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  1. I tried both, works NP. I'm using Jremote2 as it's current and they do updates on it, updated last month. Gizmo was last updated 6 years ago? Sent from my SM-N960W using Tapatalk
  2. Try Jremote2, works great for me. I can control jriver song selection/volume from my phone or tablet. I have the same jriver/audiolense/lynx audio/synergy horns setup. Sent from my SM-N960W using Tapatalk
  3. Understood. I'm a bit challenged horizontally with the screen. I can maintain the K-402 dimensions but will have to turn it sideways. Just trying to decide which is more important and have more advantages, smaller 90 degree horizontal horn or keeping a bigger mouth size but with 60 Horizontal coverage? Sent from my SM-G955W using Tapatalk
  4. Thanks Chris and Claude, these are perfect selections, just the type of music I am familiar and listen to... Thank you
  5. Thanks for the list and links Chris. I'm into Jazz/Blues/Rock, looking to experience a jaw dropping multichannel demo disk. Do you have your top recommendations in this genre? I just want to know what I've been missing all these years
  6. Ok this is great news! Exciting enough to try... I don't have any SACD or DVD=A music, any disc recommendations to really show off this multichannel feature?
  7. Hi Claude, The left and right subs are Ricci's SKrams, yes the center is a SKhorn. I'm 80% music and 20% movies right now. I actually just got seriously in to HT last year. So I have no surrounds/Atmos or any of high tech HT setup. I have enough speakers on hand though to do 5.4 setup. But I don't know how much joy that would bring to an HT newbie I should try it though, I have a Lambda Unity horn or B&C 15HCX76 coaxials I can try for rear speaker duty. I've never tried it, is there a big benefit to listening to your full HT setup with surrounds for music listening? For music, do you listen to your full setup or just the 2 front channels?
  8. I don't have room for a Sub this BIG at the back. I'm planning on taking the 2 drivers in it though and make two smaller subs for the rear.
  9. From what I can see it's a square throat with a 2" hole. No filler to transition from round to square. I'm in the same boat trying to make one but I might start smaller/simpler for experience...
  10. Thanks for the MSO link NiToNi, I might have to go that route later as I already maxxed out my 8 channels. I agree, Audiolense is a keeper, I've had it for years and I could not part with it. Made my life simple or simpler. As far as video delays, if you are using JRiver it's pretty easy. SHIFT + < OR > takes care of lip sync issues... https://wiki.jriver.com/index.php/Lip_Sync
  11. Thanks, center channel is in the plan, just have to finalize the size/layout so it does not block the screen too much
  12. Will go with 90 degree horizontal. Hoping to start cutting wood when it warms up. Thanks Chris
  13. Thanks for the spreadsheet. I can live with 26x40". That's not much bigger than what I have now. I will play around with it more.... Thank you Chris
  14. Hi Chris I'm in Calgary Canada. I've contacted our local Klipsch dealer here and they're finding out if I can get the K402 or KPT-305 box. But I'm also open doing dual flares myself if the K402 route is too cost prohibitive. I will follow your footsteps and go with dual 15's and the BMS 4592. Thanks a lot for your guidance, you'be been very helpful and it's much appreciated. I will go with what I have on hand and see if I can make it work. It's looking more like I'll be doing the SH96 style, as I have not heard from my local Klipsch dealer. I have a small room, 13'x15' feet that is open to the left (see attached) Do you suggest going with 90degrees horizontal, considering it's a narrow room? I can go 90 degrees if that is the best solution...
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