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  1. This may not be what the OP had in mind but I have owned many brands/models of speakers over the decades. I don't think any other brand is as dynamic as Klipsch. Transients are faster on a Klipsch. My current main speaker system is AR 3a's. They are slow and thick compared to Klipsch, but still very enjoyable. I will be in the market soon for a pair of Klipsch to partner with an 845 SET. A pair of used Forte, Chorus, or Quartet are in the running. Heresy's too, but I would prefer some more bass and a taller speaker.
  2. It is sickening really. For me and maybe some others, we will never ever get the chance to own Klipschorns as much as we would love to. To destroy them like that is beyond words. Total disrespect for the product and everyone who would enjoy them.
  3. This question has probably been asked before but I would like to be a bit more specific. I am considering buying a SET amp that uses the 845 triode. It is one of the most powerful triodes. Klipschorns and LaScala's are out of the equation due to price(new and/or used) and transporting them. I am thinking that the Heresy would work well. Are models like the Forte, Chorus, and KG4's viable in this application ? Would any of the more recent models fit the bill ? I remember when I knew the specs of every Klipsch model. There are so many now. I cannot keep up.
  4. Interesting and very expensive. I think Mat (owner of VPI) had a reel to reel at the Thailand HiFi show. I don't doubt that these tapes sound spectacular. I mean, you are so close to the actual master. And at 15 ips, there will not be much wow or flutter. Rumble does not exist with tape although it is vanishingly low with a good turntable.For me, tape is not an option as it is sequential access rather than random access.
  5. My tastes in turntables are getting prohibitive. SOTA. The big ones. LOL..
  6. Musicdirect.com and acousticsounds.com have excellent selections as does Amazon and Mobile Fidelity.
  7. I have been buying remastered Bernie Grundman records. So far, Jefferson Starship and Fleetwood Mac. They sound incredible. Turntable is a very highly upgraded Rega with an Ortofon Quintet Blue. Vinyl has always been my format of choice. I have some very good sounding CD's and brief experience with SACD. Since analog is the complete waveform, vinyl is the only way to experience it now that reel to reel is not as popular(I am not going to say 'gone' as we have seen the resurgence of vinyl). This is just my opinion. I don't want to engage in 'format wars'.
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