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  1. Another engineer with a set of cornwall's just reading in you guys are awesome. A little bit easier with all the new tech software tools PWK never had to run simulations but the ear is the final word for sure. Just make sure you're not including any room responses in your final ear analysis it would be a shame to see one of you guys move to a different room and have it fail miserably.
  2. Basically sounds very much like what they do when they make a Cornscala using lascala drivers in a Cornwall but you made a Fortus from chorus drivers or at least it's crossover (forte + chorus).
  3. Hi everyone new to the community but not to Klipsch. I'm here to say I've just completed my perfect system after a 30 year journey. Bought some 84 Cornwalls back in 1989 and have been using them ever since in and out of storage a couple times but with me whenever space allowed and I just picked up pair of 85 Fortes that I run on channel B simultaneously with my cornwall's on channel A both crossed over at 40Hz from the amp and I must say I don't think I need a subwoofer any longer the sound out of these of these four speakers is an epic soundstage with well pared sensitivity and can make your ears bleed. There was more than one time in the past that I had considered selling the cornwall's but knew that would be something I would forever regret so I painfully kept them in my position and I'm finally able to listen to them at reference levels for short periods my ears being the only limiting factor. Listening to some old Rush 2112 and Boston don't look back moved me if I just closed my eyes I was there at the live show. Truly a legend in the sound. And that's no BS.
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