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  1. 8 hours ago, Full Range said:

    It’s one of my favourite wines 

    Not sweet

    Also it’s crisp and refreshing 

    So let´s talk about " Riesling " 😂


    Riesling is a white grape and wine variety, which is counted among the highest quality and culture-defining plants. The best Rieslings are produced in climatically cooler wine-growing regions. The variety is mainly grown in Germany, but also in numerous other wine-growing countries. Riesling wines enjoy a high reputation on international markets. Many top vineyards in Germany as well as in other wine-growing countries are planted with Riesling. Especially in northern growing countries like Germany, the variety is grown almost exclusively on steep slopes. Riesling has been cultivated in Germany for more than 600 years.


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  2. in the afternoon  I spun Bop till you drop from Ry Cooder




    later in the early evening Grover Washington Jr. with Skylarkin and a german " Riesling "




    after that I put Quincy Jones Funk & Soul Masterpiece " The Dude"  on the TT




    Finally I had a lot of fun with the swizz masterminds of electronic pop YELLO " Point "




    I´m done for today , had to repaint two wall sides in the kitchen as well. Had a nice day today , see you tomorrow again 

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  3. 4 minutes ago, Dave1291 said:

     I think he was blowing me a kiss on the way out but not really sure cause it could have been something else!   😂😂😂

    if it was a draft it could have been something else 🤣

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  4. 3 minutes ago, Dave1291 said:

    Yes Sir, that was taken care of before he left!  He even left my PWK coffee mug he was trying to latch onto!   He used it everyday and I saw it in the sink after he left so  it's all good! 


    I´m sure you´ll miss him soon, hope he´s a safe driver and nothing happens on his way back to where ever his horse is riding him 😂

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  5. All the sudden it´s autumn here, temps droped down to 50 F max. fresh wind and lot´s of rain.  Sitting on the sofa and listening to Steely Dan´s Album " two against nature " . Is´s a great album , maybe one of their best .


    Earlier I had cooked pollock with a brocilli cream sauce, plus mashed potatoes. Was delicious. Yesterday I had still fetched personal things from the house. I still have to make 2 or 3 trips then everything important is in my new apartment. With my Mitsubishi I can transport a lot, actually I have, except for a few exceptions where I was helped by friends, everything done alone.


    Today at noon my washing machine was delivered, of course a real German BOSCH and have already washed a lot of laundry .


    Maybe you remember that I said in the spring of this year at the latest in autumn  I'm away from the woman, strange ... excatly that happened and that's good. To my children I have constant contact that is the most important.


    Life is good to me ..think , act , do ...that´s my philosophy

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  6. 13 minutes ago, AndreG. said:


    The LP? No. The woofers? – Ouch... I hope I won´t have to buy anymore anytime soon... And that other addition? Wasn´t that expensive and might arrive tomorrow. And who´s the rich guy here? How about it EVO- Man? 😋 😉

    talking about the stuff you´bought w/in this year bud 😂..I didn´t spent a single € for new gear or vinyl this year...now I know why I saved all the €uronies .. 

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  7. 1 minute ago, JohnJ said:

    Pretty sure you put the b-52s up there @MicroMara but it doesn't play here. Man that sure was a good lunch!

    I got to see a lot of colors driving through West Virginia a couple weeks ago. By the way you have to pay to drive through that freaking state The highway all the sudden turns into a toll road and you got to have your quarters ready! $12.75 to drive through!

    toll has to be paid only for the heavy trucks here in germany , in france and italy toll must be paid for all cars

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  8. We had real long late summer temps here , even now it´s unusual warm for middle of october . All trees are still green , not much brown leaves all over , feels and looks like early september. It´s funny in all food store there´re allready christmas items  to buy ....hhhmmm not my business to early....much too early .

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  9. 26 minutes ago, JohnJ said:

    Ah heck, if only I could do arithmetic I would have put 17 up there instead of 13. But then again one of my acquaintances started calling me " foggy" about then:rolleyes: 


    Did I mention that @Dave1291 is an alright guy? Well besides the college football and political diatribes that is:lol:


    He sprung for lunch earlier, my phone takes massive pictures... I'll try to get it in here anyhow.




    I'm ruined.... I tell ya!

    Lobster rocks JJ 😂



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