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  1. Just now, Tim Sr. said:

    Packages today...

    My replacement of Tommy so I know what will playing here

    Also got the cartridge sleds for the Dual TT :)

    DSCN3881sm copy.jpg

    another good old german tt but it´s only one from 4 tt´s that you own , where´re the other three ? and which models ? 

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  2. On 10/10/2023 at 10:56 PM, Full Range said:


    Looking great 

    I’m also getting teary by proxy 

    Just a thought to consider- you need more art on the walls 🤘

    My name is Art 🤣..not Garfunkel 😂 , what you don´t see that the listening room is full of art , but not at the frontwall between the gear, gonna show more pics in my profile soon . 


    Btw , my doughter is in Melbourne right now, she´ll arrive in Brisbane on first of November , so what you gonna do with her ? What shall I tell her to get in touch with you ? Is your doughter there as well ? She has your phonenumber !

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  3. Listening Room is finished , those speakers driving me crazy ,again & again & again 😁 hard to beat if driven with the Dynaco PAS4 Tube Pre and the Cayin Mono Tubes. The Micro Seiki DQX 1000 TT is connected as well , last sunday a friend of mine was here and we listened to vinyl only. Used the Shelter 501 III MC , we had tears in our eyes and endlessly listening pleasure . The room acoustic is outstanding , the new apartment is a brand new experience. All other rooms are in work as well . The view through the windows is fantastique , I can see miles into the depth from the landscape ..WOW 





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  4. 19 hours ago, mustang_flht said:

    @KROCK Today the 1200 and 1210 all models: MK7, GR2 and G are now manufactured in a Panasonic group factory in Malaysia. It's less noble than the Made In Japan before, but for me it doesn't matter and I know that Malaysia has a very modern appearance and Panasonic has a lot of efficient factories like that. More than 30 ultra-modern factories around the world, it seems to me.



    Malaisia - Kuala-lumpur


    I´ve been there many times in the 1990´ tees , a world city that´s still in my mind and awakes lot´s of memories seeing that pic .

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  5. 14 hours ago, JohnJ said:

    Yep a vacation was in order after the last couple of years. This is a nice quiet little town 'cept for @Dave1291 and the LS :smile: 

    Not wild like some of us were years ago, still fun!

    So I wasn´t wrong with my suggestion ...Pretty pretty nice !

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  6. Just a small HELLO from me , things ´re in good progress with the new apartment, think I need two more weeks to get the main works finished, than I´ll have more time for you ...I´m wondering while I read here ..is there anything that I missed ?

    Can it be that @JohnJ is visiting @Dave1291 in Duckberg ? And do they both spending a crazy good time together ? Or am I wrong ?

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  7. 9 minutes ago, billybob said:

    Had no furniture in new apartment so after the semi lotus position for awhile got a blow up chair. It converted into a floor mattress overnight when the air leaked out...no sharp objects warning. Had I known, would have gotten a d🦉oll instead...

    JaJa , the electrical airbed that I use is quite comfortable and I got so much furniture from my older apartments stored in the basement form my house that made everything so easy. I took all that stuff and moved ...😂. The living room is closed to be finished after 5 days, the audio gear sounds dreamlike in the smaller listening room , never ever expected that. As I said ....it was the right decision, even I have to work 18 hours a day.



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  8. 14 hours ago, MeloManiac said:

    Well, I think you deserve a prize for your new listening room... 

    But a punishment for not hooking up your turntable first! 😜


    That will teach you for being a granite junkie. 😁

    You see Ivan ...I do remember that your wife loves Music and she´s a musician as well . The wife Ihad is the total opposit from your´s . She was totally jealous about my technical and musical passion and she hated my seperate Listening room. 


    Anytime when I had fun she did her best to destroy that passion . How long can a music lover endure that ? I did for many years , maybe a couple of years too long. I´m 61 now , the last five years she dindn´t gave up destroying my technical and musical interests as well my participation in different forums around the globe.


    However, of course this wasn´t the only reason why I left my house,there were to much other problems with her . All together made me leave the house and the wife. And I can tell you ..I moved into the new apartment only 5 days ago, have work without end but I'm doing great. Should my lawyer now take care of the rest of the story. Life is too short to continue to deal with a poor episode of life, I look ahead.


