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  1. looks so familliar to me JJ , could be the same forest like the one where I lived 2 decades , the nearest neigbour house was approx. 1.700 feet distance to mine
  2. MicroMara

    The Other Discs

    Lenny´s " Mama said " is one of his best productions ever
  3. MicroMara

    The Other Discs

    I discovered that Pink Floyd Album again, didn´t paid attention on it for many years , " The endless River " from 2014, I must admit it´s on the level from Floyds " Wish you were here "
  4. Yes very important news to know 😂
  5. OH JEAH ! Bought this one somewhere in 1978 and still love to listen to , what a fantastique voyage with Richard Burton
  6. As our weather has changed into an outside dark grey soup again , it was better to stay at home because the streets were covered with an icy slippery surface , so I spun some Rock Tunes today ....I was suprized that the japanese Moving Coil Entré 1 , which I bought at christmas is a really hard rock loving machine 😂, so I had a lot of fun .
  7. MicroMara

    The Other Discs

    I was too lazy to spin vinyl in the last few days , so I used my CDP again ..why not ? It´s music as well 😁
  8. strong icy winds and 14F here, but sunny 😊 after close to two month w/out real daylight it´s a revelation
  9. I'm curious to see what you'll hatch 😁
  10. You can get my RF7 II X-Over Schematic , I`ve drawn it a couple of years ago, ignore the red line , it describes a voltage divider for the high pass.
  11. MicroMara

    The Other Discs

    Have it JJ , it was your recomonation sometimes last year ....
  12. MicroMara

    The Other Discs

    digi spin in the backround this morning while I´m posting
  13. We´re expecting a cold and snow front as well, north of europe is up to -36 F right now , shall happen w/in the next few days here as well but not that cold, it´s better buying food supplies for a couple of days.
  14. As our weather is still unbearable I spun yesterday these records MFSB from 1973 Passport is a famous german JazzRock Group and her
  15. MicroMara

    The Other Discs

    Listened to some CD´s w/in the last few days ....
  16. Thanx for this reminder JJ , Ja I´have it but didn´t listened to it more than a year .
  17. I spun this afternoon ...Blue Öyster Cult and Saga with Silent Knight in the early evening ....Saga´s Images at Twilight and finally Al Stewart´s Time Passages I had dinner some minutes ago and feeling a bit tired ....gonna watch a movie now .
  18. That´s what I expected 😂
  19. See you tomorrow again, it´s 1 am here and I´m tired now , enjoy new years eve and wishing everybody the best only !
  20. My last one for tonight ...Santana 3 or better known as " Batuka " One of their best !
  21. THanx fro the reminder , good Idea Tim, I got " a best of " from Steppenwolf
  22. You may discuss this matter with @grasshopper, I´m sure he got the right answer 🤣
  23. I am overwhelmed, where I live now the house is on a hill, from my living room I have a view of about 5 miles into the depth. So I was able to see the New Year's Eve fireworks from hundreds of thousands of people, it was a sea of lights, incredibly moving and beautiful to watch. Pitty that I didn´t took pics , there wasn´t any time for that . I had to watch .
  24. Happy new year @Full Range . We have 25 minutes left till 2024 Still spinning ...Gilmour´s Debut from 1978 on the SME Arm with the Sonus BlueGold
  25. the perfect engagement gift
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