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  1. Some used cornwalls is about the amount of jump you’re looking for.
  2. Care to elaborate a little more on your room treatment? I’m trying to figure out some diffusers that aren’t horrible.
  3. I have a kpt-1802-hls up front. I’ll likely build a tuba htlp for the rear of the room to balance the room modes out. I was just thinking since im building new boxes and crossovers anyway, that would be the time to pick the different drivers and crossover design.
  4. I have a pair of heresy 1’s I am going to redo the cabs and recap. One needs a new 12” driver. I was wondering if it’d be worth it to convert to super heresy while I’m redoing them. They will be used on their side on a shelf in the back of the room. I was wondering for this application if it would be more impactful in HT to have some extra bass back there. Or if the port could be moved to the front. Surrounds are cornwall 1’s that may eventually be converted into cornscalas or receive a 510/k691. Mains are jubes. Center will be a belle LF with 510 top end.
  5. Anthem Room Correction not the port on the back of the tv you might be thinking of.
  6. Very well put. I’m glad to follow along the more well educated members and try to grasp what is going on.
  7. AHall


    I’d love to hear them next to each other and I’m sure many others would as well. I think I’d rather have the 20hz performance than I would the little extra output. I don’t think it necessary to go above the 140db mark much in the home setting. With minimal time I was able to get flat to 22hz and -3db at 20hz. Around -10db at 18hz. Im not sure how those numbers translate compared to other more premium performing subs, but for movies it is absolutely violent sounding and a bit nauseating sometimes. Music of course is a bit overwhelming. Even with jubes.
  8. This is great to hear. Just what I planned on. Although part of me has a craving to utilize that space at an attemp to get flat to 10hz. I know this system isn’t designed for that though.
  9. AHall


    Anyone have an opinion on how the Othorn compares to the kpt-1802? @ClaudeJ1
  10. Ever wonder how a tuba ht low profile would blend with an 1802? I bought the plans before I got the 1802. I think it may be advantageous to help smooth out the response with a second sub. I’m new to the high end and horn stuff though.
  11. Finally figured out the networking in the anthem and was able to run ARC. Great improvement. The Play-Fi app streaming Tidal sounds awesome too.
  12. New anthem avm60 is in and it does sound sweet. Not nearly as 3d sounding as the krell so far. The phantom center effect was greatly reduced. I haven’t had a chance to run Arc yet though. I’m thinking I need a good tube preamp like a BAT or equivalent.
  13. You just need to ask Christy real nice.
  14. I played track #8 on Roy’s cd. Bonnie Raitt I can’t make you love me.
  15. Its in the software. Just to the left of where you set the PEQ’s there is an input menu. It shows gain tables there.
  16. You can change you input sensitivity on the xilica. It came preset at 0.00db. I was using rca preouts, so the voltage is low. At -10db on the Yamaha volume knob it was about half as loud as my khorns were at -30db. So I bumped the input voltage up some. Now I get loud reference levels at -25 or less.
  17. Lets hope reviews like this are true. Otherwise my preamp has theater bypass and I can hook the laptop/dac and turntable up to the preamp. Also the analog out on the 4K player. The Sony 1000 is well regarded in it musical ability. I just worry about running out of rack space. Anthem is known to have about the best room correction available. And most would consider it the best pre/pro available in the reasonable price range (sub $3000). I’d have a hard time justifying the Thetas and other ~$30,000 units.
  18. I’m hoping the Anthem AVM60 I order next week sounds as good as my external dac/krell combo. Otherwise I’ll be playing musical cables for 2ch listening.
  19. I was listening to the first setup through the avr in 2.1. Afterwards I listened on my preamp in 2.0. Didn’t bother changing the extra wires around. I will be tomorrow though.
  20. First night thoughts. These things sounded pretty good after I turned the input sensitivity up on the xilica. Using the Yamaha rxa1030 avr and streaming pandora and YouTube through the Sony udp1000 4K player. I mean they were pretty damn awesome but I didn’t feel they were that big a step over my khorns. Surely nothing like the reading I’ve done where people’s jaws were dropping. After contemplating what my audiophile friends would think of this good, but lackluster speaker that I’ve talked up so much, I decided to hookup my krell preamp, smsl dac, and tidal. I’m speechless. The sound stage appeared, instruments were suddenly all over the room. The phantom center that people raved about began playing tricks on my mind. I had to make sure the tv wasn’t emitting beautiful sound. They bass like several 15” subwoofers. I had to check to make sure I didn’t have the 1802 turned on. This is the sound I’ve been searching for. No wonder people claim you can’t touch the sound these make for $30k or more. One hell of a first night.
  21. Well ladies and gentlemen, I’m in awe. I really don’t know what else to say tonight.
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