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  9. working hard to get the new listening room ready, half space and not so high like the old one , the first tries came up with surprising good audible results, I didn´t expected that . Still a lot of work to do in the new listening room as well as the other rooms. Just the SS & SACD are in operation, all other gear isn´t connected yet, may this coming weekend , first pic to show how I proceed in this project. Suprised that the RF7 Evo´s playing so fantastique even in a smaller listening room.


    Pic isn´t that good 😐





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  10. Got the contract for the new apartment since monday , working hard to move from the house to the new life , glad that the troubble with the wife is under control now, because I´m living in another town . Lot´s of handcraftet and creative works are challing me , it makes fun and I´m in a quiet good mood since I left the house. Picking up my belongings step by step , will take a while till the new apartment is ready. I´m sleeping there allready , bought an airbed with electrical air filling system 



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  11. Gonna sign a contract for a new apartment in my hometown where I was born on monday. Studied the local newspaper today . Found an offer which I thought that will meet my demands, called the owner and during our conversation he told me that he wants to see me a.s.a p. because we had a very nice conversation and felt sympathy for each other. So we met.  I checked the apartment and it´s quiet nice , not big , but really beautiful. It has everything I need , incl. a fully equipped kitchen , a garden and a fantastique view into the landscape. During the next week I will pick up my most important apartment furnishings from the house into my new apartment. Than I will contact my laywer to start the war of divorce .  It´s a start into a new life for me and I´m looking forward to live it . Pretty exciting 😂  


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  12. 3 minutes ago, AndreG. said:

    I´m full. How about You, George? Those would make fine specimens for modding, might even give Your EVOs a run for their money. 😉

    I really got other problems right now 🤣, I was looking for the KLF 30 many many years, not available w/in europe at all , now where I don´t know what will happen w/in the next few month it´s better to keep what I´ve got . I don´t sell the RF7 Evos not below 7,5 K€ .

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  13. 11 hours ago, parlophone1 said:

    Finally put it all together.

    It has been awhile since I messed around with cables, and here is the thing of connecting three wires together (3 for L, and 3 for N - seven wires with a ground wire). Since the wires are positioned in a star configuration, all are different lengths when you try to connect them together ... and the space inside the connector is not that big. But one cut here and another there, and we are done 😊




    Very nice , I´m shure that you´ve saved at least one third or more of the end customers price. DIY is the best alternative to save a lot of money , there´re so much nonsense cable products like rca, power cords, Speakercables, etc. available in the world market and everybody is telling you " We´ve got the best " 😂 Spent 1K $ for a set rca and your gear sound better than ever bevore. 🤣

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  14. On 9/24/2023 at 5:12 AM, Invidiosulus said:

    I tried for years to make things work with my wife.

    It’s just not possible when only one of you is actually trying and the other is mentally ill.

    Ja ..even if you´ve got a strong mentallity , like I have , there´s coming a point where you ( I ) give up. It makes no sense to invest anykind of energy into a failed marriage. It´s better to save that energy for yourself ( myselfe ) for the upcoming war from our lawers. The last two weeks I spent by a good friend mine , now i`m back in my house and living in the first floor apartment. She´s living with my son in the sec. floor . Good to have space and rooms enough in that house . 


    You won't meet if you don't want to and my son comes to me when he wants to see me. Nevertheless, I'm looking for a new apartment in another city to really find distance, even from the house. Never would I have expected that it could affect me after 17 years of marriage , like many others. statistically I am as a normal man who has survived the average duration of a marriage in this day and age.   😂


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  15. @Full Range  , Hey Paul ! My doughter is in Sidney till Sunday, than she departs to Canberra , she´s keen to see the symetric city design , and lot´s of cultural sightseeing. She´s fine and didn´t miss her home at all. That´s the way it should be if a 19teen year girl is doing a trip around the globe.

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  16. 4 hours ago, MeloManiac said:

    Them Frenchies know one or two things about music too! 😂

    You see Ivan ..the little Mini Utopia were manufacured in 1999 and they´re vintage speakers now , at that time they cost 14.000 German Mark ( approx 7,5 K € today ) and they reproduce a soundimage and a stage three times bigger than their optical size. Those´re brilliant Speakers and we got so much fun with my electronic audio gear.

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  17. @Full Range   My doughter will travel to Brisbane in october , she will call you early enough that you´re able to be prepared for her visit in Brisbane. I´ll keep you updated . Once again , thanx a lot for your very kind invitation . She´s looking forward to see you , your wife and maybe your doughter as well . 



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