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  1. Was told these were from my '81 Cornwalls when I got them. They were already upgraded, and have been sold since. Anyone have any idea if these were correct for that year? Not sure what the T2 stands for after type B either? Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance. Good luck Jerry
  2. If you PM me your number, I can send you a picture. They're from 81 Cornwalls. I can't load the picture for some reason.
  3. I have type B, but look different than your pic. They say 2T after the B. Not sure if this is what your after
  4. Just made a 1000 mi. round trip last weekend to pick up some Khorns Jim had taken his time to look at for me. Stopped by to meet Jim and enjoy his system. He is a very nice man and very meticulous. These will make someone very happy. Good luck with your sale Jim!
  5. Thanks again Jim for taking time to check the Khorns out for me, I am so grateful. Also inviting us into your house to hear your system, WOW! Still trying to get the grin off my face (even after the long trip home) and a couple hours of sleep. After this trip of hearing 2 systems with the Khorns, my friend Jim may also be getting caught by the bug as he talked about McIntosh and Klipsch the whole way home, even checking some prices🙂. Anyway thanks to you and Briney both to make this deal come together. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Thanks Klipsch Community
  6. jimjimbo, very kind of you. I'm in Minneapolis and would very much appreciate it if not too big of a hassle. I'm willing to make the trip to purchase if all is well. I did respond to seller with intent. Will send a pm to you. Thanks
  7. I'm in Minneapolis, don't know how many more times I can look at this before I jump.
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