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  1. I'm glad I pulled the trigger on my Forte IV in February...   I used my Heresy III for almost 4 years and got only $300 less than what I paid for them, because I bought them right before they went up in price. They were MSRP of $2000, then went to $2598.....  I paid $1800  for the H3 so my trade in was better than expected, I actually benefited from the increase...   I hope the $500 jump in price doesn't keep one from looking at the IV, they are really a great speaker.  

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  2. How sick is it that I tried to find that ad and buy those?   I just got a pair of IVs three months ago.    I could certainly have seen those in another room ......


    Hopefully they went to a good , loving home.   

  3. I agree on the Cherry.   Mine were really light.  I kind of liked them, having always had dark finishes like Walnut.   They are three months old and are getting that nice grain contrast.   They are darker yes but still have a natural look as opposed to stained which was like my Heresy III.   I much prefer the natural Cherry.   

    walnut is beautiful too.  It is a tough choice.  I was all ready to get Distressed Oak but I didn’t really like it in person.   Black and the new grilles are a sharp contrast too.  Tough decision .   I’m glad I went with Cherry.    

  4. Heritage speakers are reliable,  but the new 10 year warranty has a lot of value to me.  Plus I'm OCD when it comes to condition so buying new meant no disappointment.   


    I used to work for a company that would open brand new stuff that was not selling and sell it as B stock.   So sometimes you do get a true open box unit.   Sometimes you got something that saw 6 months or a year of use and was repaired and reboxxed....you never know

  5. Enjoy. !!!   I am loving mine.   Probably the best money ever spent on audio.   They are awesome.  I am also running my subs rolled off at 45 Hz and a steep slope via my Velodyne SMS 1 .  The bass is so good with the Forte IV that a sub really isn't necessary in the appropriate sized room.  I use the sub when playing movies mostly.

  6. I picked up a pair of Heresy II oiled oak for my brother a year or so back.  They were beautiful, obviously loved their whole life.   

    only bad part, no serial number tags....  so I guess they are a matched pair.   

    I got a good price and he loves them so I wasn’t so hung up about their provenance   They appear to be stock and sound great.   

    However, if buying new, I would want the Heresy IV....  not a copy of an original Heresy 

  7. I miss my Heresy III...   they were a great speaker no doubt.   As I posted earlier I wasn’t even looking for a new speaker (lie) but after hearing the Heresy IV and Cornwall IV and also hearing the Forte IV was voiced similarly I bought the Forte IV sight unseen.   Best money I have ever spent on audio... also the most spent, but worth every penny.    You will love them.  

  8. I don't currently have my Vault's analog out connected but I think I just may run analog out to my preamp....  I used the analog outs when I had Tidal.    Using Qobuz and RP mainly when streaming.   My DAC recognizes the MQA Radio Paradise stream as "  88.2k"  can anyone explain why?   It identifies the "CD" quality stream on RP as 44.1.

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