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  1. I audiotioned Heresys with a Prima Luna el34 integrated and it sounded great..... I ve had SS and Tubes over the years and keep coming back to tubes. I was impressed by that amp.
  2. Quicksilver amps are a huge bang for the buck..... I have a pair of Mid Monos and they are great amps..... I LOVE THEM ...Mike Sanders is very knowledgeable and awesome to deal with. I went 180 degrees from what I'm currently using and ordered a pair of Heresys..... I love my Revel monitors but they just dont have the sense of scale that makes for a lifelike presentation. Plus the Heresys sealed box was appealling because every rear ported speaker I've had in this room suffered due to their distance from the wall. Always bloated sounding. I auditioned the Heresys more out of curiosity and found that they really sounded good. Especially with a good sub. Can't wait to get them, they kick *** for their size.
  3. I like front ported because they can go closer to the back wall , rear ports can muddy the sound if too close
  4. Just ordered a pair of Heresy lll today in Cherry.....can't wait.......
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