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  1. There is a dent on the top woofer of the left speaker. Negotiate......😜
  2. Depending on the source material, running your speakers and Amp at full volume would probably cause clipping in the Amp and thus probably damage your tweeters. Not to mention that it would be unbearably loud and your neighbours would probably call the cops. Klipsch speakers are very efficient and generally most people wouldn't use more than a few watts of power for normal listening. I had a few 100db/w speakers before and rarely used more than one Watt (indicated on the Amp VU meters). 5 watts was LOUD.
  3. Looks like Klipsch uses metric in their designs.
  4. I got this. Just pulled my 440C out of the box. Length 66 centimeters, depth 34 cm with grill, 33 cm without grill, height 14.5 cm without rubber feet. in inches using my converter App. L: 26.984 inches. D: 13.386 inches. / 12.99 inches without grill. H: 5.71 inches.
  5. Try one of the NAD BEE series integrated amps. Great price and great sound. And they can drive almost anything.
  6. What's your source? I just listened to a bunch of Metallica on Apple Music through my Mac Mini and out of seven songs only one sounded a bit thin (Sad But True). The others sounded fine in my 5X10 meter room with tile flooring and curtains half drawn.
  7. I have the same speakers and had the same issue. In my situation the room was just too small. These speakers need a little space to breathe. Moved them to my larger beach condo and problem solved. Lovely warm sound and no harshness. Onkyo TX-RZ810 and 820. Otherwise many good tips already mentioned in previous posts. Especially placing them in corners (like mine now) and turning the treble down a notch.
  8. Try adjusting the center channel distance by ear. Trust me, it will make a big difference. I have RP-260Fs, RP-250Fs and a RC-64III. I was dissatisfied with the sound initially as there was an imbalance between left and right and the midrange sounded a bit hard and cold. I adjusted the center channel distance by ear and it solved my problem. By looking at your photo I can see your center is closer to you than your left and right speakers. Adjust your AV receiver's center channel distance so that it knows it's closer. This will add depth and balance to your sound. You can start with a tape measure and then adjust it by ear. The difference will be obvious. Trust your ears.
  9. I have the 440C as well and it sounds awesome. It sounds better then my smaller B&W center channels speakers (CM S2 and 600 S2) series. Clearer vocals and better dynamics and power handling. I also own the 64III which I just got delivered and will be hooking it up next week at my beach house. You won't regret buying it. The only reason I got the 64III is because my new LG TV doesn't fit on the 440C. Otherwise I was extremely happy with it.
  10. Teach as well. And often visit the HiFi and electronics heaven that is called HuaQiangBei in Shenzhen. They even half the big old Western Electrics for sale here.
  11. Used to DJ with these (1200MKII) as a teenager in the 80s and also used them for listening at home. The lid/cover is removable which is a good idea as they can catch quite a bit of feedback at higher volumes. Give it a try. Might improve the sound quality too.
  12. I have almost the same system and use an Onkyo TX RZ810. Very happy with this set up and also bought an TX RZ820 for my B&W set up. Though I occasionally find the tweeter a little hard on the Klipsches so I used the EQ to lower things a few Db between 4KHz and 7 KHz. The B&Ws are smooth operators and warmer sounding but not as dynamic.
  13. https://www.soundandvision.com/content/klipsch-quintet-speaker-system-ht-labs-measures if you look at the frequency response graph you can see the satellites start to roll off at 150 Hz or so. So that would be a good starting point for your crossover and then go lower (125Hz, 100Hz) from there.
  14. Sounds like "Let's make a deal" time. Good to see honest people.
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