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  1. You´ll find better toslink to RCA Converter here https://nerdtechy.com/best-toslink-to-rca-converter
  2. it´s the cheap Toslink ( Optical ) to RCA Adapter box , no doubts , you´ll need a better high quality converter
  3. You can use an high output Moving Coil only , than the AT ART 9XI isn´t the right choice because it has 0,5 mV output only . You may find suitable information in this thread
  4. An Moving Coil needs 100 K Ohm impendance an Moving Magnet 47 K Ohm
  5. If I got it right than the marpletree Phono 3 E is a pre amplifier for Moving Magnet Cartridges only, you can´t connect a Moving Coil Cartridge on this phono pre , except you´re using an MC Step Up Transformer , that will work fine ...
  6. The electronics manufacturer Onkyo is one of the best-known hi-fi brands of all, but currently one must speak of heard. Because the audio specialist from Osaka is bankrupt, the total liabilities amount to about 3.1 billion yen, which is just under ten million euros. Onkyo Home Entertainment filed for bankruptcy at the end of last week, and the company was already delisted from trading on the stock exchange last August. As Nikkei Asia reports, the manufacturer, founded in 1946, became a victim of changing listening habits, among other things: Because in times of streaming, more and more people listen to music on mobile devices and comparable hardware. Meanwhile, the market for classic audio equipment, including compact stereo systems, is shrinking rapidly. Onkyo's attempts to conquer the mobile market, however, failed. This is not the first bankruptcy related to Onkyo. Already in March, two subsidiaries, which on the one hand were responsible as original equipment manufacturers (OEM) for the production or assembly of, for example, loudspeakers for other brands, and on the other hand were active in the distribution of audio equipment, filed for insolvency. Since then, Onkyo has maintained only a rump operation, which took care of the management of a subsidiary that had already been sold. Already in September of the previous year, the core business with audio-visual equipment for home use was sold to Sharp and Voxx International, and the business with earphones and headphones was sold to an investment fund
  7. It's the album that shouldn't exist. At least from the point of view of the old management of Tears For Fears, that legendary multi-platinum duo of the eighties. But The Tipping Point exists nonetheless. What Tears For Fears have created with their seventh is a great pop album. Not a self-referential work of old age, not a shameful attempt to turn back the clocks 40 years with hip producers. The maturity that pervades this album is as elegant as it is aesthetically pleasing, the immaculately arranged, sparkling songs all evidence of this band's great talent. Just spinning Tears for Fears " The Tipping Point " 2022 / Concorde Records / Printed in Holland
  8. read this review in the german Musicmagazin " Rolling Stone " But what do Marillion have in their suitcase in 2022? With the new double LP "An Hour Before It's Dark" Marillion fans get a thoroughly multi-layered work, which even flashes borrowings from the earlier Fish era and goes through epic phases, such as those known from Genesis It´s getting dark here in germany right now , time to play Marillion´s " An hour before it´s dark " 2022 / Edel Label / Printed in Germany
  9. all that I can say is ...S**T happens sometime to everyone
  10. Thanx a lot Schu , quiet entertaining, btw Duesseldorf is just a 30 minutes car drive from my home town
  11. So why do use tubes than ? if Class D is sooo good . I´ll tried some Class D Mono amps , but they weren´t with Hypex nCore or Hypex Purifi Modules , they didn´t convinced me at all against my SS and Tube gear
  12. @parlophone1 That´s what my friends are saying ..... You have a 1a metal remote control, of course, which lights up in response to movement. The app is very simple. You can make settings via the RC. You use the cell phone (iphone) for the calibration. And it's not as much of a science as with other programs. You start the test tone and then just walk around the room with the phone in your hand. It takes 60 seconds and that´s it. So it's all very simple and convenient. You drag the app onto your Iphone and then connect via Bluetooth: At the bottom of the screen you see 3 "pages" from which you can choose. I have photographed 2 of them. On the picture with the speakers, for example, you can set the volume of both speakers and at the bottom of the screen via the slider the 20-step intensity of the aurally correct volume. I have this set on level 3 from 20. Sufficient for me to have a decent level im my 22 square meter listening room. The second picture shows the measurement by cell phone. This is very easy. You press Room EQ, start the test sound, walk around the room for 60 seconds and hold the microphone of the cell phone in the direction of the speaker: done. You do NOT connect an external microphone to the amplifier, align it to the millimeter, etc... everything is done easily and in a jiffy. The app sends the measurement/correction to the amplifier. Then you can turn the correction on and off with a single click. With Manual EQ, you can continue to correct manually by hand. You can also turn the amplifier on and off and select the source via the app on the Iphone. The technical development of amplifiers with all their modern features not only makes them very easy to use, but also saves a lot of money so that you don't have to invest in room acoustic tratments anymore. So far so good ...
  13. Beautiful place to visit , enjoy your journey to Germany , you won´t regret , when you´re back show me where you´ve been Rottach is located on the alpine road. The German Alpine Road is a vacation road that runs almost exclusively through the Bavarian Alps in Germany. It is the southernmost part in Germany and borders Austria
  14. I´m not sure whether I shall order or not...how is it when you compare to earlier productions
  15. Like him as well.....
  16. We have a part-time pet. Again and again young birds fall out of the nests. So we have this morning once again saved the life of a young one and taken up with us. She will be in about 2 months so far that she will leave us. Since we have already gained a bit of experience because we have already raised 5 birds.
  17. These are typical bavarian specials, but germany consists of 16 federal countries and has a lot more to offer and discover
  18. I can tell you that my daughter wasn´t in a very good condition. She seemed to be still working off the rest of the alcohol. It annoys me a little anyway, she has a good feeling to have done the high school graduation work well, but in the examination of her driver's license looks quite different, the theoretical test she have passed with bravura, but she have already fallen three times through the practical driving test. So far we have invested a good 2.7 K€ in the driver's license, for Peanuts up to now. So finally it should be enough
  19. Well, I have no doubt whatsoever about your statement. Even the modification without changing the X-Over values themself is an incredible leap in the area of precision, timing accuracy and step response of the chassis. The sound image in the entire frequency spectrum is much more homogeneous, the sound stage is larger in depth and width. Details that were only to be guessed at are now clearly audible, not only that, but also the localization of instruments and voices is significantly improved in the spatial staggering and stage structure.
  20. need a deeper listen into WVH as well , liked it very much ..
  21. I have to drive away again to pick up my daughter, she has celebrated 2 days with her friends, because now the high school graduations are over.
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