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  1. 😂 quiet funny ....AH ...they don´t need much power to reproduce a real impressive soundstage and 3 D holographic sound image in your listening room . Normal listening room levels around 70 dBA are fine , but I must admit that I´m a kind of audioholic since my youth , that´s why I have this range of different audio gear .
  2. Indeed , the walnut RF 7 II are the most beautiful RF´s ever built by Klipsch . These´re the origins Here´s a pic how to unbox them , it´s from the owners manual The " ViaBlue Terminal is a german one, du to my re-design works it wasn´t possible to use the origin Terminal again. That´s the origin Klipsch And Yes I bi-amp them either with the ss amp, the class D or the tube monos. The best acoustical solution is to use the tube monos for the high pass and the class D for the low pass. That´s ultra stunning
  3. Yeah it´s on the album THRAK
  4. MicroMara

    The Other Discs

    Today was my ASHRA day , I listend to the first three Albums ......In my youth I had them on vinyl , today as cd only . The Producer and musician Manuel Gottsching was one of the german pioneers of electronic rockmusic 1976 1978 1979
  5. we have that as well it´s called ice dope 😂 btw ..taste great
  6. JA Dave , my Plan B 🤣
  7. You see Dave , the problem is if I gonna do that , how shall I put a disc onto the platter ? 😂 NO, it´s fine like it is ! And I´ve got an option to make a heavy tonearm out of the middel heavy MA 505 , all I need is to use a much heavier headshell than it´s a heavy one , I did that with my AT V7 MM allready beacuse this cart needs a heavy tonearm for optimal scanning
  8. I own a pair of RF7 II in Walnut as well, they´re quiet rare in europe, that´s where I life. I re-designed my RF7 II a bit , optical and technical . Pics ´re from my previouse apartment. other bi wire terminals these´re my diy bi wire external x-over I have different options to power them up . With a Marantz integrated PM 11-S3 SS , Cayin Tube Monos 929 D, Italien GoldNote M9 Class D Monos and different Pre Amp options as well . With a solid transistor amp they sound very good , with a Class D Solution they sound much better than a transisitor amp, they´ll shot you into heaven using a tube solution , should have approx. 50 W /8 Ohm , maybe a KT 88 Amp integrated or tube pre and power stage like I have as well. But it´s w/out using the RC 64 Center , so a multichannel solution requires another amp. But I don´t want forget to mention that the origin RF7 II have a great soundstage even w/out the center speaker .
  9. The reason is that my collection of cartridges needs a very light tonearm , thats the SME 3009 ( left side ) and a middel heavy tonearm , thats the MA 505 ( right side ) . They all have different needle compilances. If you want to get more aknowledgement I´ll kindly refer to read this thread
  10. In the evenig I spun Steve Hillage, ex member from GONG and freelanced Life Touring Guitarrist for the british Psychodelic Rockband OZRIC TENTACLES " for to next " @Full Range have a listen it´s worth Than Steve Hillage again with " Green " Bought it in dec. 24th. 1978 WoW What a trip @Full Range have a listen too Finally the german Legend Tangerine Dream with " Force Majeure "
  11. Becomes warmer here now, the snow is melting away , but rainy and strong winds this day. So there was time to listen to some muisc 😁 I started with Nora Jones " Feels like Home " I like it more and more ..Tears fro Fears " The Tipping Point " Quiet nice ! Stunning ProgRock from the swedish Group The Flower Kings with " Retropolis " than Steve Hackett " Till we have Faces "
  12. MicroMara

    The Other Discs

    Not so bad ..... and this one is a sound trip at it´s best
  13. Spun some jazz tunes yesterday From 1968 an Album from Stanley Turrentine A Crusaders Production with Joe Sample & David T. Walker , 1978 finally Coltrane & Burell from 1958
  14. Well, Germany is the tax world champion, from every singel € we earn , the net value after taxes is 30 cent , so 70 % are taxes .
  15. I´ve seen that allready JJ 😁
  16. MicroMara

    The Other Discs

    @JohnJ........ The first steps back to life JJ , quiet nice !
  17. Oh we had a nice sunny winter day here yesterday , I drove to a near Valley and spent a nice time there
  18. @Mossy bottom´s Avatar 😁
  19. I was suprised from the musical beauty when I spun Steve Hackett´s " please don´t touch " today, it´s his second solo album after he left Genesis . Guestsinger were Richie Havens and Randy Crawford than I spun the english ProgRock Band Nektar with their Album " Magic is a Child "
  20. This 4 pics sequence was done by a friend of mine, it´s quiet creative imo .
  21. looks so familliar to me JJ , could be the same forest like the one where I lived 2 decades , the nearest neigbour house was approx. 1.700 feet distance to mine
  22. MicroMara

    The Other Discs

    Lenny´s " Mama said " is one of his best productions ever
  23. MicroMara

    The Other Discs

    I discovered that Pink Floyd Album again, didn´t paid attention on it for many years , " The endless River " from 2014, I must admit it´s on the level from Floyds " Wish you were here "
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