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  1. 16 minutes ago, oldtimer said:

    Hopefully you'll do the same for us.

    I think that German politics should do more for the Trans Altlantic relations and also do more for peace in the world.

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  2. 6 minutes ago, babadono said:

    And only 75 short years ago:


    It was certainly not a good time in history, but thank God you took everything into your own hands and turned the tide of history.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Woofers and Tweeters said:

    Looks like it.



    They rubbed a lot of money on it, but had a large crowd. 

    I saw Rammstein live myself last year in Germany. The show is breathtaking, the sound perfect and yes you can argue about the music that Rammstein makes. But some songs are really great




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  4. Do you still know this soul funk band? With Lionel Richie as front man, Motown at its finest. With the wonderful songs "Easy", "Three times a Lady", "Still" "Brick House".

    Then I noticed a long-forgotten disc. MADHOUSE I don't know how I could forget this lady......:rolleyes:

    Is a production of the label Paisley Park, the label of the unforgettable superstar "PRINCE". A tragedy .......

    And I was in a good mood and George Benson played on interpretations of Chuck Berry and Fats Domino with the album "Walking to New Orleans". It is a new release from 2019. Wonderful ...





    George Walkingkleiner.jpg

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  5. Guten Morgen JohnJ !


    It is winter in Germany, it was snowing last night, but now the cold sun is shining again. Time for some electronic music with "Kraftwerk" the fathers of electro pop and the Swiss band "Yello" with the fantastic voice of Mr. Dieter Meyer and the god of electronic sounds Mr. Boris Blank.



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  6. 9 hours ago, Full Range said:


    My Garrard TT is from 1965 serial # 12058 - and I am the second owner from early 1970 

    Service and rebuild new plinths or modifications myself 

    I also prefer MM or MI carts because they reproduce the sound I prefer from my preferred music genre- that being progressive rock 



    I also find the combination of moving iron with a phono tube preamplifier particularly attractive. The musical emotions are more sensitive than with a transistor phono . I can also play MC via the transistor Phono, of course there are really great MC Cardridges, but I think the prices for them in Germany are sometimes outrageously high.

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  7. 10 hours ago, MechEngVic said:

    Yes I remember, thank you for that. You're not the first to want to tame a Klipsch horn. I've done similar mods to every Klipsch I've owned, and to those of friends. I recently replaced the original driver of the horn in my KLF-10's with a FaitalPro driver that is 107dB's loud. I really had to do some taming to the crossover, but it sounds amazing. A real improvement. The real trick to taming a Klipsch horn is to make sure you keep the 2000Hz "hump" in the frequency response curve. That's what give Klipsch horns their signature sound. 

    Ultimately, I opted for a voltage divider in front of the horn. (change on the crossover) There is a 3.9 ohm resistor in series in front of the driver anyway. I took several measurements. The goal was to make the MHT driver linearly quieter. With a 10 ohm resistor in parallel in front of the horn, the level became 4db quieter. That was the upper limit and the brilliance was lost. So I groped my way. 22 ohms was still too bright. With 15 ohms it was perfect.I can drive levels up to 106 dB in my music room, because the 2 KHz dominance of the horn was annoying. Of course, the quality and sound properties of the caps, resistors, coils, etc. used also play a very important role in a crossover modification. Iám happy than never before now :wub:

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  8. cheers to everybody here, I have some days vacations and it´s 10.45 pm in germany, listening to 10 CC first Album from 1975 . Their first hit single " I am not in love " is recorded on the album " the original soundtrack " as well. On the Phonogram Germany Label. Amazing acustical quality at these times.



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  9. 42 minutes ago, MechEngVic said:

    The good thing is, you still have the original crossovers and your new crossovers look like they have enough room in them to make adjustments. 

    You have to know that I had the coil inductance measured by an electrical engineer. He said it all fits. In addition, my crossover does not match the mirrored image with the parameters of the original crossover. It is modified. The dynamics of the horn were dampened linearly by 2.5 dB. The presence spectrum, especially at high volume, was too dominant and obscured the  basic acustic tones and voices, especially in the depth of the stage representation. I have only been using the external crossover for 10 days and am only listening to the new acoustic performance. The first measurement diagram shown above shows the frequency response and the freedom from distortion of the entire sound spectrum. Of course, I do not rule out any later changes, but at the moment I am just amazed at how the RF7 MK II plays.


    Best regards MicroMara

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  10. 3 hours ago, JohnJ said:

    More cool and unique turntable images. Ones with the separate motor always have a neat design. @MicroMara your whole stereo is a one of a kind rig!  clapping.gif

    @billybob it will be good to have you spinning more in here again.

    My TT is made by the legendary japanese Factory " Micro Seiki "  and is about 38 years old. I own it since 1982.  Every two years I do services on it, like change of the oils for the disc drive ,oil for the tonearm lift, or tonearm adjustments. Depends on the cardridges that I use. Using Moving Iron only, like Grado´s , Soundsmith, Nagaoka´s or Osawa .

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  11. I now follow your tradition in this thread with the illumination of the record on the turntable and integration with cover. It's nicer than just showing the cover of the record you just heard.

    I now have a few days to finally be able to listen to music in peace. I still have vacation entitlement from 2019. In Germany you have to take your remaining vacation until the end of March of the following year, which is legally required.Tangerine Dream ... my favorite album is "FORCE MAJEURE". I even have the Clear Cut version

    Tangerine Dreamkleiner.jpg

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  12. 1 minute ago, JohnJ said:

    If he can cover Nat King Cole well I would dig it too!

    It's a shame we can't drink your wiskey together and Gergory Porter can't hear them together........cheers ....🥃

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  13. On 2/17/2020 at 1:28 AM, cincymat said:

    Wow! Lots of descriptive words. Any before and after O scope test results? 

    Glad you think it's soooooo much better. Maybe Klipsch needs your help?

    I am only a small amateur against the engineers at Klipsch, but in the past few days I have tried with a "mini dsp Umik 1, an Omni-Directional USB Measurement Calibrated Microphone measurements at a distance of 39,3701 inch ( = 1 meter ) . The microphone was at a height between Horn and the first bass woofer.


    For comparison I have 3 diagrams here.


    The first diagram is from the original RF7 MK II. This measurement diagram was published by the German Hi-Fi Magazine "Audio". First axial, the 10 degrees high, 30 degrees, 60 degrees and 90 degrees.




    The second diagram shows the measurement of my modified Queen RF7 MKII,  axial only.




    The third diagram shows the measurement diagram of an RF7 MK III. It was published by the English HiFI magazine Henley Audio UK.




    Of course, I don't have the opportunity to carry out really professional measurements at home, because I lack the equipment and soundproof rooms. Nevertheless, I believe that my measurements at least give indications. THD = 0,290 % ! 


    When I bought the RF7 MK II 4 years ago I was in love with her, after the Moddy phases 1 - 5  I loved her ... now I adore her .


    Best regards MicroMara


    Now it´s your turn .........;)



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  14. This evening I had some live sessions with Joe Bonamassa " Radio City " NY and Beth Hart " Live at the Royal Albert Hall " in London UK.

    ..........it was a nice evening.......

    Joe Bonamassa.jpg

    Beth Hart.jpg

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  15. On 2/22/2020 at 1:06 AM, oldtimer said:

    good night.  bon nuit.


    On 2/22/2020 at 1:06 AM, oldtimer said:

    good night.  bon nuit.

    Good Morning  in german language " Guten morgen " , Good Day in german " Guten Tag " and Good Night " Gute Nacht " 😎

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