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  1. pictures from the life of an audiophile
  2. However ..There´s still time to spin some records , was my Rolling Stone afternoon 🙂
  3. Hey Gents ...Weather is sunny and warm since a couple of days , health condition is so lala ...means I´m waiting to be scheduled for the hospital. I went to a neuro chirougin, she analyzed the latest ct images. I have to have surgery on my cervical spine and lumbar spine, there is no other alternative. Despite the fact that I do a lot of sport, the pain is still unbearable at times and the medication is no longer helping, as I have been taking it for almost 10 months. Think the first surgery will be in june and the second in september , both togehter isn´t possible.
  4. Back to the Roots ....😁@dirtmudd
  5. talking about Pink Floyd 😁
  6. Had a long ride with my bike today ..so I didn´t spun anything today , but yesterday a bit A day at the races from Queen even in the quietest moments from Supertramp and finally the wall from Pink Floyd
  7. Summer temps here ..we have these amazing polarlights here in germany as well
  8. Die Spielsachen sind alle kaputt 😂 ( all toys are damaged ) HHHMMM....somehow I´ll understand this language 🤪
  9. of course , a must have in every collection and the bluray live concert as well , an outstanding perfomance
  10. AAAHHH one of these lazy sunday afternoons here . As the weather was cloudy and quiet cold for may I spun some music I started with Al Di Meola´s " Cielo e Terra " ( Sky and Earth ) than the first Live Recording from WAR .. followed by the debut from Mother´s Finest which is breath taking and finally Roy Buchanan´s " Loading Zone " Well..it´s 10.08 pm here ..time to say goodbye !
  11. Spune just one album yesterday , but a quite remarkable one . It´s consists out of three LP´s and it´s a Jazz Live Recording from 1972 at the Santa Monica Civic , it´s a german print on the Pablo label whose standing for finest audiophile recordings. See pics below ......
  12. JAJAJAJA ...Pro-Ject TT´s .....how about the Beatles yellow submarine TT `
  13. very good return ..to funny 😂
  14. I think there are lot´s of other things can be done with a wife instead of discussing about plate clamps 😂
  15. Well ..today I´ve changed the Cartridge from the SME 3009 , instead of the ADC XLM III with JICO SAS Needle I´ve deceided to use and listen to the Goldring IGC 920 Shibata with grind , Sound brilliant as well , a little bit more dynamics than the ADC , the IGC 920 got 5,6 mV Output ! First I spun Lou Rawls " Silk & Soul " from 1972 than the Anothology from Commodores followed by Rufus and Chaka Khan " ask Rufus " than back to my youth with The Tubes " Remote Control "
  16. bear in your mind that plate weights that are too heavy can cause damage to the bearings of the drive and the plate axe, therefore light plate clamps for screwing are more appropriate
  17. found an older pic that´s shows it´s beauty
  18. Last weekend I spun ...Grover Washington´s Winelight followed by Kenny Burrell " Sky Street " and finally a collection from The Crusaders " Best of 1967 to 1976 " I bought a new smartphone in October last year, but the camera is obviously not that good, the pictures are constantly blurred or not razor sharp or the colors are not right, maybe I should have a steadier hand when taking pictures, better to buy a new one soon .
  19. And what do you need the shaving brush on the box for?
  20. That´s the origin from 1908 Alfred E. Neumann is the mascot and cover hero of the satirical magazine MAD. However, the fictional character already existed before MAD claimed it for itself in 1954. Alfred E. Neumann is depicted as a street urchin with red hair, protruding ears, freckles and a broad grin that reveals the gap(s) in his teeth. The figure is regarded as a symbol of boundless stupidity and naivety.
  21. All I said was that´s an entry level tonearm or did I wrote it´s a F*****g B***S**T Tonearm 😂
  22. The first thing I´ll saw in the vid that they´re using an entry level 9 cc Project-Carbon Tonearm with an entry level Ortofon cartridge for $$ / €€ 5K ? No need to follow anykind of these new tt tec hype .....
  23. than in the evening ... fifth record sixth record and right this minute side four from enough for today 😉
  24. Well a taste of spring time here , since the afternoon my tt is in action first record sec. record third record fourth record
  25. Saw M. Jackson live in Cologne at the Müngersdorfer Stadium and left in the middle of the concert ..couldn´t stand it
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