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  1. Hello! I'm planning to either buy Heresy III or Forte/Chorus II if I find a descent pair. Which one of the T9i or SPL-1000 would you choose to integrate with Heresy? I'm primary play music at home, not so much movie-watching. I have a Line Magnetic tube amp and therefor I need a sub with speaker level input. I have tried a SPL 1000 Ultra at home with my current speakers and I like the EQ function and that it has remote-control and presets. I have never heard a REL sub but many talks about them. The T9i doesent digg as deep as the SPL but 27 hz may be enough for music?
  2. I like your metaphor. You are absolutely right. And regarding Shakydeals comment, I understand that my system would sound even better with the right acoustic treatment and a better shaped room but this is what I got for the moment. I put the music first and do not care much if they measure correctly or not. The most important thing is that the system creates a involving feeling and makes it funny listening.
  3. Triod. The bass feels thicker in tiod-mode
  4. Nice setup! I have a Line Magnetic 216ia with 22 watt in triod-mode. But don’t think I have used more than 1-2 watt with the Forte III at home and then it was very loud. Mabye the drivers get better control with bigger powersupply but I don’t think that amplifier with many watts in general kick the drivers more than a 20 watt amplifier if give the speakers 10 watt with each amplifier. Excuse my bad english. Hope you understand what i mean
  5. I have now spent a few days with Forte III and can coincide with the fact that there are a couple of fantastic speakers that sound balanced and surprisingly soft at the top. Very easy to listen to. The Heresy III I had at home last weekend had a bit more lively rendition. But they could be a little sharper with some music and also thinner, which is not so strange given the size. Forte III is better all around and I could live without subwoofer. So the big question is whether a new pair of Forte III is worth their money. Here in Sweden you have to pay $ 5000 for Forte III because of the weak Swedish currency. Sometimes if you are lucky, it can turn up Forte II and Chorus II in Sweden and Norway for about 1500 US dollars. For around 2500-3000 us dollar I could get a used pair of Heresy III and one or two REL sub/Velodyne SPL-1000 Ultra. would like to hear your opinions
  6. Cool! How does they sound compare to originals? I bet some will argue that colouration from cabinett and driverchassi brings soul to the sound.
  7. Nice! What kind of modification have been done?
  8. Nice room and equipment! Do you use one sub? Witch frecuency-range does the sub work in?
  9. I now the people in the local hifi-shop and thet hadn't have any Klipsch speakers before as demo so the reseller at Klipsch in Sweden was kind enough to send a brand new to the shop that I could borrow. If i like them I just have to pay, otherwise I bring them back at friday
  10. This is my listening posistion. It sound better and better My Line Magnetic 216ia is a good match. But I bet it would sound even better with a SET-amplifier
  11. Here is Klipsch answer about the wrinkly grill.
  12. Which sub did you end up with? I have have speakercables with low resistance.
  13. Thank’s for the advice! I have tried having them 7 inch from backwall and that is about the most I can have in the room. To the left there is a open vault to the entrance and to right openings to bedrooms. The quality of the bass is very much depending of the recording. Forte is very revealing with bad recordings. I would like to have more low end at lower volumes. Do you think it could be better with Heresey III and one or two subs?
  14. Thank you! The picture above was from the first day with them. I have toed them in more now and it result in wider sweetspot and better image
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