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  1. they are Dixieland Jr from Frazier. I have heard that they are not the best at mids but smaller folded horn goes to 50hz I believe
  2. I bought La Scala cabineys and trying to find midrange horns. Will the K53 wirh K701 horns sound ok? Budget doesn't allow the $500+ for correct replacement. Thank you Rick
  3. I am interested in all of them. Can you get me a price please. Thanks Rick
  4. What is the value of empty unfinished birch La Scala cabinets? I can buy a pair and refinish and veneer them but what will the crossovers and drivers cost to replace? Thanks in advance for thoughts. Have a dozen pairs of Frazier's now but always loved the looks of the La Scala's and K-Horns, but way out of my budget.
  5. Can someone tell me the differences between Mark VI and Manhattan III models? Any info helpful. Looking to add to collection, two pair of concerto's with piezo's and sevens with piezo's too. Would trade concerto pair for either Manhattan or Mark VI with some cash either way depending on condition. Thanks Rick
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