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  1. Paul has it allready , I did remembered that he introduced it a couple of weeks ago ! How could it be different , he is always the fastest 😂 but it´s not the UHQR Version
  2. @grasshopper this red house vid is much better , it´s from sweden in 1969
  3. Sorry Bud , I don´t know...
  4. Than Dave can burn the Hendrix on CD
  5. @Dave1291 @billybob not not a poor joke , possible with Dave´s PC and the Nowsonic PC Interface for 50 bucks only ! Nowsonic Phonix is a two-channel phono preamplifier for connecting analog sources such as turntables and line devices (e.g. cassette recorders, DVD players or even musical instruments) to a computer. The input signal is converted to digital in high quality. Phonix is connected to a PC or Mac via the USB port and can be used for high-quality recording and playback of audio data, digitizing your analog records or tape recordings and thus preserving them for eternity. Thanks to modern driver technology, AD/DA conversion at 44.1 or 48 kHz is possible with vanishingly low latency. Phonix is supported directly by the native device drivers in the operating system. A separate installation or maintenance of software is not necessary.
  6. I have two tube phono pre amps , one is build into my DIY modified Dynaco PAS 4 Tube Preamplifier. The Phonostage contains 2 x matched Electro Harmonix 6DJ8 Goldpin /Grid and 2 x matched 12AX7 Electro Harmonix Goldpin / Grid , the second phono prestage is a external german DIY modified SteinMusic with NoS Siemens PCC 88 . P.S. have a third , had forgotten... LoL ..a modified transisitor Phonostage built in my modified SS Marantz SA 11-S3
  7. it´s pitty that there is none european distribution network for the Puffin, shipment and import tax make the device real expensive .
  8. You can be glad that George Benson can´t read what you said 😅
  9. Big Names on the cover
  10. The iFi Zen Phono is a quiet simple entry level phono stage. Nothing special .The MK5 FONO MM is the latest iteration of the award-winning phono stage, which has received multiple awards from the prestigious "What Hi-Fi?" magazine as the Best Phono Stage in its price range.Should fit perfect to your Reaga P 3
  11. @JohnJ go back to page 850 and have a listen to the Flower Kings .....I can recommend that ....
  12. after Yes ..Krautrock seens to be right with ELOY´s " Silent cries and mighty echoes " 1979 / EMI Electrola Records / Printed in Germany
  13. you ment awaken from " going for the one " ..sorry my fault
  14. YES SIRRE I know , have it !
  15. YES " Going for the One " / 1977 / Atlantic Records / Printed in Germany
  16. Nipper seems to be happy as well 🤣
  17. We all have a bang because we are vinylholics
  18. @Dave1291 hope it´s getting better with your eye problems soon !
  19. Introducing the Flower Kings to you @AndreG. In 1994, guitarist Roine Stolt released a solo album entitled The Flower King. Stolt, who had already been active in the band Kaipa in the 1970s, took up classic progressive rock with The Flower King. For the recording of the album Stolt gathered around him a small band of musicians. Since The Flower King received good reviews, Stolt and his fellow musicians decided to form a band. This was named The Flower Kings in reference to Stolt's solo work. In the years that followed, The Flower Kings became one of the most popular bands in the genre internationally.After a five-year hiatus - the musical head of the band, Roine Stolt, worked in the meantime on the projects Transatlantic and Agents of Mercy - two more albums of the band were released in 2012 and 2013. As a retro-prog band, the Flower Kings tie in with the classic progressive rock of the 1970s. Their special orientation is symphonic rock with jazz influences. Characteristic of the band's sound are high bass runs, prog-typical keyboard sounds such as Mellotron and Hammond organ, and the frequent use of meditative passages in the compositions.The track Stardust We Are from the album of the same name is seen by many fans as a highlight of the Flower Kings' creative work and is also considered a live classic of the band. A prominent role in the repertoire of the band also takes the suite Garden of Dreams from the album Flower Power, which with its playing time of one hour clearly exceeds the average long track format. The double album Unfold the Future, with its clear Yes references and jazz influences, was also very well received in fan circles. This is the Album " Retropolis " / 1996 / Sony Music Label / Printed in Holland
  20. followed by Peter Gabriel´s " US " / 1992 / RealWorld Label / Printed in Germany
  21. another perfect match after Brian Ferry , Marillion´s " Clutching at Straws " 1987 / EMI Record Label / Printed in UK
  22. a perfect match after Imola May . Brian Ferry´s " Boys and Girls " 1985 / Virgin Records / Printed in Holland
  23. Good morning to you, slept well while I spun records ? You have survived until now, so there can not be so many gators living where you are.
  24. I was wondering where you´re , I know how it feels , no time for nothing .....when there isn´t a work / live balance anymore . I say to myself ....it also come back better times and the more I can then enjoy listening to music again
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