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  1. sounds like a sad fate
  2. never trust a young looking face, you do not know what is behind , ja he´s quiet good imo
  3. been a while but spun it and luv it especially " Verdilac "
  4. The early summertime has reached our country ,the forecast for the next two weeks are looking sun bright as well , around 80 F every day . It´s full moon tonight here at 11 38 pm , no clouds in the nightsky
  5. Blues from switzerland
  6. @billybob RökFlöte ( RockFloat ) from Jethro Tull was released in april 2023 in germany
  7. MicroMara

    The Other Discs

    Glad to have a CD Player , I´m much to tired to spin records after a further working week of madness 🤣
  8. japanese prog rock from 1973
  9. JA , taking a beer bath at 85F after a long hard working week is a perfect thing to do ! Even the size is good , approx 15 m3 of beer shall fill my balley
  10. Well Dave I have long working days..my job starts at 7 am till 5 pm and my boss doesn´t allow anykind of breaks I would be glad beeing a prisoner , that would make my life much easier
  11. just a quick chim ´in from me , it´s 5.51 am and got my first mug this morning, will drive to work at 6.15 am , have a good sleep all together while I´m working like a bulldozer 😂
  12. like this from Allman Brothers so much
  13. Nope I don´t ..I´m sitting while watching a Big Bang
  14. We have a sunny wheather period here since a approx. 5 days. It´s about 40F in the morning and 71 arround the afternoon. The air smells of green vegetation, everything is blooming so wonderfully . May is always the most beautiful month of the year
  15. The best out of everything , the pet , the gear , the food ! That´s what a man need !!!
  16. this is very rare @Full Range & @dirtmudd or not ?
  17. been a while , love this live record so much
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