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  1. I am thoroughly enjoying these Heresys....  They are such a departure from every other speaker I've owned , including Klipsch CF 4.....  They are an enigma....they are a  60 year old design,  but they do something quite right....  they make music...... I'm using a conrad johnson Classic 2 SE preamp and a pair of Quicksilver Mid Mono amps.   These speakers convey the dynamics and impact of live music like no other speaker I've owned. 

  2. My Heresys only took a week so hopefully you'll see them soon..... They are well worth the wait.   The fit and finish is excellent, beautiful matched veneer.   I've only got a few hours on them but they sound great.    Big , dynamic sound  thats the closest to live than I've ever had in my living room..... you will like.....  They are fun to listen to and will put a smile on your face when you crank em up

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  3. I just took delivery of my new Heresy lll in Cherry finish.....   the fit and finish, veneer matching and overall eye appeal is higher than expected.    I haven't really spent much time listening but they sound great so far.    These little guys rock, the bass isnt the deepest but it has really good pitch definition and with my REL 305 it's awesome......  a bass guitar sounds like a bass guitar , a kick drum has kick.  

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  4. Thanks for the reply, already pulled the trigger......  was just wondering.... I demo'd them at Audio Visual Thereapy in Nashua NH .  They to my knowledge are the only Heritage dealer within close proximity.   John and Mark are great guys to deal with,  I would encourage anyone to visit them, great place and great service.   They had a pair of Heresy Capitol in blonde cherry, they were beautiful and I almost took them home.... but I just couldnt justify the $500 + premium over standard finishes.   Plus I really like the standard cherry, plus the PWK badge over the capitol logo.   

  5. I had a pair of CF 4 when they came out and they were awesome speakers.  Unfortunately they were way too big for my listening room, so as much as I liked them they were just huge.  Anyway , shortly thereafter I switched to several stand mounted monitors and a sub . All which were very good , but none had the sense of scale and weight of those CF 4 ....... I have a great pair of Quicksilver amps that I love so I started looking at higher efficiency speakers to get the most out of them and thats when I decided to look at the Heresys.   They checked off all the boxes for me, compact,  easy to drive , sealed cabinet, can go close to the wall.   So I demo' d a pair last week and ordered a pair.    It was weird listening to them without a sub,  they really drop off like a rock around 60 hz ,  but with a good sub they rock.  Can't wait.   

  6. There are some good deals on the CJ Classic preamps.....  I have a Classic 2 SE and it sounds phenomenal......yeah it has zero features but if you can live with out balance or remote it is a real sleeper.   My DAC and streamer have remote volume so its not an issue for me.  But I have no problem getting up to adjust the volume.....it sounds that good i dont even care

  7. Quicksilver amps are a huge bang for the buck..... I have a pair of Mid Monos and they are great amps.....  I LOVE THEM ...Mike Sanders is very knowledgeable and awesome to deal with.  I went 180 degrees from what I'm currently using and ordered a pair of Heresys..... I love my Revel monitors but they just dont have the sense of scale that makes for a lifelike presentation.   Plus the Heresys sealed box was appealling because every rear ported speaker I've had in this room suffered due to their distance from the wall.  Always bloated sounding.    I auditioned the Heresys more out of curiosity and found that they really sounded good.  Especially with a good sub.    Can't wait to get them,  they kick *** for their size.   

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