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  1. Big Star


    This is an amazing piece of gear. I have been running mine through both some modified Forte II's and a pair of AZ Adagios and plan to never give up this amp. GLWS.
  2. How do you like your VPI amp? btwGLWS. Those speakers would complete any man cave!
  3. You are correct sir. It's a stock TD 125 mk II.
  4. I made some stands that raised my F2's 10" off the floor as test to try to reduce some "boom in the room". I believe it worked but need more time to evaluate. My wife and I do most of our listening while upright and raising the mids can't be a bad thing.
  5. extremely stable. It's always a little "iffy" to me when you elevate on spikes with pads. It took a while to reposition the speakers as a result.
  6. I recently put these together to elevate the F2's off the floor 9-10". I was looking to take some of the 'boom out of the room' and get the mids higher off the floor. We recently had to pull all the rugs and clear out most of the furniture in the room (14'x30') because of a new puppy so I felt this might be a good time to try and make some stands out of what I could find in the garage. The wood is African Paduak left over from a counter project I did years ago. In regards to improvement in sound, the environment is not ideal (glass and wood) but I did notice a marked change for the better with the stands. We tend to do most of our listening while upright so while standing they did sound better-less boom.. And as a great bonus putting these stands together was a nice distraction from work bs.
  7. Fellow fans of the worderful marriage of tubes and horns, it was never my intention to kick the nest with this post. This whole 2 channel journey started for me and my love for vinyl. After scoring my Fortes for a song I have tried to find a suitable amp to match. This amp, although nothing like the original Scott in appearance or build spec, really stood out for me and knowing that there was never going to be more than 100 units built the resale value would be there in the future. I also understand that unlike VPI TT's, this amp is not 100% made in America nor does it make that claim anywhere on the product. I will say, if you get a chance have a listen to this amp on some horn speakers I hope you find it as impressive as I do. This finally might be the "one". thx BigStar
  8. I agree with Maynard on this point. I don't believe they were trying to market these as the new Scott 299D. Why would you exploit such a storied product and only make 100 amps. I see it more as a tribute to the original design. As an aside, the build quality is outstanding on this amp. All point to point wiring.
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