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    Audio, electronics and lots of sports. That's DOING sports, not watching them.
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    Klipsch, RP 260F, RP250F, RP 440C, Onkyo TX RZ810, Samsung 55 inch 4K TV and Mac Mini media server connected to a NetGear R8500 WiFi router with media server. Also have a Samsung Home Theater in a box (not bad actually) which will soon be replaced by more Klipsch gear.
  1. Can you blow a klipsch

    This is now officially a 'what did you blow first' and 'how' thread.
  2. Can you blow a klipsch

    I had Donna Summer blow my first speakers. They couldn't handle that 'Hot Stuff'. Then again they weren't Klipsch. Some crappy Toshibas driven by a very nice Pioneer integrated amp from the late 70s. Donna Summer blew both of them at once. Got some Technics speakers next and they were harder to blow.
  3. Here is another useful link http://www.vintagetechnics.audio
  4. I had the cassette deck on the bottom of the pic when I was a teenager 34 years ago. It's an RS M85 MKII. It retailed for about $800 at the time.Techinics products from this series and era are amazing. They had excellent build and sound quality. Their amps generally sounded smoother and warmer than Sansui gear.
  5. R-28f or RP-260f for 5.0 setup?

    I have the RP 260F and use them for music and movies. I absolutely love them. They are detailed and refined, use the new horn design and go VERY loud. They are hard to beat for the money. Seeing that you have a sub, I would choose the the RP 260F again any day.
  6. Just got my RF-7 ii's

    As long as everyone is happy that's all that matters. Issues are strictly minor cosmetic ones.
  7. nad vs sony

    I als o recommend the NAD. Had a 325BEE and it just sounded awesome for the price. It ran two 4 Ohm JBL 225JRXs with no problems at all. Had a tube CD player (ShanLing CD T 80) and DBX 231 EQ hooked up to it and it was my favourite sysytem. It just sounded right. If I cranked it up paintings would fall off my walls. NAD has a quality first philosophy and they can drive almost anything.
  8. What I Got Today!

    I heard them briefly and they sound really good. Surprisingly so despite their age. In the store, which is packed with gear, the sound doesn't seem to be coming from the speakers. And they have a very nice midrange. Hard to describe further without using my reference CDs which are back home in Canada. This summer I'll have some free time and create a thread with pics of audio nirvana in China. Prices are typical retail. They need their mark up to pay the rent I guess. Lots of Chinese tube gear of course such as ShanLing. Which makes some really nice gear for reasonable prices. Promise I'll create a post with plenty of pics when I get a chance.
  9. What I Got Today!

    Absolutely. And lovelingly bathe it in Mobil 1 Synthetic.
  10. What I Got Today!

    The sound of that VTech engine when you start it and then let it rip to it's 8200 RPM redline.............
  11. What I Got Today!

    Well seeing that almost everything electronic is made in ShenZhen, China, the selection is pretty good. Lots of vintage gear too. Saw some nice JBL L222 Discos a while back and pretty much everything else. There is a center where all the hifi shops congregate and it's pretty much heaven. They even have a set of those huge Western Electric horn speakers. Also lots of vintage drivers, tubes and all the new stuff too of course. Lots of new Klipsch but little vintage Klipsch.
  12. What I Got Today!

    Those JBLs....... my teenage dream. Always wanted a set but couldn't afford them as a teenager.
  13. What I Got Today!

    Wow...... what's the story behind these? How the heck do you find brand new 40 year old amps?????
  14. What I Got Today!

    Had a Honda Del Sol VTech once which is based on the same platform. The cars built on this platform are all time classics and some of the best cars ever made with engines producing the same horse power per liter as Ferraris. It's been a long slide downhill for Honda/Acura ever since. Hope they find their soul again. Hang on to that car.
  15. Recommendations for analog EQ

    That's how I always hooked mine up. Tape in/out and use the Tape monitor button.