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  1. @Dave1291 I Love her Imelda May with " 11 Past the hour " 2021 / Decca Label / Printed in Germany
  2. Time for a change ...Santans´s " Welcome " / 1973 / CBS Records / Printed in Holland
  3. Noon here with George Benson´s " Breezin " 1976 / Warner Brothers >Records / Printed in Japan
  4. @AndreG. John Tropeas´s " to touch you again " ( this album was dedicated to Sam Brown ) 1979 / Marlin Records / Printed in USA
  5. yes but as CD only ☹️
  6. but now you have given it to me immediately 🤣
  7. So he´s a Klipschoholic 😂 thanx André , how are you today ? Beeing in a good mood ? Got some suprises for you as well , you´ll see
  8. @billybob where are you right now ? How late is it for you where you´re , must be quiet early for you , however , enjoy your day ☺️
  9. followed by Al Jarreau`s " Breakin Away " 1981 / Warner Bros. Records / Printed USA
  10. Hi Buddies , back again ! Left a hard working week behind me. Saturday morning here , 10: 10 am. Gonna do nothing today except listening to my audio gear and will spin some records the whole day through . Funk´in and Soul´in right this minutes ...Mr. Bobby Broom " Clean Sweep " 1981 / Arista GRP Label NY / Printed in USA
  11. I don't know you sir, but I know that you are very valuable to the Klipsch community. I am glad that you have found your way back to live.It was obviously a very hard way
  12. Vintage components, whether Accuphase, McIntosh, Marantz, Luxman etc...I have done a lot of research in recent days and found that it makes no sense for me. They don´t have the capabilities for my claim to combine preamp´s and power amp´s like I want, that's the real problem. I can combine the following configurations 1. tube preamp > tube monos 2. tube preamplifier > transistor power amplifier 3. transistor preamp > tube monos 4. transistor preamp > transistor power amp So at this time I am considering further modifications to the units themselves to realize their full potential . Will also be exciting
  13. The Micro Seiki DQX 1000 Project is now really completed, I want to listen to music again and not constantly expand, rebuild or renew. It's enough, even with investments for the project. I have invested a little over 10 K €, it is enough for a TT
  14. I discovered a foxhole on our property, it is under the roots of an old silver beech. A few days ago I went down our driveway and discovered there a young fox, there were two but the other disappeared again quickly into his burrow. The other looked at me curiously, he sits on the left side of the burrow and looks out. I had my smartphone with me and was quick enough to photograph him.
  15. please forgive me ...I couldn´t resist at all today , I bought another Pick-Up, the top model from the Goldring G 900 Series ...so rare . It´s the G 920 IGC , comes from UK and will take up to 4 weeks till arrival
  16. That´s the reason why I bought another Cartridge today 😂 It´s a Goldring G 920 IGC , the top model from the G 900 series
  17. Steven Siro Vai (born June 6, 1960 on Long Island, New York) is an American guitarist, composer and producer. He first achieved greater fame from the early 1980s in the band of Frank Zappa - called "stunt guitarist" by the latter because of his virtuosity - and then as guitarist for David Lee Roth. Vai has been a solo artist for years and a three-time Grammy Award winner incredible ....
  18. I have the same problem right now because I love vintage audio so much. I'm currently thinking about trading in my SS Marantz PM 11-S3 and SACD / DAC Marantz SA11-S3 for a refurbished Marantz SC 9 preamp and a Marantz SM 8 power amp. but could also be a Luxmann L550
  19. Sometimes it takes time until you realize that you actually already had everything, that it was perfect. But then consumerism comes into play, the marketing of products that are supposed to make you believe that the old is no longer good enough or was.
  20. ordered 😍 🥰🤩 🤣
  21. ordered 🤩 @AndreG.
  22. 🤣 I spun them all while I was a DJ
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