four B&W 684S2 speakers, B&W CM Center S2, Mac Mini, Netgear R8500 with Media Server. Also have a Samsung Home Theater in a box (not bad actually) with four tower speakers.

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  1. BernardLVH

    Klipsch RP-260F Theater System

    I have almost the same system and use an Onkyo TX RZ810. Very happy with this set up and also bought an TX RZ820 for my B&W set up. Though I occasionally find the tweeter a little hard on the Klipsches so I used the EQ to lower things a few Db between 4KHz and 7 KHz. The B&Ws are smooth operators and warmer sounding but not as dynamic.
  2. BernardLVH

    New Sub, New House, New Setup, Please Help!

    https://www.soundandvision.com/content/klipsch-quintet-speaker-system-ht-labs-measures if you look at the frequency response graph you can see the satellites start to roll off at 150 Hz or so. So that would be a good starting point for your crossover and then go lower (125Hz, 100Hz) from there.
  3. BernardLVH

    Klipsch sent RP280FA by mistake!

    Sounds like "Let's make a deal" time. Good to see honest people.
  4. BernardLVH

    General thoughts on Klipsch for HT?

    Most cinemas where I live use Klipsch. Some use that other companie's.
  5. Was looking forward to watching these here in China from my beach house and then the clouds moved in........ Did catch a nice big early one two nights ago though lasted two seconds and sparks were flying off it. Wished for some new Klipsch speakers of course
  6. BernardLVH

    Why My RF-63's Are Going Nowhere

    For quality brand name stuff you pay a premium here. About 25% more than in the USA. So when I buy speakers here after a good discount I pay your MSRP price. So buying the higher end stuff here is tough. Can’t help but feel I’m paying too much. For example I ordered a new RC 64III and I’ll be paying about $2000 for it after a 20% discount. Price is guesstimate as they’re not exactly sure because it won’t be available until next month here. Stuff might be made here but it’s still sold at a premium here. Sales tax is about 17% and is included in the price. Also the RC 64 is an import so additional taxes and shipping may apply.
  7. BernardLVH

    Why My RF-63's Are Going Nowhere

    Haven’t been to NanChang either. But if you get a chance to visit HuaQiangBei in ShenZhen you’ll find electronics heaven. Absolutely anything you can think of that’s electronic comes from here. Highend HiFi, low end copies, and electronic parts, etc. Love roaming around there and seeing what’s new or old. Lots of old tubes and drivers for sale too.
  8. BernardLVH

    Why My RF-63's Are Going Nowhere

    Thanks guys, Gonna download it and will post some pics when I'm off on Monday.
  9. BernardLVH

    Why My RF-63's Are Going Nowhere

    ShenZhen is paradise for anyone into electronics and HiFi. This is basically where 90% of your electronics and HiFi come from. Some brands like ShanLing are actually based here. I took some pics of the HiFi mall here but they're all over 3Mb and won't upload here. Hopefully I can figure out a way to compress them. They have the old giant Western Electrics there and so much more. And tubes galore. And of course this is where all the fake Kimber and Audioquest cables come from. Got pics of that too.
  10. BernardLVH

    Onkyo TX NR 656

    Have you read the FAQ section on Netflix's website? https://help.netflix.com/en/node/64066
  11. BernardLVH

    Onkyo TX NR 656

    After setting the Speaker Configuration according to the number of speakers and their positions, the receiver should automatically detect Atmos movies when played through an appropriate source. Have you tried playing an Atmos movie yet?
  12. BernardLVH

    Why My RF-63's Are Going Nowhere

    Been lusting after those Yamaha 1000 series components for a while now. Beautiful retro design. How do you like them compared to your other components? There's one sitting in my local HiFi Mall, yes, we have a HiFi Mall here in ShenZhen, and it looks at and speaks to me every time I walk by it.
  13. BernardLVH

    Rp 450C overkill for 160m?

    Never cheap out on the center channel. I've made that mistake twice now. Once ordering my older B&W's smaller 600 series center and then having to upgrade it, and now I need to upgrade my 440C cuz my new 65inch TV won't fit on it. Should have got the 450C immediately. Anyway, lesson learnt. My new B&W 600 series have the higher end CM series as a center and I have now ordered the RC 64III for my Klipsch RP 260Fs and RP 250Fs. Never making that mistake again. The center channel is the most important.
  14. BernardLVH

    RP-450C support a TV?

    I got my old and heavy 55 inch TV sitting on my 440C. No problem at all.
  15. BernardLVH

    Suggest a Receiver for five KG 1.5 Speakers

    When you connect four 8 Ohm speakers in parallel the impedance drops to 4 Ohms.