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  1. Very very nice!!! This is a dream system of mine.
  2. If you know how to solder take a look at the Bottlehead kits. They feature almost moron proof assembly instructions, great forum and they sound great.
  3. The amp uses the TPA3122 chip.
  4. The unit next to the Moreplay is the Bottlehead Quicksand amplifier. The Quicksand is a battery powered chip amp, I use it when it get really hot in San Francisco. Thanks for asking!
  5. Here is a shot of the insides.
  6. I just finished building my Bottlehead Moreplay preamp. It uses a single 6V6 tube wired as a triode and features three pairs of inputs, three position selector switch and two pairs of outputs.
  7. If you can solder and are interested in tubes take a look at the Bottlehead kits. Fun to build and almost moron proof assembly instructions.
  8. Can the 6K6 tube be used in the Little Sweetie?
  9. Ampex 6973 monoblocks. Several years ago a friend was tasked with clearing out his late uncle's home. Kindly he asked me what I wanted, so I replied that cash, gold, firearms or vacuum tube amps would be nice. After I replaced all the caps and out of spec resistors I found that these amps sound fantastic!
  10. EL84 PP Motorola Amplifier. All out of spec resistors have been replaced, all caps including the can capacitor replaced. The power and output transformers are larger than a comparable Magnavox amp.
  11. Love the Seductor and Heathkit amps!
  12. Bottlehead Seductor kit, EL84 tubes, four watts. On the right is the Quickie, battery powered preamp.
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