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  1. It´s snowing here , the forecast told us allready to be prepared for a cold wheather period. Today I took care of my audio gear in view to place my RF7 Evo´s correctly, didn´t cared about yet , but today I had the wish to get it done. I redesigned the audio rig as well and changed some of the components w/in the rig . AND THAN ..you won´t believe me ....I recorded a tape with music from my tt , can´t remember when I did that the last time ....maybe more than a decade ago , it was fun , gonna listen to that tape tomorrow. It midnight here ..going to sleep now ...
  2. Had a busy weekend , on friday evening I visited a good old friend of mine in a neighborhood city , took me close to two hours till arrival as there was an accident on the autobahn, we talked a lot, spent a good time till early morning with some bottles of beer and listend to his records and his tube gear , was back home at 4 am. Yesterday evening I had a female friend in my apartment, we cooked together , had a bottle of wine and talked a lot lot, she left at 1 am. Now I just arrived at home coming back from an audio friend , he bought some from my audio cables and I set up his new audio gear, placed the speaker in their correct position. He´s happy now . I´ll have some leftovers from yesterday and will have a little dinner now . Weather is bad cold and rain, so time to make it comfy at home for the rest of the evening .
  3. I saw the Genesis " invisible touch " Concert tour live and I can tell you that show was stunning and flashing as well as the music
  4. MicroMara

    The Other Discs

    exactly " born to run " ...Springsteen ..anytime I hear something from him I have to run as well 😁
  5. MicroMara

    The Other Discs

    Van Halen on CD ???? Shame on you 😂
  6. that´s exactly what I did , of course w/out them it would be a chaos
  7. Have a new online supplyer since today , that´s why I wasn´t here in the last few days. Weather is sunny dry and cold around 32 F max. but that´s better than the warmer rainy misty cloudy grey days we had last week. Well ,I´m still busy with some design works in my apartment , re-structured my Vinyl and CD Collection , that was a lot of work as well, haven´t counted them , makes no sense , not quantity matters, it´s the music that matters. See you !
  8. she saw you in your sarong and robe
  9. Well after the long friday´s session I was busy to wash some records and while washing I spun some easy listening stuff in the background Earl Klugh with " wishful thinking " Ry Cooder´s " Borderline " and " Get Rhythm " finally Lee Ritenour´s " Festival " As an exception, I turned on the TV earlier in the evening around 8.pm and watched a thriller, normally I don't turn on the TV before 11.pm and only once a day.
  10. Recently I listened to one of these 45 RPM re-issues from Phil Collins " Face Value " , the re-mastering is well done, they sound better than the origins, but the origin lp tracks are splittet on 2 lp´s now and they cost approx 100 € bucks
  11. Friend of mine visited me today , we spent a good time together , during the evening I spun Paul Young " No Parlez " followed by the 1988´s debut from Roachford than Flash and the Pan " early morning wake up call " after dinner we listened to " Invisible Touch " from Genesis after that I spun the Epic Record " Stop Making Sense " from Talking Heads and we finished with Supertramps " Crises what Crises " It´s 11.30 pm here and I´m going to sleep ..See you tomorrow again ☺️
  12. Definitely a Klipsch Lover´s Home
  13. 😁 HHHMMM Mike ..do you remember on august 2nd ? I really don´t wanna life in your neighborhood 🤣
  14. the german gnome answer is
  15. MicroMara

    The Other Discs

    a forgotten musical treasure Supertramp " some things never change "
  16. 🤣 how do you know that 😂
  17. saw this in the ccc&c thread allreday and quoted you there !
  18. very nice JJ , can imagine that there won´t be a lot of time to sleep for the rest of week, it looks solid built and you´ve enought space and rooms to spend a comfy life in the new house. Good luck with it !!! Don´t take them away JJ , these are the best security guys you can get . Nobody in the world will step on your property 😁 and you´ll know what´s below the stone 🤣
  19. Stones ? .... that comes into my mind
  20. dark gray clouds and endless rain here, below 40 F , went to my doc this morning , I need further physiotherapeutic treatment, the inflamed nerves in my lumbar spine are not healing, I am not allowed to strain myself physically at all, even an unfavorable posture is enough and the nerve tracts start to hurt, so my doctor has given me very strong medication again. And I also have to go to the dentist tomorrow, I have an inflammation in my upper jaw, but everything else is okay so far. I've invested so much money in the new apartment that I'm going to spend less money now, but actually I'm almost finished, everything that's important for life is there, a few more design jobs and that's it...
  21. I can´t get these in Germany and didn´t kew how they look like ...well I must obmit ..looking great
  22. havent´t finished , download max is 2 MB as you know Debut from Duran Duran The Human League " Dare " finally the debut from A Flock of Seagulls " I´m tired now ....it´s 10.35 pm Goodnight ...............
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